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  1. I'm delighted to report that the latest patch has fixed it for me too. It's a wonderful change. Kudos to the devs!
  2. Same problem here, in VR. I wonder if occlusion is working for anyone in VR? Anyone out there who can comment?
  3. Hmmm.... that's not the way I'm reading it. The in-game descriptions for the rest of the aircraft will be completed in the next update, but the performance changes have already all been implemented.
  4. Thanks to all for the feedback. I'm arriving at the conclusion that Tank Crew won't provide a truly satisfying single player experience until crew ai and platoon ai is implemented. I'll likely wait until that point to purchase.
  5. I am another one sitting on the fence about buying Tank Crew now rather than waiting for further development, so was watching this thread with interest. I was hoping that the OP would receive more feedback about how fulfilling the single player experience is at this point in time. Anyone else care to comment?
  6. Wouldn't be pretty...no one will be clapping and cheering, that's for sure!
  7. Thanks Chill! Yes, that was helpful. Among other things, it tells me that I'm not missing some secret technique.... I've been flying mostly with predominately clear skies. I guess I'll have to put a few more clouds in the sky to give me reference points! Peripheral vision works great with monoplanes and biplanes, but the middle wing takes out the (somewhat reduced relative to real life) peripheral vision that the VR headset provides, at least for features on or near ground level. I certainly understand what you're saying about being quick to make corrections...more than once I've failed to do that, or more often over-corrected. I do find it interesting that the DR1 has skids on the underneath of the lower wings; maybe the WW1 pilots ground looped more than you are in the habit of doing? When you get one of those Le Rhones fitted to your aircraft, do you expect to be blipping your way into landings?
  8. First of all Chill, let me just say how much I appreciate all the priceless information you've been giving our community about the flying of a real DR1. I salute you! Words can't explain how awesome I'm finding this simulation in VR. And the DR1 is especially fun. I love the maneuverability of the aircraft, and also the visibility while in flight (compare it to the SPAD!). Presumably my visibility from the cockpit in VR is comparable to what you enjoy in the real aircraft. Which leads me to my question: the visibility while in flight is superlative. But landing.....that is a different story! During the rollout I lose all forward visibility ahead behind the engine and the middle wings. Because of the propensity of the aircraft to ground loop, I really need to be able to maintain "directional awareness" so that I can control the aircraft in a straight line as I decelerate. But the lack of visibility causes me to lose that awareness. I've tried a number of approaches, including leaning my head out the side of the cockpit to look ahead along the side of the fuselage. Not the best way to do it for me... How do you maintain this awareness? Or is it not quite so important because of the real aircraft's more benign ground handling? Your insights will be most welcomed....
  9. Nice post Hagar. But to me as a single player, the answer to your question of what I am paying for is obvious. The AI is much improved. The simplicity of the RoF AI is why I stopped playing that game. The AI in FC is something that I know I am going to be able to live with. And there is also the prospect of it improving. Another plus: I expect that the map(s) will be greatly improved. Think of how awesome the Kuban map is compared to earlier efforts. I expect to see an even greater level of improvement of FC maps vs RoF maps.
  10. Did some more flying this morning. AI enemy Spads are unwilling to fight against my friendly Fokkers on the Kuban map. On the Lapino map, with the same Quick Battle settings they are eager to fight. So the map choice is definitely a factor. On the Kuban map, Fokkers on both sides will fight. I don't have a clue why the Aircraft/Map combination makes such a difference.
  11. I can't think of any reason why this would be the case, but could it be the map? I'm finding markedly different conduct by the enemy ai on the Kuban map than I was finding on the Lapino map. Furious dogfights on the Lapino map, can't get the enemy to engage on the Kuban map. ???
  12. I use a bit of a work-around for this that you may or may not find acceptable. It's one that I don't use often, but occasionally. I have a button mapped on my joystick to center my view. Let's say I want to turn my head to the right and look at the 5 o'clock position. I look to the forward left and press the center view button. This has the effect of essentially shifting the entire aircraft to the left relative to my body. Then it is easy to turn my head the extra needed to reach that 5 o'clock view. After checking that view, I turn my head straight ahead and repress the center view button. Look forward right and press the center view if you want to check the 7 o'clock position. I know it's kind of clumsy and doesn't enhance immersion. But it is good way to achieve a quick look in a direction that might otherwise put undo strain on the neck, and makes up for some of the lack of peripheral vision inherent in my Vive.
  13. Gunsmith, what you are describing is certainly true earlier in the war during the initial Blitzkrieg. But as the war progressed and the ability of infantry to destroy tanks developed, this way of operating became less and less the case. Leading with armor became a way to lose your armor. The importance of infantry serving as eyes and as a screen from enemy infantry cannot be overemphasized.
  14. I'm happy to say that the AI has been improved way beyond that half-roll dive to the left. The FC AI makes extensive use of the vertical, AI Spads have been extending at speed to return for slashing attacks, and I've seen an AI Dr1 use what to me looked like a "Falling Leaf" maneuver to escape. I've seen very little of that simple turn as a defensive maneuver. I've also seen the AI disengage when wounded or damaged; another great improvement. Please don't write off FC thinking that the AI is anything as stilted as the one in RoF.
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