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  1. Well if you do 100+ sorties per month then this indicates that you don't fly in a very realistic manner anyways which means that you are going to fly on less realistic servers in which case this feature shouldn't concern you much! And if this "complex" starting procedure scares off people who fly 100+ missions I guess this is a plus for every server that try to model proper air war No offense, cheers
  2. BIG CONGRATS devs, awesome update! - Didn't test it yet, but I greatly appreciate the work on the AI - The new "Startup" mechanics are very cool and add to the immersion (now I only wait until one can start a SP mission in a parked plane...) - The Schwalbe is beautiful! I like the direction the sim is going, that it gets a bit more complex and fleshed out is exactly what I wanted to see - go on like this! Cheers
  3. Are we going to see the new Bodenplatte map at the expo?
  4. Great! Get some more ppl in to enjoy the Il2 show!
  5. Hacked account...?
  6. Yeah I know the I16 in DCS is out - so now there are two I16's out, as well as K4 and soon the A8. Still not getting your point... Who did say that that they won't do what who does?
  7. Finally I can fly DCS in Il2 Sturmovik From a short test some issues though: - The Dora has e very low pitch engine sound in cockpit view. Like about 30% of a regular FW190 rpms-sound wise. - I have some flickering on the Prokhorvka Map, namely woods and those white stone patches disappear and re-appear regularly. - Its weird that every plane has its pilots "head" on a different spot in VR - I always have to adjust my head and re-center after a plane switch (for example, in the Dora it to the right of the seat and too narrow, on the Fokker it is way too far behind and angled to the right - it would be very convenient if all the planes would have the same correct spot). Other than that it's great, especially the Dora Skins are a blast!
  8. Nice! Thanks devs! Can't wait to try all those nice and shiny things myself tonight!!
  9. Nice thanks Pat! Is this one supporting taxiing at the beginning of the mission yet?
  10. The AI is now indeed follow the leader better. Big plus! However, I have tried a career mode mission, and still, the AI just doesn't work AT ALL in certain situations: I came home after an airfield attack (which, except from an unecessary circle over the enemy airfield from my teammates, went pretty well), and when we came back home and wanted to land, we got encountered by a few Yaks. We scramble for a bit and then they flew home, only I and a Yak are turning in reach of the airfield. My teammates however just circle around the airfield, lights on and doing their patterns, while 3-4 km in their sight I turn an burn with "my" yak. It would be a matter of seconds to join me and kill that enemy but no, still they wait and wait with lights on. Even when I pull the Yak right THROUGH the formation of my 109s, they refuse to help me whatsoever. The Yak then eventually gets shot down from AA (it wasn't the smartest move to follow me and circle above my airfield neither). So if you have to deal with something like this after a 35min flight, it is just not worth the effort. Because there are still too many pitfalls that can ruin your sortie AI wise. So still after this patch there's no reason to go back to career mode for me. I'll stick with the scripted campaign and online... Nice to see the other changes however.
  11. Yep please bring this feature in a future patch - been waiting since the beginning of Il2 Stalingrad for this feature.
  12. Welcome to the club mate 😎 I got mine early 2017 and never flown without it. I have more fun now sitting in a parked Stuka looking around than I had in all of my Il2 1946 2D Stuka dives 😅
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