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  1. Hello Gustav! Sorry I missed your message! It' s a custom skin! If you want them, just PM me with your email and I'll send you all my skins collection on my google's drive, offocourse totally free!
  2. yes it is excellent. I did the mistake because I didn't know how premiere works
  3. I accepted your tip and I created one post will all 4 videos all together. As I said, I messed up voice mixing by a stupid mistake on Adobe Premiere. Next time volumes will be fixes! Thanks!
  4. I made a huge mess about it: I edited the whole video and exported it. After that I removed the original microphone files thinking that Premiere would have saved them. I head the edited video and I wanted to adjust the volume but files were missing! Now I know that even if you save your project, Premiere just look for original files in your pc... I didn't want to record them again... Anyway yes, I will surely improve commentary and I hope to have more live coms aswell. This time I had to coordinate my commentary over each clip lenght (I don't record all the time, only when something special is happening so I don't have big clips usually)
  5. Thanks! I think I'll keep on adding voice commentary. But I think I'll have some live-coms too in the next videos!
  6. It isn't very long to do and to mix it up on a video but I don't know how to properly record invoice chats except if using my GPU record system. But this causes FPS drop until I'll find a better GPU
  7. Yes, I have some new things to develop for my videos. But offcourse seeing that someone appreciate and that my viewers and subscribers are increasing, is the main reason to keep on editing and posting!
  8. I really like that you write something about the plane's/pilot history. Thanks, excellent job
  9. Thanks Rap! Is very important to me have some feedback 'cos I'm quite new to video editing!
  10. Last two parts will arrive in the very next days
  11. Thank you! Custom skin, and it's a very nice one! I have a lot of 4K skins, if you want them, PM me and I'll send you a link to my google's drive. For free offcourse!
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