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  1. I guess is just because some people likes to stay on the top of the stadistics or just some personal satisfaction when you are able to get a good streak without dying. Sometimes is chanllenging and gives you some fun to do it but on the other hand sometimes is quite boring because you can not fly some risk missions or just some suicidal ones for fun so for me makes no sense to get a big streak on servers that does not reward that. Taw for example gives you some diplom for that and is like wining a competition or something but you mau find more fun doing different missions and not playing all the time for survival.
  2. For me Finish Virtual server is the place where I found more times this bug. Please If you have the track send it to the devs, thay asked for that and sending them tracks is the only way they can figure out how to solve it
  3. Very happy to see that interest on the comunity feedback from Devs 馃憦
  4. Is Internet related. You can see more examples like that
  5. Is the Usual thing here. Does not matter that you are a real military pilot telling your experience with tons of hours of experience. Some Nerd on the sofa will say that you are not right
  6. The only isue I find on the game with spoting is the contacts that are near on the close range. The ones that are far away I find that is quite realistic, of course it can be improved with some better reflections etc but I think that the game should not become an arcade where you are aware of everyone just looking arrond for a short time. When the planes are close, most of the people flying with monitors we use the minimum zoom to spot. That zoom do not represent how the eyes are looking because the lack of FOV on the monitor. DCS video posted on this forum explains that quite well so from my point of view just something to compensate the problem on the close distance planes when we are scaning the close planes shoud solve the isue and should bring balance between realism and playabiliyt. Spoting planes far away or on the terrain should be difficult and it is normal that there will be people complaining because of that when something is easy That is the perfect example about what is happening
  7. Buenas. Tienes muchas alternativas de escuadrones hispano hablantes por aqu铆. Si bien la mayor铆a volamos los dos bandos los hay tambi茅n dedicados a solo Aliados. Echa un ojo a la fundaci贸n, ala 13, los grijos, FAE incluso el Escuadr贸n 69. Algunos de estos escuadrones hacen cursos y tienen escuela desde la que aprender desde cero. Un saludo
  8. Os pongo un tuto basico para los muchos de aqui que volais de rojeras
  9. I have the same problem and I have tested everything. N vidia panel etc. My current settings are: everything on the NVidia panel to see if that changes and I set up the things on controlled by the aplication. In game I have 150km distance, MSAA x4, terrain on sharp (tested blurred as well) sharpen off, grass ultra, HDR and SSAO on My computer is using a GTX1070ti I also recorded a clip about the horizon where that isue is very noticeable
  10. I dont know if the game is just like that or is like that just for me or some but I see quite badly the horizon and the terrain near the horizon. When devs post some screenshot from the maps etc they allways look nice and on my Pc look really bad. If there are rivers citys and lakes is even more noticeable and also if you fly low. The best map I found to show this is the Kuban map so I recorded some examples there for you to see. I disabled almost everything on the NVidia panel to see if that changes and I set up the things on controlled by the aplication. In game I have 150km distance, MSAA x4, terrain on sharp (tested blurred as well) sharpen off, grass ultra, HDR and SSAO on My computer is using a GTX1070ti
  11. Maybe Devs can have a look now again when working on the new109G6 @AnPetrovich @BlackSix @Gavrick @Han
  12. Really? The entire post is about the reds not capable of [edited] and you talk about La5Fn being a shit compared with a 109G is not personal I am just discussing with you and trying to tell you that you should look in to yourself and learn to play if you are claming that because FN is clearly far better plane than a G2. My entire Yt channel is about teaching people on how to fly the planes and I have some on reds so makes no sense for me lying and telling one plane is shit when is not. Yes you are quoting me about presenting proofs and playing red making kills etc. I presented you some and now? Can you present yours? Ok then show me please some of your stats killing La5FNs on some serious server. Because I was not able to find and I think you are just complaining without even flying on the servers just because you like to cry for Luft Bias on this forum
  13. Creo que estas tu mostando tu falta de sensatez y poca humildad no reconociendo tu limitacion como jugador y echando la culpa al avion cuando lo que falta es habilidad por tu parte migsu. There are allways people who beliebe that because in your name you have a JG or a 109 you allways fly blue... Here my stats from last months on the servers and here we have Migsu telling that we dont know because we just fly or kill somithing on the blue side and calling us morons if we dont realice that on 5 mins flying Red XD May: http://il2stat.aviaskins.com:8008/es/pilot/5011/E69_geramos109/?tour=60 Juny: http://il2stat.aviaskins.com:8008/es/pilot/5011/E69_geramos109/?tour=61 July: http://il2stat.aviaskins.com:8008/es/pilot/5011/E69_geramos109/?tour=62 Combat box May: https://combatbox.net/es/pilot/1126/E69_geramos109/?tour=22 Juny: https://combatbox.net/es/pilot/1126/E69_geramos109/?tour=23 July: https://combatbox.net/es/pilot/1126/E69_geramos109/?tour=24 @MigSu Can you tell me what server are you flying? I can not find you on Wings, finish or Combat BOX server and for sure I can not find those 109 sorties you were talking about killing every La5Fn. Maybe you are flying on one of the arcade servers with markers etc?
