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  1. With the adition of the normandy A6 and G6As we can have a good mid 44 scenario against Yaks 9s and La5 Fns. The late russian plane I look foward is the Yak3. Las were good but I sitill dont feel good on this plane compared with yaks. Maybe because I dont like the armament. I Hate P39s as well because of the armament
  2. Congratulations for JG4_Ammi and his amacing steak. I know is not easy to train youself for being that patient and meticulous without making mistakes and even with that you allways can have some bad luck from AA, lucky shot from far, some falling part hitting your plane, the bug of the invisible plane etc. So even being the best survival is never ensured so congrats. Plane is of course a factor but that does not mean that you can not have a good score with shiter planes. A lot of good pilots on the red side demostrated that and even on other server you can find for example the 77 guys, zero and Rip, making big streacks with a Lagg3 but of course the shitter the plane the more cautious you need to be. For the people complaining about 262 Ammi made most of the Kills with the 190 Dora and this plane is quite equal to a mustang and slower than the Tempest so he has no that uber plane to be untouchable, he is doing the things right. About the Taw itself I just can complain or sugest about more time for map. Taw at some point want to be realistic on some way and this edition my squad and me were trying to help on the bomber and jabo missions. We found almost imposible to make a proper bomber raid because of the time limit. Connecting all, taking off a big formation takes some time already and we were quick, climbing and route to the target were possible, sometimes on the limit of the time, But returning home and landing that was almost impossible so that was killing a little bit the inmerssion of the sortie. We all want to land home and to complete our mission. Even with that I think as a squad we made probably our best TAW edition helping the team to defend on the first map being close to resist enought for the pilot and plane limit and attacking on the second map that sadly i could not participate.
  3. Did you read the last part of my sentence? "But lets see how the Dm change afects before complaining" "
  4. To hit a plane with a high angle you would need a very big deflection shot. Most of the hits on a combat are from shallow angles. But lets see how the Dm change afects before complaining
  5. You can see the post I mention how there are more shots on more places. but looking at the damage I dont know where a hit with this round can be not as destructive for the plane as the photos. Maybe the wing tip because you will lose less wing.
  6. Yes that is why i posted "should be" an not "must" so i was not pretending to troll
  7. I guess the english goverment had money to spend on useless test that did not represent the combat enviroment and wich made any conclusion. You know... they were kind of stupids and they did not know that the test is rubish and invalid. For sure some guys on the forum knows more than enginiers and military making the test.
  8. Is not trolling. I just hope that the change will improve in all ways the Dm not just solving one problem at the cost of causing other. Well. I would say that mostly yes unless you are lucky. I agree with you, we need evidence and not just some combat fotage with a lot of smoke that is why there were some test done. You can see here what a shell can do to a wing Or just a shell on the tail of a spit: And you have here the tail of a biguer plane. Twin engine blenheim i think And remeber that this is a single hit... You can find the trials with video about the hits on internet and we have a very nice post even on the forum.
  9. Couple of mk108 hits should be capable of dewing any fighter.
  10. I am not expert on 190s but is not the G8 almost identical plane than the A8? aditional armor, bomb racks etc but same engine?
  11. Have a look on this video. I made a similar post as well.
  12. For me what happens is that they does not disapear but when they are close they are just a pixel out of scale and when you zoom in just a little they become bigguer so you can see the shape of the plane. I noticed that people with big monitors and good resolution can spot contacts much better than people with small monitor like 23" 1080p.
  13. Well The yak can manouver very well even at high alt and no engine power. I can not fight them when there is a good pilot inside because they make loopings on a brick at high alt.
  14. Nice formation Gemini. Would be so nice to see the B25 bombing like that.
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