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  1. S! What are the AI gunners set to in terms of skill? Tonight, I've made multiple passes on Il2s at speeds of 600KPH only to be sniped from 45 degrees or more. Grr, ridiculous how AI can hit planes at high speeds and acute angles of 45'. HB
  2. S!, I have this book. I forgot about it. For some reason, I saw the spine on my shelf and I thought it was my fw190d parts book....doh! It does have different numbers from the picture I posted. If my German is correct, the A6 (4186kg) still weighs less than the A5(4424kg) when loaded with 4 x 20mm. Also, it looks like the A6 is 86kg heavier when the outer 20mm are removed from the A-5. HB
  3. S!, The numbers I used were from the pic I scanned and uploaded to a previous post on this thread. There is no mention of in that pic of 2 cannon vs 4, armor subtracted or added...only the loaded weights. From the sources that I've posted, it still leads me to believe that the developers are slightly off in terms of modeling the A-6. In the end, I'll agree to disagree. HB
  4. No problem. I'm just trying to help out. I assume that the "loaded weight" means full fuel, oil, ammunition, guns, etc. I feel that the developers missed the mark on the A-6 agility and load outs. Unfortunately, I don't feel that the A-6 is big improvement over the A-5 other than the guns & bomb load out. Just some examples that I've found: We're still missing the WB 151/20 on the A-6 of which at least 60 sets made it to III/JG11 December, 1943 on the western front. ( Creek & Smith Focke-Wulf 190 Vol 1 ) The company LZA, out of Sagan - Kapper Poland, produced G
  5. S!, The A-6 wing was designed to fight weight creep in addition to adding strength. It seems that this discussion was hi-jacked by bug lovers & wish lists
  6. Thanks for the replay. I don't know how it happened, but my Tracks folder was missing. I don't know if it was a bad install or what. I simply created a new folder, renamed it Tracks...voila! I can now record. Go figure. HB
  7. S!, I have this exact problem. When I looked into my IL2 directory, I noticed that I don't have a "Tracks" folder. Is this due to the update?
  8. Hi Rapidus, I looked into my IL2 directory/data. I did not have a Tracks folder. I created one and my problem is solved. I don't know why I didn't have a Tracks folder, perhaps it was the previous update, who knows? Anyhow, all is good for now. Thanks, HB
  9. S!, I'm all for learning the truth, but blanket statements have always caused me to ask for the source. Elaborating with citations would go a long way in clearing up "Soooo much misinformation". I'm always wary anytime I see the word "never". I try my best to provide sources when I can even if the source is questionable. HB
  10. I have the 3 volume set back home. IMO, the definitive series on the FW190. Perhaps, you can take a look through the volumes to see if the mk103 gondolas were used on the eastern front for tank busting? I don't recall that in the books, but there's a lot of information in those volumes. HB
  11. S!, I had put out the question on another forum. Special thanks to Crimea_River for looking into his 3 set volume by Creek & Smith ( http://www.crecy.co.uk/focke-wulf-fw-190-volume-1-1938-43 This was his reply concerning R sets: "Smith and Creek's Volume 1 of 3 has the following for the A-6: R1: 60 aircraft were converted and the first were delivered to 3/JG11 end of November 43. several pics of prototype installations on an A6. R2: Only one built, W. Nr. 530765 which continued to be a test bed aircraft for other mods. 2 pics. R3: 3 pics of installation o
  12. Nice discussion Brem. At this point, I'm still in favor of adding the additional load outs until I can dig a little deeper in library. For online, each server could determine what loadout is appropriate. Offline, I'd love to be able to attach mk103 and try to shoot bombers at distance Thanks for the reference Al. I'll have to try and find that book. Can you please respond with the ISBN-13 number? Since my German is very poor, I would like to find an English translation. Thanks, HB
  13. JV44 is back up and flying once again after a long hiatus. We're flying mostly on Finnish Virtual Pilots server. I hope to see all the old timers there, as well as, new pilots/squads. Good hunting gents. HB
  14. S!, While I don't really think this is a "monstrous FAIL", it does call in to question what sources are being used. I'm away from my home library, but I do have a couple of .pdfs to offer in support of Wittmann's points. I'll follow up on this thread once I get back to my house, and I'll dig up more data which I'll cite to help clear up this issue. There was mention that the term lightened really meant strengthened. I question this interpretation. I can't remember how many sources have used the terms "lightened" and strengthed" together in the same sentence. This statement is
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