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  1. SYN_Vander Thanks so much man! Much appreciated. Cooperative means something now.
  2. They Finally Listen! Thank you Developers. Good day now.
  3. All of the issues Described above I am having. I tried every campaign, including both sides and the AI are unresponsive; they don't follow any orders whatsoever. As soon as we get to the combat zone they fly off with no regards to my commands. Also, the enemy AI sometimes negate the objective. They fly in other directions, and since my team AI fly in circles I find my self attacking the target aircraft including the escorts by myself; which always goes well for me. Developers I have good faith and trust you all will restore the crew discipline, taht I may return to the skies. Tabe From Florida.
  4. I have the same question as well. I always play the campaign on expert mode and before the update i can still track my plane on the map during a mission. Now I don't see my plane. On normal settings I can but on expert I cannot. I am not sure if this was a purposeful update to make expert mode more difficult; to have the pilot better at navigation. I have an issue with my in game flight hours statistics. Before I had about 130+ flight hours, now it says 22. I have no idea why that is.
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