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  1. Thanks Guys S! O_Smiladon
  2. Good Day All, I maybe wrong (Most times I am LOL) were we not getting binoculars in this latest patch ??? Cheers O_Smiladon
  3. Hi RedKestrel, Thanks for your reply. I think its just me...lol as last night on a different map it looked all good. S! Mate O_Smiladon
  4. Hi All, Just been looking at some of the screen shots up on the Forums ( pretty cool ) i have noticed that some look pretty close to photo realistic. I have a good gaming rig with and gtx1080 card, What i do notice between mine and some of the screens is mine looks good but a little cartoon (for lose of a better word ) is this a window 10 thing or am i missing a check button to get mine looking more realistic.? Cheers guys for you help O_Smiladon
  5. Hi Guys, Not sure if it has been said. and forgive if it has. But will tank commanders get binoculars ?? Thanks O_Smiladon
  6. Hey mate, From one Kiwi to another all I can say is no good Bro! May I suggest that you turn down all the graphics settings, then bring them up again one by one until the loss of frame rates start to happen. Then you can pinpoint the cause and go from there. Cheers mate and good luck O_Smiladon
  7. Haha That's the one. Was awesome!! Would love to see something like that again. O_Smiladon
  8. Hi All, Don't know if this has been asked at all. Can a number value be given to an asset? ie : Building = 10 points , Ship = 35 , Artillery = 50 And when particular asset destroyed this is lodged somewhere like red V blue log? just got me thinking this would be great in making some competitions for squads using historical scenarios. team with most points gained wins!! I remember back in the old IL2 1946 days there was a really cool inter-squad comp like this. Cheers guys O_Smiladon
  9. Thanks, Luke had my man eyes on lol. Awesome a bit of Kiwi Represent!!!!
  10. Hi All, Question, will the RNZAF squadron 485 be included in Bodenplatte? Which played a part at Maldegem. Cheers O_Smiladon
  11. Haha I know what you mean. This will a causal and as serious as you want it to be. But if your looking for some ANZAC flying mates then knock on our door. And even if ya wanna fly when ya got a spare night/day free send me a message. Sweet as mate O_Smiladon
  12. Hi All, Kiwi / Aussie Squad starting back Oceanic Wing. pm me if you wanna know more S! guys O_Smiladon
  13. HI Muzza, Give me a pm and i can fill you in on Kiwi/Aussie squad. Cheers mate O_Smiladon
  14. Hi Mate, Looking at starting a Kiwi / Aussie squad (ANZAC) called the Oceanic wing. Pm me if you want details Cheers mate O_Smiladon
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