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  1. Great to hear, didn't test the new patch yet. But I agree, the AI got better over time, in regards to the fighting style at least. Don't know if the "chase the enemy over the whole map just to die above the enemy airfield via AAA" behaviour has been fixed yet, but in combat it is most definitely an improvment! I was able to shoot down almost every plane on ace within a few minutes, but now, man I have to fight for my life when I encounter those aces... Oh and dear devs, while you are at it, teach them pilots to handle taxi so we can finally start our career missions fro
  2. Nice! Always great to hear that the AI is being improved!
  3. Clouds are really good now! Would be great if they'd add fog and haze in soon as well.
  4. Have you maybe double mapped? It seems like there is an axis (maybe rudder pedals) also bind to the same button or something like this?
  5. They have for sure a broader strategy than "only" FS2020 with that new tech. Microsoft has now built a fundamental technology to simulate the whole globe with weather, phyisics and 3d objects. I think FS2020 has only to bring back a fraction of that spent money. It would be insane if they'd only made all this fancy stuff solely for a freaking Flight Sim. I can imagine it would be more of a prove of concept with all of their FS stuff they already had slapped on. Now they will gain experience with handling the azure cloud in combination with PCs and Xboxes with a first real en
  6. THe AI is getting better yes. I believe I even see BnZ maneuvres now. It seems as if it has a better idea how to handle energy now. Very glad to see that it is worked on! Cheers
  7. I also smell BoB And I am "sure" it will come eventually. Would be nuts to not make it with all the stuff we already have/get.
  8. Thanks for making it happen! 😎 Good job guys!
  9. The devs have adressed almost everything I wanted with the previous updates. Now I'm only waiting for a hyperlobby style MP environment and a better career mode that brings more variety and more believable KIA results (including tools for mission planning). Will buy just to keep the boat floating towards PTO + Razorback + Mosquito + big and nice map (but when I get used to MSF2020 next year I expect all the Il2 maps to get merged together at some point with a new and revolutionary engine ) + Me-410+ Ar-234 + drop tanks + new (hyper???)lobby
  10. Thanks! Although there was no AA whatsoever (the enemy was chasing me back to my airfield). Maybe a bug, I don't know. Need to see in the other missions. Thanks, cheers
  11. Im playing the Bodenplatte campaign and have two questions: - How can I switch from the FW 190 A8 to the A5 (our squadron has both but I always get assignet to the A8). - Why is there no AA on the enemy airfields (and also not on my own?). Thanks! Cheers
  12. Definitely will get the Hurri even though I won't be flying it much I guess. The Yaks though - booooring 😉 Great to see though that new planes are coming, one won't always get what one wants but there will be something for everybody down the line. 👍
  13. Totally agree with OP - I wish for such a feature for a long time but it seems that most monitor users don't want us to have it. It is unrealistic they say and keep on turning their heads 180* backwards while flying a 5G loop... While we VR players have to do the effort and actually turn our heads in real time! I have to grin when I watch all those youtube videos of people flying online "full real" constantly turning their head like an owl while doing the craziest maneuvres. But a small red or blue dot appearing in like 500m is being called "arcade". Spo
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