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  1. Well, when every other sim solved the same brake problem on a better way I can not see how devs make the right choice here.
  2. devs said that should be solved on the last path but it seems that still is not solved.
  3. I am very glad to see member of the team participating on the discussion. Thats is what comunity wants to see more often
  4. For me it looks much better now on the elevator axis but ruddder axis still looks too sensible. Thanks for the fast fix.
  5. I agree that for me Yak9 being the most produced red fighter shoud be on the game. There are a lot of planes that the game still lacks
  6. For me on the other hand the rudder is very sensible on high speeds and the elevator is just not responding even at normal speeds like 600kph
  7. I can not see the balance problems there. Yak9 is almost the same than Yak1B so why it is that important regard balance? I agree that the more planes we have better for all of us but balance? You have the La5f and the La5Fn both are really fast planes on low altitudes, much faster than any 109 and depending the La5 Equal or faster as well with the 190s. Yak 1B is also faster than 109s on the deck. Max speed of the G2 is arround 520, G4 a little bit less on combat power. Emergency is just not enought durable and is just 10 km/h faster on just a minute. G6 is as fast as a Lagg3 on the deck on combat power and can not outrun a yak1B on emergency. The problem I see now is something to fight the K4 and the Dora but for the rest of the planes is really balanced in terms of performance values. Anyways the Yak9 was the most produced red fighter so I would liketo have it as well. I think would be nice to add some of the early variants of the Yak and the lagg for the BOM and the N engine for the 109s E7. For me the planeset of the BOM lacks the most of all maps
  8. Would be nice if the game would provide the info but for the moment we need tutorials and own research for a lot of things
  9. 66. Physical models of all aircraft engines have been revised, many rare bugs were found and fixed; Could you give us a little bit more information about what changes and fixes were done on the engine? 63. Additional steps were taken that should eliminate a rare problem of another player plane being invisible before opening fire; Additional steps mean that was solved or not? Thanks for the asnwers
  10. Tribute to the machine and the 109 pilot lifes Enjoy
  11. Yes, I have experienced that on 3 different servers.
  12. I did not observe that bug on single player. The bug is there since last paths not before and my squadmates suffer this as well now, not on previous versions of the game. So something has changed on the game that let this happens so is just not a server conection problem
  13. Here you have the sortie where I could not see anyone. Was on TAW server and on the video you can see the view fom my cockpit live recorded and i have the track as well from my squadmate. Audio is synchroniced from my recording with his track as well to understand the time line. Voices are on spanish but you can see the important. The record on live video prooves perfectly that the isue exist. So there is no room for interpretation here. I saw so many people saying that the track files are bugged etc to give kind of explanation but there is no excuse possible taken the video from two different points of views. I think I dont need to explain why this kind of bugs are unacceptable and kills all the realism. There you have other example this time with external and the track as well
  14. I was recording with shadow play as I allways make because I dont like to have 200 tracks on the game so sadly i have no track. Even with that I preffer this way because tracks are buggued sometimes as well so are not reliable. This way we can see what we really saw. My squadmate has the track of the P2 sortie so we will se there how clearly there are invisible planes from both sides track and live video.
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