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  1. Saludos Black Hats desde la Patrulla Azul...
  2. PA_Yren

    More missions with the same name ?

    Wellcome to some editor odd things!! Editor has a rare obsesion for conserving names, so save your missions with new names...
  3. PA_Yren

    Multiplayer problem

    I' ve got this problem too may time ago and is not related to network busy. I've 300MB upd/dwn and any time I host, everybody can join w/o pbs and can see everybody but me or IAs, and me (as server) cannot see any player but can see all IAs and If players fly no triggers are fired nor enemy IAs are seen by player but no problems for me. I've tried to unistall/reinstall, disconnect all AV, stop all background processes, updated router bios, put router in dmz, etc... and no success up today. It started from one day to other. One day I could host w/o pbs and next day pbs started.... Maybe reinstalling windows...
  4. PA_Yren

    [MOD] Hakenkreuz (Swastika) on Awards and Flags

    Well, I think I found a solution for German Flag. Just rename image.big.dds to flag.big.dds inside data\swf\il2\countries\201\
  5. PA_Yren

    PC Temperature

    You have rainmeter + Hwinfo64 by free, with little effort it can show all your data in desktop. Be free to contact me about this stuff... you know my phone.
  6. Well, theory is: HE - High Explosive - for attacking soft targets and infantry but in some case can damage or destroy a Tank. APHE - Armour Piercing High Explosive - This buddy pierces armour and then explodes inside tank killing crew and exploding fuel and ammo. AP - Armour piercing - This ammo only pierces armour and crew in his path . With a lucky shoot you can kill driver or gunner or damage motor in tank. Normally no explosions are seen. APCR - Armour piercing Core Reinforced - This ammo has a very hard core (Tugsteng in WW2, Uraniun nowadays) to pierce the most heavies armours. Used against very heavy tanks as KV!, JS2, Tiger, etc.... This ammo doesn't explode inside tank.
  7. PA_Yren

    Patrulla Azul

    Tenemos coops casi todos los martes o bien en el Ala13 o bien en la PA. Alternamos bandos y también hacemos coops de tanques... pasaros cuando queráis...
  8. Windows joy is limited to 32 button, so many warhog buttons cannot be mapped directly and only by Target. In addition, BOX doesn't like button combinations did in target and you need to take some workaround to make it work. I think I put a post somewhere here about this stuff...
  9. PA_Yren

    Patrulla Azul

    Hey, compi. ¿Cómo te vá?
  10. Trenkos, eres el P. amo... gracias...
  11. Menos mal que ya no es así... El otro día iniciamos el despegue antes de la salida del sol con la claridad apuntando en e horizonte e iluminados por fuegos y fue una gozada ver salir el sol poco a poco mientras volabamos hacia el objetivo...
  12. PA_Yren

    Patrulla Azul

    Aunque nuestro simulador oficial sigue siendo el veterano 46, actualmente tenemos un par de campañas de BOX en Kuban y otra de carros de combate donde se nos ocurra. Intentamos ir pasando poco a poco al nuevo estándar aunque seguimos teniendo campañas del 46. También le damos de vez en cuando al Arma 3 e incluso en alguna remota ocasión al DCS. Normalmente no nos veréis en las TAW o similares pues somo más de COOPs entre amiguetes. No tenemos bando definido a pesar de nuestro nombre y lo mismo volamos las coops de rusos que de alemanes. Podéis pasaros por el foro cuando queráis: http://patrulla-azul.com/forum/index.php Y aquí os dejo el enlace directo al foro de BOX: http://patrulla-azul.com/forum/viewforum.php?f=163 Por supuesto los ficheros de las misiones voladas están a libre disposición del público. Bueno, nos vemos. PA_Yren
  13. PA_Yren

    [MOD] Hakenkreuz (Swastika) on Awards and Flags

    I worked for me but now it doesn't work anymore... 😵 All files are ok in their places but no SW in german flag