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  1. SCG, Simulated Combat Group, is recruiting again! Air Wing of SCG is looking to strenghten our - Ground attack unit 5./ZG1, specializing in Bf 110´s, in EU time zones and - Fighter unit 4./JG52, specializing in Bf 109's, also looking for EU pilots We welcome virtual pilots to take a tour in our site and if interested, to leave an application. Or pop in to our Discord channel. SCG strive to create immersive and entertaining combat sim experience. We can improve your skills in team work, formation flying and especially how to survive in virtual skies, minimum requirements from you
  2. Yes, learnt this the hard way as I tried to initiate roll in high speeding Dora while trying to clear six. I yanked the stick too aggressively, and I lost consciousness and eventually died. But instead of cursing and swearing I just though "wow". You really have to fly more smoothly and carefully from now on. Very welcomed update 👌
  3. Gott im Himmel! This update sounds amazing! Besides we get to fly over what looks to be the most beautiful map ever created in gaming history, I am absolutely delighted to read the news about increase in visibility for ground targets!
  4. Great video, very interesting to watch what happened elsewhere during the evening Impressive leadership, too.
  5. Damn, that was beautiful. Well done 💪!
  6. I am a solid fan of 3 life system as it is, but I like this idea. Maybe even put planes on a scale and give them different values: the more underrated plane, the more you can replenish the amount of your life. If you end up using all your life, you can still team up with your squad mates, but in lesser used or obsolete planes. Adds diversion, too.
  7. SCG_Kuppis

    Guncam VI

    Damn fine shooting mate
  8. Yes, It was very precise shooting from you, I didn’t have time to react at all before you hit me. 👍
  9. Would´ve offer my tailgunner extra ratio of schnapps for that shot if only I would survive! I believe I had set my gunner to shoot at close distance, so maybe you came too close, and without pulling little or no G´s, he had a clear shot. I don´t have recording so I could remember wrong. But yes, I was suprised that he got you 1-2 secs after I was killed. Nevermind if you hit or miss, this was awesome! o7
  10. Hi, I was wondering why I didn´t get the CM (nor the ground kill) from this sortie: http://taw-server.de/pilot_sortie.php?id=51991&name=SCG_Kuppis My squad mate did get CM, and we flew in the same flight, same amount of time (roughly 22 min) , with same planes (Bf110´s) and attacked the same target. Thanks!
  11. Thank you Tip and everyone who participated, a great evening as usual. Good to see the FNBF is back
  12. I've encountered similar sound bug, too. It's like suddenly in midflight some frequencies disappear from guns or engine sounds. If you press the trigger you cannot hear the sound or it is very distant, and engine sounds become sort of "muffled". Noticed this in Berloga and WOL servers. I don't recall encountering this in SP or other servers. And I am pretty sure its been on before the latest patch.
  13. Thanks for the input, I did not know about the restock cycle.
  14. Dear @VIRPILControls, I´m interested in buying the throttle sometime in the near future, but everytime I check Virpil webstore, the throttle is "out of stock". Should I just place an order and be patient?
  15. Happy 1st generation VPC MongoosT-50 owner here. Flying with 75mm + 100mm extensions and desk mount, and I can only recommend. Quality products with helpful customer care.
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