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  1. When you are forced into a duel, use every advantage you can find, even the mountains!
  2. I'm going to add some external view again
  3. I bet the a fix to the .50 cals and mgs in general damage model will arrive. But unfortunately not in the next future...
  4. It still gives you a lot of chances to survive due to its speed mainly. But with the new DM .50s are kinda useless unfortunately
  5. Ahahah yeah! At the moment is better not to try a thing on the P-51...
  6. We should try the 40 mm cannons loadout!
  7. First flyouts, I hope we will have some kind of multiplayer campaign to join and to record
  8. Hi there! I would like to show you my first flights on multiplayer with this must-have bird. If you do not own this collector plane, you should really consider to buy it. It's really fun!
  9. Yeah, I kinda always like and try to bring my ship back to the port!
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