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  1. Looking fowad to the 3D model corrections on the 109s the new normandy G6 is a big oportunity to correct this model.
  2. Twooo Gggggyeaaargs Lateewr
  3. Can we have more detaila about how the dm improvements are goong to affect? More effectiveness, less effectiveness? Thanks.
  4. No changes. Planes are just as easy to fly as before. I guess with the current problems they are going to focus on solving them rather than tunning Fm. So lets wait
  5. And what about the planes that can jetison the canopy. The same is happening there and on this situation the pilot just needs to take out the belt to be trown away
  6. I can not count the times I need to bail out now and because I am faster than 400 I can not. I understand there are situation that pilots were not able to bail but now it seems to much. Even on negative gs the pilot can not bail if he is fast or if he is wounded and I can not count now the times I damage my plane crashing with some part of a plane I just shoted down to know that I am done because I miss a wing or the tail and I will not be able to bail. Is quite frustrating and from my point of view not more realistic
  7. You forgot to add at least two blyats per sentence.
  8. Before you could do the same with the difference that you can pull up and after that pull down again, and after that pull up again and again and again. And you could see planes making evasives like a car with hidraulic suspension. So what he have now is much better than before. If the argument is I can not pull forever like a superman so I need to make some negatives to evade shots, I think that way is better. I guess. this kind of evasive is more realistic for you: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UunE_7WB1nQ&list=PLvChOif2fvUWHshGIx6_w6VzV3WdDoDQb&index=8
  9. I think since the path people fly quite better regarding realism. I can not see people going cracy with the stick up and down all the time. You can pull negatives once or twice but if you do it more the pilot vision turns worse and you can not control the plane as good. Try it by yoyrself. Before this path was comon to see people doing this trick to make evasives. Completelly unrealistic.
  10. A round in to the cockpit can kill you perfectly by fracments. What is suposed to happen?, that no 20mm can kill the pilot if not direct hit? I have also experienced times when I hit the back of the cockpit where the armor is and the pilot survives and even times when there is no armor and he survives also.
  11. Yes. Net code is problematic. A ton of times I am on scissors with someone and i see how I not on his sight. He shots missing like 20 m away from me but the hits are counting because he is watching other combat and on real I am on his sight so I am manouvering thinking that he is in other place but on real he is in other. My internet is not bad so that is quite problematic. On the topic of the pilot wounds I agree is more realistic if pilots are more wounded from HE. Before you needed to land a shell inside the cockpit to d o some wound to the pilot but what I am not agree is that now you are not able to bail out if wounded. Maybe is more problematic if you have to manually moove the cockpit but on planes that you just blow the cockpit should be easy to pull negative gs and to fly out of the plane even if you are hurt. Now you can have perfect control of the plane and you just can not bail out.
  12. Brake broblem is also for red side. Gunner problem is also afecting red side and visibility problem is also afecting red side so I can not see where is my fanatysm for blue planes there. Yes I have my opinion regarding game mechanics about red planes being easyer to manage than should be from a sim perspective and part of the video is talking about the blue pilot average skill being a factor of that easy mode not just the red plane so maybe you should see the video not just the tiltle but we are not talking here about that. And yes I know more about 109s because is my fav plane (not luftwaffe so Is normal that because I know more that plane I see more things to improve on it. Yes. My video is old. And guess what!! After one and a half years and so many paths bug is still there. So yes. Until will be solved that video is good evidence.
  13. Yes I saw a lot of 109s overheating. Do you want facts? I made an entire post about a bug with the oil radiator not opening and overheaing the plane even at 1.1 Ata suported by video evidence. I can send you the link if you want. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2V1CAVIqPKQ&list=PLvChOif2fvUWHshGIx6_w6VzV3WdDoDQb&index=13 Yes I Agree with you on a lot of points as I told on my first answer on the video. There are a lot of problems on this game Spotting, gunners etc. I even made some videos about that as well showing how bad visibility is. Invisible planes and did not even bother to make gunner videos because there are just ton of videos about that. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p9Y2nagZVOI https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ukv_OEAVm-c&list=PLvChOif2fvUWHshGIx6_w6VzV3WdDoDQb https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J_h8BFTeJtg https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uSKr-Ew6TAw&list=PLvChOif2fvUWHshGIx6_w6VzV3WdDoDQb&index=4 But you know. For making claims based on feelings or just experience is because some people are called fan boys etc. About the armament i thrust more on reports like the ones from @Operation_Ivy rather than on my feelings because my feelings and experience are telling me that the german 20mm is quite trash as well and I got results quite far from 2 hits per kill and my gunnry i can tell that is quite good so I know what I am talking about as well but I am sure that net code has a lot to do with that and not damage model so I just can not trust on the Online experiences.
