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  1. I'm not sure if you run the same protection that I do; just the basic protection that comes with Windows 10. For me, it involved going into Windows Security (for me, it's a shield icon in the shortcut pull-up on the right hand side of the bottom task bar). Then, Virus &Threat Protection (left hand side) --> Protection History (blue type in the middle of the page). When viewing the Protection History I was able to see where the app was blocked, and tell Windows to let it run. Further to that if a blue warning box comes up when you try to run it, click "more info" and it will
  2. NobiWan, you're my hero! I'm an Index user with previous offset issues, and while I have only tested the app briefly, it now appears to be working flawlessly. I really appreciate you taking the time and effort to rework this app so that more people can use it!
  3. I'm making progress. Maybe it has something to do with everything being freshly rebooted, instead of just individual programs and apps. When I have IL2 paused, the app works exactly as it should, both with manual rotation and with the auto function. With the game unpaused, I exhibit the same problem that gascan is experiencing. When I click to rotate left, my view is displaced to the outside right side of the aircraft, behind the pilot. When I click to rotate right, my view displaced to immediately in front of the prop. (?!) I'm going to fiddle some more, but figured I
  4. Good suggestions. I'll fiddle with things today, and post if I come up with anything significant. Thanks!
  5. I tried the latest version, with no change. When I first punch up the utility, looking straight ahead, it shows a yaw angle of 67 degrees.
  6. Thanks for getting back so quickly! I've tried it with auto rotation both enabled and disabled; no joy. I'm using the Valve Index. I cleared out any shared mappings between your utility and my joystick, other than sharing your reset button with my VR reset/centering button. Incidentally, when I enable the auto function, and move the HMD the requisite amount to trigger rotation, the upper left of your dialog boxes flashes between 0 and 30 (or -30) almost too fast for the eye to see.
  7. NobiWan, thanks so much for creating this utility....it looks awesome! Unfortunately, I haven't been able to get it to work. I know that my mapped buttons are talking to the utility, because the "deg" indicator in the upper left changes to 30 or -30 as appropriate. And when I press the mapped button I often get a bit of a flicker, but not the expected shift in view. The reset button seems to be working ok; the HMD yaw value zeroes out on the dialog when I press the mapped button. Am I perhaps missing a setting in either SteamVR or the game itself? Any pointers would be
  8. Absolutely fantastic news. And I'm especially delighted to see the Nieuport 28 on the regular lineup, as opposed to being a premium aircraft. This way it is more likely to be the subject of scripted campaigns. 😁
  9. I'm delighted to report that the latest patch has fixed it for me too. It's a wonderful change. Kudos to the devs!
  10. Same problem here, in VR. I wonder if occlusion is working for anyone in VR? Anyone out there who can comment?
  11. Hmmm.... that's not the way I'm reading it. The in-game descriptions for the rest of the aircraft will be completed in the next update, but the performance changes have already all been implemented.
  12. Thanks to all for the feedback. I'm arriving at the conclusion that Tank Crew won't provide a truly satisfying single player experience until crew ai and platoon ai is implemented. I'll likely wait until that point to purchase.
  13. I am another one sitting on the fence about buying Tank Crew now rather than waiting for further development, so was watching this thread with interest. I was hoping that the OP would receive more feedback about how fulfilling the single player experience is at this point in time. Anyone else care to comment?
  14. Wouldn't be pretty...no one will be clapping and cheering, that's for sure!
  15. Thanks Chill! Yes, that was helpful. Among other things, it tells me that I'm not missing some secret technique.... I've been flying mostly with predominately clear skies. I guess I'll have to put a few more clouds in the sky to give me reference points! Peripheral vision works great with monoplanes and biplanes, but the middle wing takes out the (somewhat reduced relative to real life) peripheral vision that the VR headset provides, at least for features on or near ground level. I certainly understand what you're saying about being quick to make corrections...more than
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