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  1. Hi Loke, Yeah, life changes lots of things like time to sit on a PC and fly aircraft. All has been good this way mate and still putting my feet on the ground each morning. A lot of the all crew gone as well this part of the planet but trying to see if anyone wants to become a part of a one night a week and whatever after that group and a have a laugh. S Loke O_Smiladon
  2. Thanks, Frenchy, I might start and having a play around with some skins and see what I can come up with. Cheers everyone for your help O_Smiladon
  3. Cheers mate, So how would , say have a squad member see my skin and I see his ? if I hand made two squad skins same skin but different nose art for example. Thnaks O_Smiladon
  4. Hi Guys, In regards to skins in the game. If I have a new skin on can everyone see it in the game ?? or only if they have that skin in the folder and for everyone that does not have it they just see the default skin? Thanks, guys O_smiladon
  5. Hi Guys, The oceanic wing is back like Phoenix rising from the Ashes.. Looking to get the O,s back up in the air. Kiwi / Aussie squad and anyone else who is happy with our time zone,s. Relaxed people who enjoy a beer and a laugh and a bit of banter between ourselves. To fly together and Form up and when needed kick ass in the air. Depending on numbers would look at setting back up a website and own TS channel but at the mo will most likely be a Discord coms scenario. If anyone interested feel free to PM me and we can go from there Regards
  6. Thanks Guys and G'Day to my old mate Caldwell.. bzc3lk O_Smiladon
  7. S! Guys, Some of you may remember me from old ROF days flying with the Oceanic guys. Lot of them have fallen of the way side now and just a few scatterd reamins. Just wondering if I should get this or just stick with ROF ? is there any real diff between the two ?? Slowly dusting of the equipment and getting back in the air S! to you all guys, Any recomendations greatly apreciated . O_Smiladon
  8. So we have to go back and grind for the ones we want ??? if so Was happy for the new map..Now bummed for the grind O_Smiladon
  9. Hi Guys, Having an issue with the new patch. I started my launcher yesterday and all was good started to up date itself. After a while it got just under half way and stopped .. Did not move for two hours, the loading bar stayed were it was. So I shut it all down and tired again. Nothing. The launcher does its thing with checking stuff, but as soon as it comes to the download part it does nothing. Left it like that for 3 hours to see if it would move ...nothing. Please help O_Smiladon Steve
  10. No offense back at ya, would not say unnecessary, I was just reading this dead and done thread and thourght i would comment as there was no other place to say this and i agreed with flatspin. Did not think to start a new post on the subject ( Or should I ) O_Smiladon
  11. + !0000000000 we should be able to make our own skins and to be put into game, maybe have a sub site where people can up load there skins for people to D/L if they like that skin..not like ROF were you have to D/L the whole pack. You could also have the vote system so that skins that are voted for can then be uploaed for people to D/L but I do feel not letting people to make there own skins a bit of a lark. O_Smiladon
  12. HI All, If you are in Aus or NZ and fly BOS come and join us Not to serious, enjoy a beer and banter between nations or even if you are in the US and are a night owl and enjoy a bit of fun come onto our TS3 : Name; Oceanic Wing, Address; Port; 10003 Tell em Smiley sent ya I am on most nights anyway so please feel free to come in and say hello Cheers O_Smiladon
  13. Hey Bro! I am in Auckland I get around 170-190 on us Servers and around 300-320 on the euro's catch ya in the skys Chur O_Smiladon
  14. Thanks guys.. p.s can we political avatars out please.
  15. Guys, Let us know of what you think of the keyboard issue when you have the unit on your head and how you get around it. Cheers O-Smiladon
  16. Thanks Jason, The only thing I can see being a handycap is you can not see you keyboard (or have they found away around this issue?) How do think it would go Jason if you need a keyboard ? I think with the old Xbox controller it would be much easier to use.
  17. What did I tell you, Beware of the Raaiid !
  18. S! All, Have and issue with the launcher not finding the update.. Click on , it thinks for a bit and then it say launcher failed.. Have had no worries with the last 2 any ideas? O_Smiladon
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