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  1. Hi guys. Problem to solve: I would like to bring this sugestion because some time happened and more and more planes are coming in to the sim Now the only way possible in game to compare the performances of the planes and to have an Idea how to fight our oponents is the Specification tab with the engine timers, some info about speeds, climb rates etc. This information is not enought because the planes have a lot of engines modes, different loadouts, different point when you should change the stage etc. and there are no comon criteria to show the perfor
  2. This is because the meeting was as well to share with us a mesage to spray it into the squads. Was not just info about the future changes so I inderstand they wanted more personal contact with us rather than just posting the info with the changes, planeset etc. I guess they will post those changes soon or later so everyone can understand how the new TAW is going to work.
  3. It was not semi sikrit. Was anounced here and any representant of your squad could atend it. Thank you for the work you are doing @=LG=Blakhart and Taw guys. Some of our members are already suporting with some donations after the news so I hope the Taw future will stay safe.
  4. I did as well and I can tell you was really confortable from my point of view. I could move the stick well, all things were close to use and the sitting position was good. I was on an spitfire mkIX cockpit as well and the feeling was weird because I did not expect that. The metal part is really on my shoulder while on the 109 I could rest my arm like on a car, the wing was so big I could not see anything below and the frontal glass was almost on my mouth /nose so the view on the low 12 is non existant because the front is far as well so even mooving a little bit to the front you will stil
  5. Buenas de nuevo. [edited] Es por ello que os pongo esta vez mi tutorial sin extraer ningún contenido de nadie y esta vez añado un manual que podéis descargar y que contiene las instrucciones publicadas en el foro, traducidas al español para que os sea mas facil. Manual Aquí: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1wNCaG0_ULdWQb5gRv3EGuRcx_M34DzbJ/view?usp=sharing
  6. Thank you ! This plane will bring ton of fun and new things as well Well done! I am fried CocaCola with the news
  7. K4 might be better but to say that the tempest is no match... On boden planeset differences with the planes are tight and if you are catch for other with a little more energy the difference disapears. The thing I dont like on the tempest is how easy is to broke the wings with Gs
  8. You should add the question: How to bring back chimango to the campaign? What I dislike about TAW is how hard it is to kill the targets. At the end everything is made to make low attacks and going one by one. The gameplay turns in to quite repetitive and there are not a lot of ways on having some impact on the campaing than making allways the same. Is not funny to bomb with a 111 to see everything burning on the target and get one or zero objects. I think there are just to ways of flying taw. Going for stats or going to win. The middle points are way more boring and frustratin
  9. Another thing that is showing that the landing fm is not really good is that it is almost imposible to make a two point landing without bouncing. You can do it but you need to trim full nose down and touch with a lot of speed.
  10. Do you remember when we had a Mig 3 that was really difficult to land? They made it easyer I guess because people complaining that was so difficult so I do not expect them to make really difficult handling on the ground for some planes.
  11. Looks like finally they change it. No idea why they are not mentioning this on the patch notes.
  12. The spitfire Mk IX with the M61 and M63 engine would be a really nice adition in to the game. The thing is that there were no such a plane called G6 late. The G6 was the name of the plane and the rest was improvements and modifications that were coming and that were mixed. That is why they named the G14 trying to standarice all the mods. So to include the new G6 late mods that could be done with our current G6. New tail and new cockpit are minimum 3D changes and the Mw50 mod and AS mod would be the engine mod options. I can undestand they want to shell the G6AS as sep
  13. So if you dont put the mods on the G6 late you have the G6 early collector. That means they sold the same plane twice
  14. Looks like Nope. If on the future they are not goind to add the As the new G6late is the same as the collector G6 or at best with all the mods like the G14. Are devs going to give back the money to the ones who buyed the collector G6?
  15. The new G6 LATE is kind of a joke. I did not expect from the team to sell a the same plane twice. There is no difference from the G14 without the AS or ASM engine mod so we basically get the G14 once again with the posibility to put the old cockpit or the old tail.... What about the 3D modelling big mistakes that the 109 has on the game like the landing gear or the frontal armored glass bar? Anything improved or just Copy-Paste?
  16. The hurri can achieve 480 on the deck If you engage the second gear with the engine mod. I was quite surprise to see that. No Idea if that is correct or not. Engine timers is a big changer here. E7 can not outrun by much the hurri without braking the engine.
  17. And what are the reasons you dont like about where the game is going ? Towards German Bias or what?
  18. @-DED-Rapidus Server Finish Virtual Pilots. Is a nice place to find this event on multiplayer. This time he was still invisible after opening fire. Sortie: http://ts3.virtualpilots.fi:8000/es/sortie/623086/?tour=39 (There is some flack shoting at me so I put the sortie to confirm that the kill was down by a plane not by flack) Note that the russian Flack is shoting on my direction as well, signal that the enemy was there. Track file: https://drive.google.com/file/d/13ykfKB2mVr0o6cbMOazGFwb3uOjM_5Wn/view?usp=sharing
  19. The thing is that the woble makes the recover more slow, is not just a wobbling effect. Samehow affects the effect of the elevator. Not sure how it works and would require research about this effect. About the yanking you mentioned. My interpretation is that the problem is with a hard pull trying to recover too fast because I do not see the sense of that quore refering to yank the stick up and down if it is talking about the recovery not about performing combat manouvers. I can not see the sense of talking about that kind of yank on this topic becuase is comon sense that yanking up and d
  20. Is refering to the elevator not the rudder. Translation is incorrect. The plane is not making that on the game at 600 ias. The Bf109 was rated with 5/5 on a scale germans have for rating the planes restrictions for acrobacies ( I will bring the source ) that means there were NO restrictions performing anything as soon the plane speed does not surpase the limit of the manual there were not such limitation with angle of diving etc. To have those problems at this slow speed compare with other planes makes a big difference because a defensive manouver can be just stay on a soft dive and perf
  21. I would complain about russain planes. Maybe not with the Dive limit when they brake but te dive behaviour of the plane. The 109 manual for example established the limit on 750 kph and awares not to use too much trim because the THS has quite big effect and that is dangerous if you put too much loads on the plane mooving this THS. Also says to trim the plane befor the dive so you need to push the stick foward to mantain it. There are some testimonies of pilots passing this limit with quite a huge margin and also others that mention structure fatigue after 2 recoveries over the limit due to the
  22. Amacing Job, research and interaction with the comunity. All this deep work is what puts the game in other level. So glad to see that changes from the team since some time already. Big thanks 👏👏👏
  23. Yep. Guys can you share wich GPU do you have? I heared is something related with the GTX1070 ti and I talked as well with more people with this problem and all have the same GPU
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