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  1. PA_Yren

    Splashscreens mod

    Many Thanks!!! Great!!!
  2. PA_Yren

    ¿Que musica escuchais?

    Los he descubierto hace poco...
  3. PA_Yren

    Illuminating the tank optics at night.

    Right. No ilumination till now. Anyway, in WWII there was no much tank combat without light. Only with Panther and infrared iluminating devices, germans succeded in night combat but was a very scarce material and at the very last... so, do not combat at night!!
  4. PA_Yren

    IL2 1946 best mods (hard drive conscious)

    You can play in 4.13.4 with any period plane using Asura's Dgen 2.0 or you can play 4.13.4 with selected planes in Ypack 1.2.2 (SCW, Korea and Vietnam expansions added). Ypack is as HSFX more oriented to online than offline. 4.13.4 packs: Dgen 2.0: 37GB Ypack 1.2.2: 30GB
  5. PA_Yren

    Is il-2 1946 worth it still?

    Yes, It woths, just got it to 3.14.4 and mod to Ypack 1.2.2: http://patrulla-azul.com/FreeIL2modding/forum/viewtopic.php?f=83&t=2075
  6. PA_Yren

    Is VP modpack compatible with BAT?

    If you want to play 4.13.4 modded game, just got Asura's DGEN 2 or YPack 1.2.2, both are based on 4.13.4 and only 4.13.4 working mods. If you want to play 4.12.mods, just install 4.12 game. Do not mix versions.
  7. PA_Yren

    1946 4.13.4 now

    Hi, VP modpack is for 4.12. It's not good idea to mix modsfor diferents levels of game. In 4.13.4 only install 4.13 working mods. Too many 4.12 mods will mixed up your 4.13 game. If you want to play VP, then install 4.12. As I remember Tiger V3.0 is for 4.12.2 too.
  8. PA_Yren

    Ships going backward

    Well, using WP for every boat and same speed and problem solved... no more battle Chaos...
  9. PA_Yren

    Is VP modpack compatible with BAT?

    Nope. Latest Steam version is 4.13.4. VP and BAT are for 4.12.2.
  10. If you want flak vehicles start firing at planes aproaching them, you need to add and attack zone - target air objetives to the Flak vehicles. Do it large enough or activate several with WP. In this way, flak vehicles will aim incoming planes and start firing as soon as were in range. If no, vehicles will wait till be attacked before return fire.
  11. PA_Yren

    Ships going backward

    Thanks for your answer. Waypoints are medium and distance between boats I think is enough cause second in formation is able to maneouver leader and still sailing forward but those on sides and after (I think 200m away) keep going backward till 1km away and then return to course.
  12. Well I'm doing a convoy attack mission. I've put five ships in spread formation and used formation->off road user -> loose. Waypoints are 500m radius and near to ships. When ships are attacked (and leader damaged and stopped but not sunk), most of them (all but one) start going backward at full speed and then in a while (not fixed time) start again to go forward. It's very odd... some body knows why???
  13. PA_Yren

    il 2 1946 mods

    Why do you want to stick on 4.12 when you can fly 4.13.4? And if you want to have all as bat but for 4.13 just try DGEN by Asura.
  14. PA_Yren

    Developer Diary 198 - Discussion