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  1. I would leave them as single missions.
  2. I would actually prefer Korea (Battle of Busan) to another WW2 szenario. Of course Italy (Battle of Sicily) would be nice, too.
  3. Meine Liste: * zum Szenario passende Flugmuster * Funk * KI Einheiten (in erster Linie Flugzeuge) * Schadensmodell * glaubhaftere KI Sicherlich alles schon in Planung/Umsetzung. So wie das Schadensmodell, dass 12/2017! erstmals an die Tester gegangen und noch immer nicht da ist. Es wird optimistisch gesehen noch Jahre dauern, bis DCS WW2 die Punkte auf meiner Liste implementiert hat.
  4. WW2 in DCS ist derzeit vollkommen unzureichend. Ein guter Warbirds Flugsimulator, aber mit einem guten WW2 Kampfflugsimulator hat das nicht viel am Hut - ist meine Meinung. Da nutzen auch die toll gemachten Kampagnen nichts.
  5. Three missions in and I'm loving it. Flew the first mission with full RPM and barely made it home. Had to read up on the A-20 after that...
  6. Why do you even have to ask? The game's name has IL2 in it ☺️
  7. Can't wait for the Jug to arrive. ☺️
  8. I too made the switch from MFG Crosswinds to the Thrustmaster TRPs and like them very much. The modern combat style foot rests suit me better and the perpendular action of the rudder is an improvement over the conventional constructs (at least for me). Only downside is the price...
  9. I'll definately buy a license. I enjoyed your free campaigns much too much to pass on this one!
  10. Thumb wheel sounds like an axis to me. Or isn't it?
  11. Bought FC but am a little unsure about TC. I always felt that a tank sim needs AI infantry - so the question is: are you planning to include AI soldiers at some time?
  12. Nice to have EA so soon after the announcement. Looking forward to it!
  13. Wittman

    DCS news

    And that's the one thing that makes A2A combat in DCS not fun at all. Still have hopes the DM that was tested internally in 12/2017 makes it into a release version this year. Still like to fly around in the P-51 in Normandy, though, but that will change when Bodenplatte is released.
  14. Meiner Meinung nach sind solche Effekte verzichtbar solange es noch immer die Probleme mit dem Deferred Shading gibt.
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