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  1. The 109 had a button to activate and deactivate the Mw50 so i think to add that on the game will improve the weird response of the K4. Is really difficult to change ata on cruise because is so sensitive that a small % makes a lot on the power setting
  2. For me MTO would be amacing. A map covering Tunisia, Malta and the islands and Sicily. We can have a lo of versions from actual planes and we have already a lot fitting in to the teatre We have a good environment to introduce torpedo planes and we have ton of posibilities for different missions -109 G2 1.42 ata -Mc205 -Stuka D5 -Savoyas Bomber -CR42 -there were a torpeode one engine plane on the 1946 on this teatre... cant remember the name We can play with 190s, other 109s, 111s, Ju52, jU 88 -Marlet -P38 earlier versions -Gladiator -P40 other version -Spitfire V trop -Early mustang or the dive bomber mustang We can use Hurry, A20s, B25s
  3. On the test you showed max speed with G6 is over 640 km/h at full power not 625 I would like to know what was the radiator position for those test. Germans did a lot of the test for climbs with 50% radiator not on auto. I dont know about speed tests
  4. just some test ofline stuka using the pods vs planes. they seem to eat cracy amount of ammo. But I will not make proper test till the Dm will be finished.
  5. Rifle calibel is underperforming a lot as well but I will wait to see the entire Dm improvement when they will add fuel, pneumatic systems etc
  6. @VO101Kurfurst What do you know about the ammo indicator for the Mk108 on the K4? Do they install that ammo counter as standar?
  7. Does anyone knows what happened to Kwas or Neurotoxin ? from old 1946
  8. Sure there are more reasons for someone to preffer the 20mm. I just pointed out that reason because from my experience with the people I fly this is the usual reason why they preffer the 20. For people that shot very well they just dont find that difficult to adapt to the 30 ballistics (is not that terrible) and they use to like that consistency for killing on multiplayer that the 20 is not giving you taking in mind the net code. Exceptions to that? For sure there are.
  9. G14 was produced before the K4 so on some campaign, mission etc the K4 does not fit with the timeframe and the G14 does.
  10. K4 is far faster than a G14 so that would be the reason. I guess some people that have not very good shoting finds better the 20mm since they have more fire time. What I dont like is why there is no ammo counter on the K4.
  11. Now servers have te choice so i dont care what people think. If someone considers that something can be used as a cheat they can go and report it as I did. I have nothing against that.
  12. Do you mean to game copies? Each one takes about 50gb
  13. Now there are some servers that are allowing the reshade while other servers not. So is there any way to enable the reshade and to disable it when you want to fly one of those servers that are not allowing it? So then you can go and enable it again when necesary. Or you just need to unstall completelly the program?
  14. How to enable and disable the reshade for servers that are not allowing it without unistalling?
  15. Great to see everything went good and now people can make use of the new mod with oficial zoom for the Vrs. Nice touch also to make servers to chose what they want
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