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  1. Yes, in the video's comment section I left a link for the download!
  2. Before receiving any criticism, I used this plane in a pure defensive way over our targets and also I had to kill 2 vultures over our airfield that were killing people taking off and landings!
  3. Hello there! I made a small compilation of 4 serious difficult landings on multiplayer. In one of this I managed to land my 109 with no elevator control...
  4. Ok I think I've just found my favourite skin for my next P-51 videos! Excellent job!
  5. Here's my short tutorial about crosswind landings using the side-slip technique: If you have any question or suggestion, I'll be here to answer! Thank you in advance
  6. I'm almost 100% sure that I didn't use flaps during that sortie: the point is that is better to avoid slowing down too much on a 262 and I didn't want to do a serious manouvered dogfight. So I basically extended and used the 262 speed to regain my position
  7. Bravi ragazzi! Ottimo lavoro, però cercate di editare in 2K se no YouTube taglia di brutto la qualità
  8. Ahahah I guess more people you kill, more interest you gain! 😌☹️
  9. It' s so rare on multiplayer. I almost never flew it because of this. I didn't conserve ammo: I went so close that I was forced to open fire for a very short time!
  10. Because of the corona virus quarantine here in Italy that causes a lot of boredom, I have more free time to edit videos and, after a very long time, I finally managed to fly a 262 on multiplayer. Again I was extremely close to be Ace-in-a-flight but I was again really unlucky.... You' ll see!
  11. My primary target was to help the other tempest engaged. But after my turn I saw the other German in between. I aimed badly (in fact he survived and I had to kill him later) but I was in a hurry to catch the other FW
  12. Thank you buddy! Hope you'll follow my channel!
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