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  1. It is also necessary the possibility that the heads of cars can make marks on the map, either informatively for themselves or for the rest of the team
  2. Surely it has already been said but we need binoculars, functional smoke throwers, the zoom and the correct field of vision according to the vehicle model and according to their date, to be able to fight with the open hatches without having to be necessarily leaning and being able to choose how to lean out and if they put us radio to contact with the rest of the cars it would be really fantastic.
  3. Hola, dejo por aquí un manual de vuelo. http://nica.fio.es/sole/atec/varios/Me262/Me262.html
  4. I do not know if this scene is from the movie, if so, it's a real nonsense
  5. Too much hollywood for my taste😛
  6. I do not know the movie t34, but the fury is to catch it with clips. It only has in its favor that an authentic Tiger comes out
  7. To me personally if I like to go in the position of the driver as part of a team. In the Post Scriptum we have been 4 people inside an armored and I had a great time driving, in tc if they also put a more complex engine management will be very fun.
  8. It's a good idea, I think it's better to create a thread in the forum of the tank crew so as not to mix the missions and make it easier ... S!
  9. The best submarine movie of all time by far. Recently they have returned to shoot a miniseries of 3 chapters, to see how ...
  10. ACTION DOGFIGHTS Open!!! Tiger, KV, 190A8 and Spit9 😛
  11. Hello, the two servers that I have seen that have the tank crew are these: the flying ass clowns. CHINA-JG5-Training map tank crew-Flying circus.
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