  14. Xd I blacked out a lot with 109s. Is just more manageable because 109 has quite hard controls at speed while on the other planes you pull the stick and you can pull a lot of gs. Some guy feels something about blue planes: Blyat is just fan boy, he is crying blyat, luftwinner blyat just feelings no facts blyat. Entire post based on feelings not on facts: Blyat I was on a lot of taws I know what i am talking about they have to consider my claim because experienced player blyat i am not fan boy realistic opinion blyat.
  15. Similar bug is noted for a lot of time ago with the 109 Oil radiator. Still no fix
  16. The red 20mm penetrates quite more than the german 20mm. On the other hand the 151 has more He load and spolete that makes the round explode after penetrating the first skin.
  17. Nice to see bugs being solved but sad that Multiplayer is forgoten on this path
  18. Pilot kills are 80% of the kills on the game hehehe. Flying 190 you know if you are hit you are death. On the other hand I find the test quite curious regarding the 50cal. The head armor plate is quite thin to stop a 50 cal round that can penetrate abot 25mm Steel plate. 109s were better protected on the rear than 190s
  19. Most of the problems you tell here are shared with Lf side. -About the G effect I agree is exagerated. I thing now the black out happens at 6Gs or like that. When the pilots can hold on a short time quite more. Maybe after one tight turn they can not hold as many as before but 6Gs is too low limit. -Gunners. Well nothing to say about that. Is a general problem. Same with AA big caliber guns sniping you at lower alts etc. Ridiculous that they just can snipe a plane on the deck aiming turning two weels. Just ridiculous. -About acceleration I didnt notice changes on that but I did not fly too much last month. -Spoting Problem. Yes, now is garbage and depends a lot on the grafic conf you have. Since there I am blind online. -Bailing out is a nightmare now. I can not understand why you can not bail out if you are hurt. Is as easy as making a roll and let the gravity to do the rest. Same with speeds over 400kph. You shoud be able to pull negative Gs and just fly out of the cockpit. -About the 20mm i can garante you that the 20mm on the german side is pure garbage. So unconsistent and now you really need to kill the pilot. Flying blue I got pilot killed most of the times by Vss planes even my plane is not done. Is like 80% times. What i think that happens about the armament being shit is because net code is horrible again. I notice a lot of rolling scissors when I am hit on angles where the enemy has no sight on me etc. So I guess a lot of hits are just lost by the net code on both sides. But on the german side belibe me is difficult to kill somethign if you are not skilled to put a lot of ammo on the target. If you are at least with the 30mm you can garantee a kill with 3 hits. -About the I16 I allways notice that is quite hard plane to fly slow not just now. think also that a slow plane even making a tight turn is easy to caught him if you have some speed because you have to lead the shot not that much. Also the people flying low fuel is quite frecuent thing on the servers. What I can not understand is why other planes like the P51 with a wing that is not efficient at low speeds is that nimble or planes with 2000HP like tempest has no torque effect at low speeds or planes like P47 can pull insane tight turns with Flaps at cracy low speeds. -About the E7 is not that different from E4. just suited for caring fuel tank. I consider Mp experience now complete garbage mostly due to the Shit spoting and the net code Isues. (Some invisible plane bug apearing some times as well) So I just fly some squad Coops and some sorties just for making some video but really not enjoying my time at the servers. For me TAW makes no sense anymore. Why to have a good performance when you can have the lotery of the invisible plane bug that suddenly apears when he shots and kill you)
  20. Hi there. At first I am so happy that devs are taking big steps on improving the game on the last updates and I guess that more is going to come. My question is if you devs are happy for now with the new rendering feature " the expert mode" for spoting planes and not planing tunes soon, or if on the other hand are you planing to improve it more already. And when that will happen more or less. I include as well here the invisible plane bug that is still not solved. Is causing some problems to some players including me. On the other hand there are others that have not trouble with it and they spot ok. So I am just wondering. Thanks. Geramos
  21. Que rendimiento da el Spit XIV? yo solo he visto los test con hélice experimental, armas tapadas etc. A ver si es verdad que es cabroncete de volar o es igual de dócil que los otros spits.
  22. Is sad that we dont have the dive reve for the 87 and the 88
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