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  1. Aquí os dejo estas de la campaña El Cielo es de las Golondrinas
  2. Hi, all. I'm trying to do a detector that work in base to players planes height. I've selected 3 heights and named low, medium and high. In editor manual, it says Zone Check (cilinder) works with a cilinder based in selected height so I set 3 detector and different heights. Hi one, 5000m, 1200m radio. Med, 2500m, 1100m radius. Low, 100m, 1000m radius. But in all cases, in doesn't matter if test plane flights at 200 or 6000m it allways detects HI , the widest one. See test mission attached: https://mega.nz/#!9FEUjY6K!NWECSAVgY0SY7OWMuognxbJhHj2XSxy-D8b9m8LMCH0
  3. I've being making some trials with barbed wire and seems is opaque to IA to see thru. And in addition it explodes when tank crosses over. Has anybody noted same?
  4. Hey!!!! Muchas gracias!!! Many Thanks!!! hip hip hurrah!!!
  5. Yes, I know... but I was thinking about custom ones... Is there any way to extract default ones (as in planes)?
  6. Well, it not works for me and cannot image why... Just press Enter and nothing happens... I've enter mapped to fire for planes but not for tanks... maybe is there some kind of incompatibility?
  7. I'm searching a winter skin for panther. Is any one available? Thanks
  8. El Tank crew es un juego aparte, aunque si tienes el BOS puedes usar los tanques básicos (PzIIIL y T34), pero el TC en sí tienes muy buenos tanques y la simulación muy realista. Sólo es una pena que no tenga infantería. En la Patrulla Azul y el Ala 13 jugamos misiones conjuntas y nos lo pasamos como enanos.
  9. I'm creating a mission in bodenplatte map and using static fw190d9. Every time I load mission got error, undefined object: Luascripts/worldobjects/blocks/static_fw190d9.txt. Does anybody got same error? Waht's the solution? Thanks and regards
  10. same here... running clock forever when an aircraft is selected and oversized squares at left hand...
  11. Pues con el último parche se han cepillado además las coops. Es imposible lanzar una coop. En cuanto entras a elegir avión se queda el relojillo forever y CTL+ALT+SUP...
  12. Maybe, you can use MCUs to activate large smoke plume when factory/refinery is damaged or destroyed...
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