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  1. I don't do anything in this game that I wouldn't do in real life. And Im not ignorant enough to think my actions don't affect my environment.
  2. That's chemical warfare and shoulnd't be supported.
  3. Hey just coming back after a vacation with Rift and VR. Wondering if theres a mod list out there of good mods, any mods worth getting or suggested mods? Thanks. I did a search but couldn't find anything that could help.
  4. Its a sandbox. Less rules the better. Go into the duel arena if you dont want to play in a sandbox.
  5. Im running windows 7. Other than that the hardware is up to date. I do run steam overlay and nvidia shadow play. Im sorting through it now to see which one or if it all crashes il2. I'm running precisionX with no OC(stock software). Its still causing il2 to crash. Ive run both steam and precisionx as admin. Il2 Doesn't crash, ever, without precisionX running. I can run nvidia shadowplay with recording on. Never had an issue.
  6. Nope. I lied. Cant get the stand-alone to work with il2 either.
  7. I can't figure it out. I run through steam. If precision overlay is active IL2 crashes every time. I'm downloading the stand-alone. That might fix the issue.
  8. Nope. I was wrong. I cant have both precisionx and IL2 open.
  9. Hmm Weird. Wonder why mine wont allow me to have both il2 and precisionx running. I can use precisionx settings and keep it closed but not have them operating at the same time. Yeah idk what the issue is. If I launch precisionX after Ive launched BOS it seems to work fine. But il2 wont launch if I have precisions launched first.
  10. I guess I could switch to MSI afterburner. I guess there's not much reason not to other than Ive grown comfortable using precisionX.
  11. I'm an avid OC'er. Its not a big deal for me. My numbers dont even reach over 2000mhz atm. Its an out of the box, boost. Its only when I run il2 that theres an issue. Heat is below 40c. I just thought Id point it out for us OCers who like the extra boost. No big deal.
  12. No I had a 780 ti but have since replaced it for a 1080 classified. It seems I can shut down precisionX completely and play il2 BoS. The only issue is the software readings I was looking for. Its not a big deal but for people with older cards looking for that boost, it could be an issue. I would also like to see my precisionX read-outs but Im not too worried about it atm.
  13. I'm having issues with precisionX and il2 running along side each other. IL2 continues to crash. I believe there's a work around which is shutting down precisionx completely and attempting to run Il2 BOS. Though that may not be working either, I have to test it a couple times. I thought I would run this by the dev teams and community. My graphics card is an EVGA 1080 Classified. Im not posting this to argue about whether or not the card needs to be overclocked. Thanks. I'm hoping that by the time I would need to OC my card, this issue, if its on the dev side, will be fixed.
  14. You guys are way too smart for me. Is this still a videogame?
  15. Sli is hit or miss anyways. Regardless of a game supporting it.
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