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  1. While usually flying bombing missions myself, when I actually end up in a fighter I tend to look at the friendly targets that are left and then determine which is more vulnerable. Usually I end up flying caps above Airfield targets, tanks/vehicles or defensive positions. Mostly because these targets tend to be a bit more difficult to take out and are usually close to the front. Factories and such are usually to far away to warrant a cap... well, sometimes a dedicated bombing squad levels it, but usually you'll just be looking at a lot of ground for most of the time. All in all I would say it depends a lot on what mission and what server you're on, as they all differ slightly in target priority.
  2. Yupp, been there done that. Did a strafing run on some ground targets in a BF110, with a mate just doing pass on the same target just a few seconds before me. Managed to put a salvo into him damaging one of his engine, all ricoches. And to add to the topic. I was recently flying a Macchi and had the drop on a P40 (same scenario in two different sorties). Came up real close on its dead 6, around 300m out. Had a convergence of 250m, with 7.7s in the wings. Managed to score a nice solid burst of around 50 hits in its tail and left wing root (Mostly the 7.7s I guess). But all I managed was to scratch the paint. Now the p40 is a rugged plane but I expected at least a fuel leak or something from the bredas.
  3. Super excited for the map as it opens up so many possibilities and, as people has pointed out, works well with FC as well. A bit disappointed by the plane set though, it doesn't really bring anything new and special (Excluding the 410, Mossy, Arado and possibly the JU88) . Still want something similar to the Heinkel on the Allied side. Both because it's fun to hunt bigger bombers, but also because there's nothing as satisfying as dropping a huge bomb load on some poor smuck. Keep up the good work and feed our addiction 😄
  4. Worth to note is that particles tend to be very heavy on the system. Just looking at maps which use smoke to mark objectives and you'll notice huge frame drops when you look in the general direction of those smoke plumes. So adding more might be very costly, especially in multiplayer matches where the combat tend to be focused around an objective, and the death count is rather high.
  5. Psssh, they've done DDs at 19:00. there's still hope
  6. So looking forward to those campaigns :3
  7. I think it has to do with the relative speed to their targets. I did a flight in the U2 a while back and had several 109s on my tail. But most of the time they just did attack runs against me without firing a single shot. Which can be seen here in a few places towards the end of the video (17:17 is a good example)
  8. Fantasic video! The new bailing animations are stellar, and this was a masterpiece showing it off!
  9. Guess it was extended then as Jasons post says 27th
  10. No it's rather common actually. They usually have sales just in front of major patches and so far all of them has ended before the patch goes live.
  11. Since the sale ends on Friday, a Monday patch seem likely.
  12. You can also check out the Unprofessional server which is based in Australia.
  13. We've had several Tuesday patches befor, so the 24th is a contender. Otherwise I would say 23rd or 30th just to give a full week to react to any possible issues. If it is ready to be release of course..
  14. I'd chime in on this as well. As a bomber pilot I feel VVS lack a proper heavy bomber. The Pe2 just doesn't fulfill that itch to utterly obliterate something.
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