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  1. The point is to discuss if the P51 is too good on turning and if it bleeds too few energy as it should. If you have more facts rather than pilot testimonies or feelings post it here.
  2. I know the video is old. But the guy i mentioned was saying that Skip holm was not on the video so that made me think that the guy did not saw the video not even before Well i guess that Not close, bleeds much more etc is too imprecise for you and you know better how the planes perform than two guys who pilot both planes and know what they are talking about. Of course you can not take the words as pure science like when the first guy that was talking about the spit but when the picture is so clear that thay can say that is faaaar behind is for something
  3. Did you hear the part when they said that 109 was not even trying and even like that outclimbng the mustang. I think this pilots can tell a lot better than you how the planes are compared even if they are not pushing them to the limit. You can see a lot of airshows when they pull tight turns and you can see the slats opening on 109s, so i guess if they can not tight the turn as with the other plane they know it very well. He answered just one min after posting so he did not even watch the video and is comenting already
  4. Notice that he is talking about a G4. Now put like 500hp more on the 109 to see how K4 will do... On the other hand there is a video about a P51 Ace talking about theyr mustangs out turning 109s. That is because they were fighting at high alt against G6s where the 109s without AS engine had not power compete against the P51s or other american planes.
  5. 109 is difficult plane to turn on the limit yes. There were topics about that and devs even admited that they had to change fm on the 109 at low speeds but that is other discussion.
  6. When did you did the first test on turn times? I did it on the A verssion (pre-first hotfix) and now with the last hotfix. Only thing I changed with every test was the map First test on berloga, second test on the new map
  7. I am quite confident about how I was doing the tests. I changed nothing on the methodology and I repeated docens of times both days with quite different results on me and my mate as well that he was performing quite similat than me so... weird thing that after the path result changed
  8. I tested today again the P51 vs 109K4 same conditions and now the 109 can outurn the P51 even with 150fuel. Same mate that i tested the other day he and me could outturn the k4 very easy and not we can not. Did the FM change with the last path??
  9. Well even 0.2 helps. if it is possible why not to do that? the more realistic the better '
  10. G suit is about 1G and is noticeable so 0.5 is better than nothing. On a combat it means that you can pull and escape on a turn better than other plane behind if you know how to go to the limit
  11. I think Vodka also makes you to resist better the Gs XD I heared something about the seating position being better for the G tolerance but dind t have the source. Thanks for posting
  12. Well to change pilots is a very good indicator because the comparation can tell you how much the skill of each is playing there. For example, if I take the K4 and I try to turn inside and i manage to pull inside his turn but when i change planes he is not able then the test is not reliable but if both can outturn the other with the same plane and when changing planes we can not then the test is reliable. Maybe one strugles more than the other but you can notice the difference on skill at that point. About the flaps yes, they are easyer to operate compared to the 109 even the 109 does not require a lot to use flaps at 20% but turning at 400mph you are not going to need the flaps on the game because the plane without flap already can black out you so there is not point to use them rather than losing speed because of dragg. Anyway if you want to make a test with me I will be pleased instead of discussing who is wright lest test it. I will try to upload a video on this post.
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