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  1. Episode 3 is out! Enjoy!
  2. You can see the perfect example in our attack on the P38. My wingman goes for the vertical climb and reversal after pass despite calls to just extend and it nearly ends bad for him. Linked at correct time here:
  3. I'm not the authority on this.. Still learning. Lots to learn if you read BMBM's books In pursuit which can be found online as a pdf, and Wingman which is on amazon. Easiest is to for one to attack and the other to follow 1-2 km behind. This is the easiest to stay together but it does expose the wingman because you can't check six without risking losing the leader. It also allows for a 1-2 punch, what usually follows is the target might spot the attack and do a guns defence and then try to reverse and follow/get a shot and rarely expects a second one coming so soon, which means the wingman actually might have an easier shot. The harder but better method is for one to dive and engage and the other to stay at alt and keep a lookout. However with the poor spotting against the ground that we have currently, especially with reshade becoming taboo, this usually means you lose sight and can't easily help. In any case, what you want to do is 1 pass haul ass, extending horizontally or in a SHALLOW climb. DO NOT climb vertically, no matter how much of a speed difference. This allows the pair to exit with speed and hopefully close together, and regain SA and formation. Usually you will pick up at least one enemy in trail, and after you dragged them away from their friends the pair can turn the tables by using the most appropriate move: a split, a half split, a cross turn and bracket.. and use that advantage to kill and escape. In your case it looks like you are getting SA overloaded. Try at first to only engage 1 enemy. if there are more, leave and find another fight where you have the advantage. If you lose eachother disengage and go in the same heading until you rejoin. with practice you will find it easier to stick together, but it needs lots of practice.
  4. Hey pilots, I started doing a series of videos breaking down some of my more interesting flights and fights in order to improve. I recently discovered Tacview and it is both entertaining and informative so thought to share. I will update when I add a new one. For now, here's the first:
  5. Rhyn0


    Hey man, good to see you. Not much, back in the cockpit and some streaming on twitch. I'll drop you a PM with discord etc so we can catch up.
  6. Rhyn0


    This weekend I'll be giving away a copy of BoBP std edition ( kindly provided by SenorWeiner) on Twitch. This cannot be gifted forward so only people who don't have it on their account can participate.
  7. Because they have told me. some people hear p38 and tempest engines if they are in the same 10km square as them. @RedKestrel Those are very valid reasons, and they are NOT what I am talking about. Yes, some people might get a 666 in chat from someone 5-6 km away that I haven't seen, but I am talking about the one that do not make sense.. I have started collecting evidence, will post a video once I get enough examples and have time to edit.
  8. I think this will inevitably bring on some heated discussion, so I debated a lot before posting, but I would like to hear others' opinions as this has been bugging me more and more lately. I know some players can hear certain type of engines/planes from VERY far away( 5+km).. and I fear someone has developed some.. trick to use this.. see below. The issue I keep running into is some people suddenly and "magically" realise you've snuck up on their 6 just about when you are entering effective firing range (200-300m). Just to be clear I'm not talking about someone checking six and seeing you, I am talking about people flying straight and level, clearly not seeing you as you approach from dead 6 and below ( or even way below) in their blind spot, and they suddenly break turn HARD, going full evasive. I'm talking about pilots chasing and firing on someone who should be target fixated, with no obvious wingmen around to warn 666, and any other situation where it's clear they did not see you coming, but as you close to a certain distance, their "6 o'clock radar" as I call it starts beeping or whatever and they know you are there. I mainly fly 109's and 110's so my experience is mainly vs Red players, but I know this happens on both sides, I am not calling out any one side or group of players here. As a point of reference, I have a few thousand hours in old Il2(forgotten battles to '46) and I would guesstimate 6-700 in BOX. I fly online 99.5% of time. I say this to show I know when something doesn't feel right, and this doesn't feel right. I know how to close in on an unsuspecting victim to minimise chances of being spotted. Recently I've had it happen 4 times within a couple sorties.. and it seems to be getting worse. I've started cutting engine as I close in for a shot on an unsuspecting enemy, this seems to have improved it, but it is very difficult to pull off as cutting engine while still 3-400 meters away makes closing the distance for a sure kill difficult. It might also be personal bias as I might have not been sneaking on a pilot with spider sense... So let me raise 2 points here for discussion: 1. How do you feel about being able to hear planes hundreds of meters away over the sound of your own plane's engine? Is sound in the game where it should be? How should it be( historically/IRL) 2. I fear someone has found a way to adapt some tool like the sonic radars to highlight engine sounds coming for the rear ( if you don't know what a sonic radar is, here you go video), or some other form of exploit/cheat.
  9. It seems it's not only the Yak 9T 37mm HE that's affected, the 110's BK seems to suffer same fate online. This was yesterday, 3x 3.7 HE hits on Yak9T (ironic) full 90 degree deflection on 2 shots, continued to fly and be controllable.
  10. Rhyn0


    And that's it for the giveaways during this Sturmovikfest, congrats to all the winners, and see you up there o7
  11. Rhyn0


    HS129 And Spit MkV for tonight. And additionally the P40E and P38L have gone to support @Requiem's excellent discord, and there's a few very juicy other giveaways ongoing there. It's a great place to hang around and for new Vpilots a great place to learn, you definitely should check it out: https://discord.gg/jCkv4a
  12. @JimTM Sorry, probably won't make it tonight. Hope the event goes smoothly! o7
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