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  1. I sold my HOTAS and stopped flight simming , but for Flying Circus I will re-buy a HOTAS and VR gear.
  2. Great vid. Very watchable
  3. The treadmills will integrate with the weight loss /exercise gazillion dollar industry. Cant be bothered getting that power walk in ? No problem do it in Tamriel and up your bow skills at the same time. Keyboards , DCS sims will be hard because there are just so many functions. Click-able cockpits might be back on the agenda.
  4. We all want to see it expand, but its going to be a balancing act between sales and development.
  5. Ditto, in my case for the ground handling and FM. To me is seems better modelled than the others.
  6. A repository for SweetFX settings texts might be a good idea. Tips, hints. I'd attach mine but I'm far from settled on it.
  7. Cool, thats my next mission ...
  8. That sounds like a lot of fun actually.
  9. and after the installer all the updates ? I'm in a limited bandwidth situation, so that takes me right out of the game until I can get a better set up. Thanks anyway FM
  10. so we need to re download the installer ? is that right ?
  11. Good post FSM , and great to have the Silvers along for the ride. I'm changing countries again, so I wont be flying for about 3 months. Enjoy the big map guys, and the bombs, and Yaks ...
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