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  1. The best option would be to try to find someone who has similar setup to yours and see how well it performs in those games. But that is under the assumption that it is the only thing that you care about and nothing else matters. From general point of view however, intel provides you with a few more frames here and there (0-10% better FPS in major games), but ryzen instead gives you around 30-50% more total performance / dollar. So if you ever decide to do streaming or productivity on the machine the ryzen setup will blow intel out of the water.
  2. You can enable captions on youtube and read the text instead
  3. This is almost entirely false. Ryzens are around 5-15% higher in IPC at the same clock. However it is indeed correct that intels right now "win" in single-thread on the highest-end chips, by on average about 5% depending on the benchmark you use. ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RmxkpTtwx1k ) Regarding which one to get - look into the actual benchmarks out there instead of asking on a forum where you'll get biased opinions in every direction imaginable. Practically speaking if you have cash to throw around get the highest clocked intel you can get. If the consideration is even remotely about value at high-end performance CPUs then ryzens are the way to go. I wouldn't even waste the cash on the 3800x and instead go with 3700x or 3900x. Also, do not use the userbenchmark website (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AaWZKPUidUY )
  4. A wild yak appears! I was so surprised that I entirely missed what could have been a very easy kill 😄
  5. It wasn't AI gunner that shot his chute.
  6. Buffet is simulated through headshake that can be removed in camera settings. I tend to listen for the buffet instead of relying on the headshake (and 110 hardly ever wing drops unless you force it to)
  7. Talk about being patronising On topic though, without a video from the OP the discussion is pointless. We could have a full range starting from a newbie getting outraged at non-AI evasive from a competent player to an actual pilot meeting one of the stick jerkers.
  8. Interesting points on the flap behaviour though
  9. A few videos : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxaJoAo3j2QIt2pK8t0kn7A Otherwise I'm happy to meet up with anyone interested to share what I know. But I generally focus on fighter hunting with the 110 instead of the bombers.
  10. In case you bailed too close to the ground and decided to disconnect before your pilot faceplants in.
  11. Surprising amount of points you outlined applies directly to the WW2 section of the game as well.
  12. What voltages are you running at? You can fairly safely go up to 1.35 (some do 1.4v even, but I wouldn't tbh). Depending on your motherboard you could also consider per-core overclock as that usually can net you another 300Mhz on one of the cores. I used to run the 6600k and at 1.35V I had 4.4Ghz 4.5Ghz 4.5Ghz and 4.6Ghz cores.
  13. He was being sarcastic - Kroko is one of the best 110 pilots out there
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