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  1. Yes, It was very precise shooting from you, I didn’t have time to react at all before you hit me. 👍
  2. Would´ve offer my tailgunner extra ratio of schnapps for that shot if only I would survive! I believe I had set my gunner to shoot at close distance, so maybe you came too close, and without pulling little or no G´s, he had a clear shot. I don´t have recording so I could remember wrong. But yes, I was suprised that he got you 1-2 secs after I was killed. Nevermind if you hit or miss, this was awesome! o7
  3. Hi, I was wondering why I didn´t get the CM (nor the ground kill) from this sortie: http://taw-server.de/pilot_sortie.php?id=51991&name=SCG_Kuppis My squad mate did get CM, and we flew in the same flight, same amount of time (roughly 22 min) , with same planes (Bf110´s) and attacked the same target. Thanks!
  4. Thank you Tip and everyone who participated, a great evening as usual. Good to see the FNBF is back
  5. I've encountered similar sound bug, too. It's like suddenly in midflight some frequencies disappear from guns or engine sounds. If you press the trigger you cannot hear the sound or it is very distant, and engine sounds become sort of "muffled". Noticed this in Berloga and WOL servers. I don't recall encountering this in SP or other servers. And I am pretty sure its been on before the latest patch.
  6. This is just awesome piece of work, thank you @StG77_HvB Tons of detailed info
  7. Thanks for the input, I did not know about the restock cycle.
  8. Dear @VIRPILControls, I´m interested in buying the throttle sometime in the near future, but everytime I check Virpil webstore, the throttle is "out of stock". Should I just place an order and be patient?
  9. Happy 1st generation VPC MongoosT-50 owner here. Flying with 75mm + 100mm extensions and desk mount, and I can only recommend. Quality products with helpful customer care.
  10. Thanks for the input and tip on Joy2Key. Went on and purcased Tank Crew
  11. I´m finally about to purchase the Tank Crew, and I was wondering which peripherals are most suitable for driving a tank and of course using it in battle. Keyboard+mouse are the obvious entry-level choice, but anyone experienced with steering wheel or maybe even for example flight yoke?
  12. According to them, repairing itself should´ve taken no more than a week. Mine was there from about mid December until 2/1/19 when they announced it was fixed, but considering it was a long holiday season in between, longer time was expected and it was ok for me. After all I´m quite happy how this turned out and most propably will be bying the Virpil throttle in the near future, too.
  13. Finally got my base back from maintenance after 1,5 months. According to support, the entire gimbal assembly was replaced. Only critique would be the long time it took sending it back to me, but now that he stick works like charm, I really can´t complain 👍 Damn, it was good to be back flying, although my already mediocre SA and aiming have deteriorated during the break. Guess there´s only one way to get them back
  14. Yes I asked, too, and they were helpful, but I don´t remember receiving any pdf´s or anything, though. With this in mind, I wrote them if they could help me with the cam bolts as Seb71 suggested. Hopefully they receive the message - they got the base delivered yesterday.
  15. Did you manage to fix it yourself? I decided to play it safe and send the base to their support center last week, as warranty covers it. I was too afraid I break something if I open the base myself - I haven´t opened it at all yet. Downside is that I´m without a stick for the time being
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