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  1. S! all, I know it's a dirty word, but the easy fix would probably be some type of "icon". While I don't like the idea of having icons, there used to be a system to address this issue in original IL2-Sturmovik. I had to dig up the old settings that were used in Warclouds, but it goes something like this: There are a number of parameters available for the mp_dotrange command. They are FRIENDLY & FOE indicates that this use of the command applies to friendly or enemy units To apply the same settings to bothe sides, omit this parameter. DOT Specifies the range at which the dot becomes visible. NAMERange at which Pilot name becomes visible COLORRange at which the icon takes on the army color TYPE How far the aircraft type information is displayed. RANGE Distance at which range information is displayed ID Where the aircraft ID numbers become visible. This command is case sensitive. "mp_dotrange" must be in lowercase and the parameters are in uppercase. Range is specified in km after each parameter, and I believe that the minimum you can specify is 0.05km. The default distances are DOT 16km and all other information 6km. The command: >mp_dotrange DEFAULT will restore the icons to the default distances. The command: >mp_dotrange without any parameters will display the current icon settings in the console. One version of custom icnos I have seen in use is icons for friendlies, no icons for enemies. To get these settings, you need to type in the chat window the following console commands immediately after you click fly. >mp_dotrange FRIENDLY COLOR 0.1 DOT 15 RANGE 5 TYPE 0.1 ID 0.1 NAME 2.5 >mp_dotrange FOE COLOR 0.1 DOT 15 RANGE 0.1 TYPE 0.1 ID 0.1 NAME 0.1 This will give you friendly information at the following ranges. Aircraft dot 15km Range 5km Pilot name 2.5km All other 100m I must admit that I have trouble spotting planes from a distance. However, I've also had the experience on many occasions where the plane I'm tracking or engaging simply disappear at close range. Thanks for your time. HB PS, see my signature for my hardware setup.
  2. Howdy all, I know in the past one couldn't make a mini stick/analog stick work in BoS. Is this still true? If so, how does one make it work in game? I tried setting the mini stick on my Virpil grip (Constellation Alpha). I set the vertical & horizontal views in the section which controls the pilot's head view and got them to work so long as I pause my TrackIR. However, when I engage TrackIR, TrackIR does not let me look to the sides or back. Any suggestions? If there isn't a solution in game, then perhaps I'll have to try one of the 3rd party software solutions like Joystick Gremlin (JG). Even then, I'm not familiar with programming JG. HB
  3. Hi, I just saw this post. I don't get on the forums all that often, but I' thought I'd chime in on this particular thread. I started flying online back in the days of MS Fighter Ace as JV44HeinzBar. Moved on to Jane's WW2 fighter and European Air War. I flew IL2 Sturmovik as soon as it was released on Hyperlobby. A couple of years go by and I eventually end up being a major mission designer for Warclouds, which had a substantial following on Hyperlobby. From the beginning, my callsign was JV44HeinzBar and continues to this day. I made a lot friends online. I miss a lot of the old hands that flew online nearly 15 years ago on Warclouds and Forgotten Skies. I now fly on Combat Box (mostly) when time allows. However, I'm thinking of exploring the Finnish Server, which I hear, has a nice dynamic campaign. If anyone remembers me, I'd love to hear back from you. Perhaps, some of the old hands would like to get together and fly with/against each other. It's all fun in the end.
  4. S! All, I used to be an admin and map maker for Warclouds so many years ago. Sparx, the founder of Warclouds, used the config.ini to set the icon display. It used the following "syntax": mp_dotrange [FRIENDLY|FOE] [DEFAULT] [DOT ] [RANGE ] [TYPE ] [ID ] [NAME ]. Each of these parameters could be set for the server to display at a selected range in kilometers. For example: mp_dotrange FRIENDLY COLOR 0.1 DOT 10 RANGE 2 TYPE 0.1 ID 0.1 NAME 1.0. So, the aircraft dot will appear at 10km range; 2km pilot's name at 1.0km; everything elase will display at 100metres. I had to go back and look at some of my old IL2 Sturmovik missions and try to remember how this was done, but I think this is the way we did it. I can't remember if the Color type is where Sparx determined the density of the dot or just the color of the icons when they are rendered within the given parameters. Perhaps, it scales the LOD of the dot? I haven't fooled around with the IL2 Grand Battles - server. I don't know if something similar can be done. It would be nice though for the visually impaired, like myself HB
  5. Just sent virpil and email and they issued a ticket. I hope their return policy is quick. I waited 6 weeks to get this stick after finally being able to purchase it...their restock scheduling is a mess. I'm still hoping someone out there has another idea other than a defective grip. HB PS, my old CH throttle & MS FFB 2 are still working since 2004
  6. No, I have not. I was hoping that I could resolve this without contacting Virpil.
  7. Hi all, I just got my new Virpil CM2 throttle and VFX F14 grip mounted on a Warbird base. I followed the instructions to create a profile and calibrated each device separately. The problem I have is how to deal with the axis in IL2 settings. I was able to get Il2 BoX to map pitch and roll, but I'm unable to get IL2 to recognize yaw or the brake lever. For example, when I try to assign yaw, the z axis in il2 states joy8_b12/joy8_b12. I posted pics of my Virpil control tool. When I rotate the z axis, buttons physical buttons 17 & 19 light up which corresponds to logical buttons 13 & 15. When I pull the brake lever, physical button 3 lights (logic button 4). I'm guessing I need to ask how do I change these axis to behave like an axis rather than buttons? I really wish Virpil would have some type of complete manual to explain this type of issue, as well as, many others. Additionally, it would be great if Virpil would actually create some type of programming software similar to Thrustmaster TARGET or CH Product Control Manager. I know there are other options like Joystick Gremlin & RS Mapper, but for the amount of money we pay for these products, I would expect a solid piece of working programming software to be available from Virpil. Enough b****ing on my part. Any help would be appreciated. HB PS, this is a repost from Virpil forums
  8. S! All, So, I thought I'd play around w/ the mission builder. I own BoS, BoK, & BoBP which I purchased on IL2sturmovik.com. I originally linked BoS to steam when it was announced years ago. When I open the mission editor to build a simple map, I've noticed that I do not have any maps from BoK or BoBP. The only maps available to me are from BoS. Any ideas? Thanks, HB
  9. Ditto. 4 PKs tonight on single pass by p51s while flying the A8 trying to do jabo runs. No notice of damage before spotting the contact just instant PK without seeing any tracers while watching the contact. 1 Pk from head on (fw190D9), 2 Pks (fw190A8) from 45deg right side front while turning, 1 Pk (FW190A8) from behind and above. ????? something odd is going on here.
  10. Hi, Same issue. Downloading for 8+hours now. 150Mbps up & down. Game client download slows to 6.5kbps for the last 5%.
  11. HI, I'm running into the exact same problem. I'm just now reinstalling the game after being away for over a year. To compound problems, the HDD that I had BoS installed on died, so I had to download from scratch. I can't seem to find libcurl64 anywhere on my machine. Could you please point out where you found the missing files? NOTE: my download seems to keep sticking at ~95+%. I let the download run overnight and it hasn't progressed from that position in 8+ hours. TIA, HB
  12. S!, I'm getting an error: [15:15:35] Failed to get latest version". HB
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