  14. Ups... Now can you show me your "proofs going in to a server and killing all the La5Fns with a G2,G4,orG6? I guess not. La5 has a 40Kph advantage over a G4 on emergency ower. The speed difference with a G6 on combat power is like 70kph... and with fokes is 20kph on the deck, Is as agile and even more than any 109 and the only limitation is the diving max speed. Climb rate is very close as well to 109s and that is the only thing 109s can do to scape from you so you are really doing something wrong.
  15. Migsu. If you can not kill a G2 with a LaFN is a skill problem.
  16. Yes Tumu was refering the E model on his test. I expect closer results with the G model with a lot more Hp
  17. @HRc_Tumu Tested the climb rates Bf110E2 Fuel 600L armament: just Mgs starting altitude: sea level starting speed: 270 km/h final altitude: 2500m climbing speed: 270km/h power: 1.3 ATA (limit 5 min) Notes: I started climbing with rads closed because after idling and diving a little bit I did not want to overcool the engine so i open rads at 50% both when I reached 1600m this gave a litle bit extra performance on the 110 but not too much I guess Time to 2500m : 3min 35 segs Yak1b Fuel 300L armament: just Mgs starting altitude: sea level starting speed: 270 km/h final altitude: 2500m climbing speed: 270km/h power: max ata max rpm (no time limit) Notes: I started all the climb wiht 50% oil and water did not need to close rads because i was leveled for more time so the temp went normal after some time. I chose 2500m to evade the drop of performance on the stage change so that would make more consistent clib rate all the alt. Time to 2500m: 2 min 27 seg Do you really have problems outclimbing 110s with yaks? 1 min difference in 2500m is quite a big one... (Take in mind no bomb racks on my test 110 so that would hurt the performance as well)
  18. This weird things happened a lot with the Flaps etc. There was something weird on some models with the flaps like on the 110 or the P47. To oershot a furious Il2 can cost you a lot hehee. You have really good pilots that fly jabos like xjammer as well that are good making you to overshoot. Is something I strugle a lot as well flying with the P51s. Yo risk everything to hit the enemy but the damaged plane still can fight when you overshoot is really difficult to kill on one pass with 50 cals when the other is woobling at close distance with your weapons on the wings.
  19. Post video making this. You have a problem if you can not outclimb a 110 E with a yak1B or maybe you are talking about the 110G with almost 3000Hp? Do you realice that you are making the same than LW winners? All I see from the guys you mention not playing and making post on the forum is whining without data and whining about Luftwhiners. Post a decent test and make your point
  20. I am not their teacher. And if they want to go suicide mode to your base is up to them. They dont care if they die or whatever so no one was ofended for just being shoted down
  21. You maybe are confusing me with other on the chat you were called that. I was not talking at all. I would call racist coments from you the ones like: "Fascist Spaniards" "Imagine being a spaniard" "you will die like the spaniard dog you are etc" Dont pretend now you were just jocking arround you were talking shit for half an hour on the chat before you were reported and you were making as well more comentary about people you shoted down calling them nobs and making fun of everyone etc. Is up to the server moderator now to take action or to contrast the acusation with the guys that were flying that night. But you were reported by two different clans and i think more people on the server. One of the clans were flying on your side so even your own team was reporting you. You should accept that you were an asshole say sorry and accept the consecuences and maybe people will be more open to pardon you.
  22. I would like to report this guy for insulting and being a dick with racist coments about spanish and latin american people You can ask some of the guys who participate on the mission Blau42ssum like @-=PHX=-cocho @-=PHX=-Acanusa @-=PHX=-Centi @-=PHX=-Nocter @E69_Kar @E69_matoo87
  23. When you dive and you enter on they shoing field they already know where and m how fast you are going to appear hahah.
  24. The 109 had a button to activate and deactivate the Mw50 so i think to add that on the game will improve the weird response of the K4. Is really difficult to change ata on cruise because is so sensitive that a small % makes a lot on the power setting
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