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  1. As a Heinkel pilot I do look forward to dumping all the bombs on that harbour. I don't care if it might be under german controll. Just look at that target! Om nom nom!
  2. DVD in Military DVD Direct Vendor Delivery + 2 variants Logistics, War Force, War Flyable DC3! Edit: Or maybe a Chrylic abbrevation sort of like VVS?
  3. Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeesh, YESSSH!!! Going to preorder as soon as my economy allow. Bombers, big beautiful bombers! And the stuff Jason writes about in his Briefing room sounds promising. FC did take a great step into the BoS engine and I greatly enjoy it. It's just the fiddelity of the damage models and perhapps the clouds that would make it absolutly perfect! Had a MP flight in a Spad this sunday. Got my ass handed to me royaly by Fokker D.VIIs, but darn if it isn't nice to fly those kites. Looking forward to how this developes.
  4. Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiih!!!!! More lawnmower planes!!!! ❤️
  5. I've been playing with a VR headset for quite a while now. And in general it is pretty easy to spot planes on the horizon. Easier than using a regular screen. But I would say increasing the "visibility" would still be a good thing. After all, we want to experience dog fights and encounters with other planes.. or spot them early so you can bugger out. So i'm all for tweaking visibility even though it is not realistic. To be fair, it is pretty easy to lose a plane while looking straight at it. Did it with a large plane about to land in CPH airport two weeks ago.
  6. That look super promising. Soo looking forward to this! And I'm extremly curious on how this will affect the FC planes.
  7. I was on the Flugepark server yesterday. Dang it was impressive to see large formations of fighters forming over no mans land.
  8. I have a friend who has a similar problem. Bought the game on steam, logged in and clicked to create a new account. Set it all up, but when he then should login it said wrong email and password. When he logs in on his account page on the web page there's no products listed as bought/activated.
  9. Looking forward to this one, will be fun to see what you've come up with ❤️
  10. Mind that there might be some fiddling with port forwarding on your router to be able to host a coop mission. I know from experience that my friends aren't as patient when it come to such things, so it's a bit tricky for me to introduce them to new stuff. So do a session with your more patient friend first where you just get the mission running
  11. Had the opportunity to fly it for the first time propper this weekend. Did a bombing run on a target on Combatbox and then proceeded to fly cap over the target. Got into a fight with a K4 and had a horrible dog fight that went pretty good all because of how darn powerful the plane was. I even used it like a helicopter at one point in the fight.
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