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  1. E69_geramos109

    Bf-109 Flaps do not appear to function properly.

    The 109s kind of flaps were far better on aerodinamic behabeour than yak or spit flaps. But not here. Fm need a really big update what we have now is far from simulation. There are tons of treads about people claiming fms problems that real planes have. Even reports from NACA that are not represented on the current fm. But you know, limited resources, limited team, etc etc etc.
  2. E69_geramos109

    Bf109 3D cockpit model not accured

    Probably even out of the cockpit. You can see there is no metalic bar on the photo. Just the armored glass
  3. E69_geramos109

    Really hoping the Mustang...

    Play russian planes mate! No engine limitations blyat you put vodka on it and everything is banana out of ten blyat. Americans know nothing to make planes but klimov suka power was the biest stronk engine.
  4. E69_geramos109

    Historical planeset for TAW

    I vote for realistic. But is hard to do it. We lack a lot of planes. Some years would be easy but others are too difficult. I am thinking on the early years. With F2 or first variants of F4 against yak1 with 105PA, lagg3 with 105PA, E7 with N engine etc.
  5. E69_geramos109

    The reason why AP is so powerfull on the game.

    I found that if you want to win the TAW competition is more important to be effective instead that being alive. You can keep a good streak if you fly cautious but you would did nothing for your side for the win flying as a fighter that cautious.
  6. E69_geramos109

    Que os parece el K-4

    La cosa del flujo laminar no es que gires menos o no, pero supongo que cualquier maniobra a media/ baja velocidad te hara sangrar bastante mas energia que un ala convencional que genere mas sustentacion a igual superficie
  7. E69_geramos109

    Bf109 3D cockpit model not accured

    Image made by @III/JG52_Otto_-I- with the render from @LizLemon
  8. E69_geramos109

    The clouds issue examined

    Did you test Migoto mod? On the post they say that this mod improves the cloud problem so if is true will be niice to add that mod part to the oficial game.
  9. E69_geramos109

    Bf109 3D cockpit model not accured

    Mainly every 109 that is on good shape to fly comes from hispano buchones. Those planes were 109G airframe. Spanish made some changes to adapt merlin or other engines and after that they were redone again to 109s with DB engines. No ideia about if the one you are talking was an F4. So there is any 109 we can see that has the bar as is modelled on the game but there are a lot or every singel one we found that has no bar or a thin bar on it so... I dont know about VR because I hace no VR but as you can see i tried more than one angle to see if i can get the point of view that the pilot eye has on real about the frame and I needed a retarded angel to get the view from the bar that the models we found has. So for me is nothing with the perspective the game gives us. Of corse is fifferent but not that far if you see the angle i needed to get right the metalic bar.
  10. E69_geramos109

    Bf109 3D cockpit model not accured

    Every 109 of the photo are G models.
  11. E69_geramos109

    Bf109 3D cockpit model not accured

    When I was there inside the cockpit there was no 3d distorsion and the frame was thiner. For me the angle is crearly not correct. You need to go very low and foward to obtain simiral aspect of the bar.
  12. E69_geramos109

    Bf109 3D cockpit model not accured

    Nice photos there! Without the bar it looks even better for visivility. So we have the worst verssion on the game we can have regarding the bar
  13. E69_geramos109

    Bf109 3D cockpit model not accured

    I think the angle is far different. You can see how the engine cover is pointing up on the real one with a lot more angle. That reflects that the photo on the real one is taken from a higher point of view. You can se as well that the bar is not there. You can just see the panzerglass WITHOUT the metalic top bar. Thats why it looks similar to the game
  14. E69_geramos109

    Bf109 3D cockpit model not accured

    Refraction is a very known topic. But here is not just afecting refraction because the upper frame has no glass between the pilot and the frame. So is not a refraction problem. Is a 3D modelling problem. I guess they just made the frame perpendicular with the angle of the frontal glass but it is not. The panzerglass was not ortogonal on the upper cut so they just need to tune the 3d model without modelling refraction effect. Would be nice also if they model refraction at some point
  15. E69_geramos109

    Bf109 3D cockpit model not accured

    Hi everyone Here I bring you something i noticed after testing by myself the cockpit of a bf109 in contras as weel with some mates from Jg52 squad @III/JG52_Otto_-I- @III/JG52_Supongo Problem is that on the game the armored frontal glass on the 109 has modelled wrong the angle of the bar that holds this glass. This has nothing to do with the refraction problems that the FW190 has because on this case we se the metalic part outside the glass so no refraction involved, just 3D model. That bar looks modelled as perpendicular as the frontal glass, but on the real bf1 09 it was not. Here you can see a drawing about that section You can clearly see how that piece It is not perpendicular with the frotal panel of the plane. I took one photo from a G6 model Here you can see a comparation between a photo from the inside of the cockpit and the view from the game. I tried to take the most accured angle possible on the game to put toguether the photo. As you can see that bar is far less noticeable and is not disturbing that much the view of the pilot. As aditional info the position is a little high becase I am 1.83m so for someone smaller the bar is even less disturbing. Because there is allways people that is going to see that the angle can be different, that the eye of the human and all thar filosophy. I tried to take a screen shot from the game from a perspective where I can see the bar as I could see it on the real 109. At first I went with the less zoom posible and kind of low. Even with that the bar was still bigguer that the comparation with the real one so I took other angle just to confirm how the 3D model is not well represented. I will send the info as well to Devs