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  1. S! All, So, I thought I'd play around w/ the mission builder. I own BoS, BoK, & BoBP which I purchased on IL2sturmovik.com. I originally linked BoS to steam when it was announced years ago. When I open the mission editor to build a simple map, I've noticed that I do not have any maps from BoK or BoBP. The only maps available to me are from BoS. Any ideas? Thanks, HB
  2. Ditto. 4 PKs tonight on single pass by p51s while flying the A8 trying to do jabo runs. No notice of damage before spotting the contact just instant PK without seeing any tracers while watching the contact. 1 Pk from head on (fw190D9), 2 Pks (fw190A8) from 45deg right side front while turning, 1 Pk (FW190A8) from behind and above. ????? something odd is going on here.
  3. Hi, Same issue. Downloading for 8+hours now. 150Mbps up & down. Game client download slows to 6.5kbps for the last 5%.
  4. HI, I'm running into the exact same problem. I'm just now reinstalling the game after being away for over a year. To compound problems, the HDD that I had BoS installed on died, so I had to download from scratch. I can't seem to find libcurl64 anywhere on my machine. Could you please point out where you found the missing files? NOTE: my download seems to keep sticking at ~95+%. I let the download run overnight and it hasn't progressed from that position in 8+ hours. TIA, HB
  5. S!, I'm getting an error: [15:15:35] Failed to get latest version". HB
  6. S! all, I don't know if this works well on other's machines, but it looks pretty neat on mine. Since I don't have the software to create a flash intro movie, I used a work around. I'm assuming most everyone has broadband, so the intro should work on most machines. If you're having issues with the webpage loading, please let me know. Your opinion is appreciated. You can post your opinion by clicking on the latest blog post and scrolling down to the reply box. By the way, Jagdverband 44 is now recruiting mature pilots in preparation for IL2:BoS' release next week Thanks, HB
  7. S! all, Still trying to get the website together. I'm slowly adding content as time allows. Please check out the site. I've updated it to a wide format style website. I don't know if this works for everyone or not. Please leave you comments on the website via the blog post "JV44 New Look". If you like, you can subscribe to the blog as well. Thanks, HB www.jagdverband44.com
  8. Hey Mondo, It's been a long time buddy. I've got an old email address of your's. I'll give it a try so we can catch up. Thanks for the kind words Arthur. I know I'm at best an average pilot. My wingman make up for my poor skills HB
  9. S! all, It's been awhile since I've been on. I've been trying to learn how to build a new website for Jagdverband 44 (JV44). It's taking me some time as I've been out of the loop writing HTML and getting used to CSS. BTW, if you're interested in JV44's website, you can find it here: www.jagdverband44.com . Hey Luth, it has been a very long time buddy. Dora said you were still around. I hope to see you soon - I know you pre-ordered! @Imperator, I don't know if I'd call the historical JV44 full of superior pilots, there were quite of few "newbies". It just happened that JV44 had a fair number of famous & decorated pilots. Which, btw, I'm working on a list that includes all of JV44's historic pilots. The list will include # of missions & # of victories. See yall in the air...hopefully, this month HB
  10. I want to thank the IL2:BOS team. I've been waiting on another great sim. If it's anything like RoF, then we'll have a winner. BTW, I am a FW nut! Gotta have it. HB
  11. S!, I just got my pre-order key activation. I followed the easy instruction to activate the key. No glitches or problems. Now, I'm a proud IL2: BOS Founder HB
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