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  1. Yeah, I kinda always like and try to bring my ship back to the port!
  2. Incredible a fast action: I guess this was how battle of britain fights really looked like
  3. That's a very cool kind of engagement! Usually 40 planes at least, all coordinated on the same spot. An amazing mess!
  4. Ahahah very cool to see this song in south park! Anyway this song, was in a famous cartoon from the '80s that featured a lot of hard rock music. Here you can see the original cartoon's clip where this song was played. As you can see it's an horror ww2 flights clip
  5. Excellent, next mission will be a total different one!
  6. My next video (about the second mission on the server) will be release this week. My squad and I flew spitfires so you'll see how the battle of Britain was for english! Very cool server and unique kind of gameplay indeed
  7. In this video I would like to share my squadron's amazing experience on a very different kind of server and multiplayer campaign: Wings of Italy. The main difference is that the server is private and you must book to join their weekly event. Also the game here is seriously coordinated, organized and big formations create always huge fights. If you want to try this kind of gameplay, there's a link to join my discord in the description box
  8. Why don't you develop at least an italian pilot model? We have 109s italian skins but we don't have a proper pilot to fit in it! Same for the macchi offcourse
  9. Unfortunately my overal graphic quality has decreased too much after this last update. I have a Radeon RX 580 8Gb, driver version 20.5.1. I'll leave my game's settings as well
  10. Thanks guys, we'll like to join the next event as well
  11. I FEW ci saranno, circa 4-5 persone penso
  12. When ducks migrate over Kuban, there are always some hungry hunters waiting for them....
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