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  1. SharpeXB I agree with you, +1 Regards
  2. Hi I do not play this game because it does not seem attractive without the new DirectX 11 at least, and I doubt whether to support a new development by you, if there is no update of directx. Right now I'm just playing (DCS). think about. Regards, Héctor
  3. look good, but a ghost town, no life, no cars....!!!. I hope that anytime, moscow, stalingrad have life. Regards,
  4. forgot to say : I'm male and I do not want help female pilots in developping the Po-2 Regards
  5. me too. Game Crash in multiplayer!!!
  6. Guys............... oustanding.......................excellent....however.....we needs Directx 11. Thinks about.......please!!!!! Regards. Héctor
  7. Me pasó lo mismo, puede ser sector malo o un problema con la partición. Realiza el chequeo a disco. Saludos,
  8. "Just ordered and activated key. See you in Moscow! :salute:" Me too (ordered). Good Luck IL2 BOM !!!
  9. Celestiale I agree with you..... i hate unlock system, i prefer play DCS, But.....Unlocks all..and play back. Regards, (do not be stubborn unlock all, no sean porfiados quiten el sistema de bloqueos)
  10. Sería ideal, ojalá que se pueda traducir.
  11. I agree with Edvaldo. Please Devs!!! Thanks, Regards
  12. Spacesheep, i agree with you. I hope so same day. Regards, Héctors
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