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    Stone Temple Pilots - Dead and Bloated

    why don't mix a good metal grunge band and a death/kill compilation in one video? Hope you'll like the video and the song!
  2. =FEW=ayamoth89

    KNIGHTS OF THE AIR Multiplayer Server

    Here's my latest video tribute to KOTA
  3. =FEW=ayamoth89

    is the p-40 the best bomber killer?

    According to this video, is a serious bomber-killer
  4. =FEW=ayamoth89

    Post Your Screenshots / Vids Here

    Some cool short clips recorded on Knights o the Air server, mixed with cool music! Thanks in advance!
  5. =FEW=ayamoth89

    7,5 tons of bombs from 4K

    hello! here's my latest video from Knights of the air server! Three He111 with the biggest bomb available in this game (2.5 tons) dropping on a Russian port and get intercepted by a P-47...
  6. =FEW=ayamoth89

    7,5 tons of bombs from 4K

  7. =FEW=ayamoth89

    how to land off-field

    I've just made these right now! I say that is quite possible to land with migs despite their very big noses because it's the 3rd time I make it through. I usually look for roads that are less bumpy but they have trees.... Anyway is easy to land in any lake and frozen river: Remember that if you are lying in winter
  8. =FEW=ayamoth89

    7,5 tons of bombs from 4K

    I've actually tested the defensive kind of guns and the main difference between the two faction gunners is the gun's precision. Mg81 is less precise (in game) than the Russian UBS .50. But anyway in this video, the Heinkel that got attacked was a H16 version with upper turret equipped with a 13mm Mg so it is precise and powerful...
  9. =FEW=ayamoth89

    Delivering 4 tons of cookies on Ju88

    That's a sortie on WOL NO GPS server. It's been a long time since last level bomb sortie, so we were quite rusty but we worked it out, except for the take off.... Ahahaha, you'll see the mess No landing recording because the map rotated while on final... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QV6pc4qwydw
  10. =FEW=ayamoth89

    Delivering 4 tons of cookies on Ju88

    oh OK, didn't know that! Tomorrow probably I'll solve the problem. Like your fantastic job on skins! Thank you
  11. =FEW=ayamoth89

    Delivering 4 tons of cookies on Ju88

    on the preview imagine, no swastika is visible,if it's what you are referring to...
  12. =FEW=ayamoth89


    That's our sortie on WOL NO GPS version!
  13. I see many damaged planes flying and eventually dogfighting withour tail fin, sometime vertical stabilizer and or rudder. Do you know if it is possible? I knew that the plane would become totally unstable on yaw and probably impossible to recover if it rolls over or spins.
  14. =FEW=ayamoth89

    Aerodynamic damage and stall/spin characteristics

    I' ve really appreciated your job to create this video and your research! Thanks! I know your video very well by the way and I agree with you from my not expert point of view I have a great consideration of your opinion and it will be great to have yours on the video I've posted about planes flying without rudder Cheers!
  15. =FEW=ayamoth89

    Aerodynamic damage and stall/spin characteristics

    .... one of the best comment I've ever read! Thanks!
  16. =FEW=ayamoth89

    Aerodynamic damage and stall/spin characteristics

    ok thank you for your testing, your answers and explanations!
  17. =FEW=ayamoth89

    Aerodynamic damage and stall/spin characteristics

    Thanks for your opinion! Yes I think the same. What I feel maybe strange is when the 109 in the video performed an Immelman turn without the rudder. Usually when you are at the highest point of a loop (and you are quite slow) on a 109 you need a lot o rudder to stabilize the plane because of the torque or you will probably enter an inverted flat spin...
  18. =FEW=ayamoth89

    Can a plane fly and manouver without the tail fin?

    You could be right... But I had the feeling that this is happening to me more often than it used to be... Anyway I was talking about rudder missing in the video, not the whole stabilizer
  19. =FEW=ayamoth89

    Aerodynamic damage and stall/spin characteristics

    I am experiencing now very often that a few holes on FW expecially and 109 wing tips make the plane very unstable and barely flyable. Totally impossible to dogfight anymore. What about this clip?
  20. =FEW=ayamoth89

    Airplane FM after being damaged.

    in this video you can see 3 cases where planes fly very fast and well despite very bad damages. Just for the record, in the two FW clips I used 4 cannons version. https://youtu.be/wNuDt2ar2g8
  21. Hello there, here's my second edited video. I' m trying to use more complex editing, hope you'll like it. There are 3 short clips showing some duels all of them ending with an enemy plane flying (and fighting) after loosing its rudder. All the clips are from multiplayer sorties with the latest Damage Model. The video is in 2K (as my gameplay is too), 48 FPS Hope you' ll enjoy!
  22. =FEW=ayamoth89

    Can a plane fly and manouver without the tail fin?

    I totally understand your point. But watching the first 109 doing an Immelman probably quite slow at the highest point and because the 109 requires a lot of rudder input to correct the plane in those situations, probably it should enter an inverted spin that will be impossible to recover.... Maybe more prop wash and P factor will make those situations harder and maybe more realistic
  23. =FEW=ayamoth89

    Can a plane fly and manouver without the tail fin?

    never thought about this problem in this way...