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  1. Quote : In all this pilot itself does not nee to be visible, no need to have torso, arms and legs visible while in 1st person view (3rd person view of pilot we already got, just need a few more animations for this features). Now THIS has always been a bother to me : not seeing my virtual hands and legs in the cockpit. For me it is a major immersion killer not to see pilots hands on controls. It feels like i am not in the cockpit and some "ghost" is flying the aircraft.. All fps games show hands holding guns, car sim show hands holding wheel... If a pilot has a camera fixed on his helmet, you would see his hands and legs in the picture. And i dont give a rats ass if some instruments are hidden, because you can have a key to temporarily remove this virtual body. ( like in some planes in dcs) (Sorry being a little of topic here, but i had to react to this sentence which i could not agree more with.
  2. found it ! here's my little contribution...
  3. Thanks for the reply guys, i will take a look a this
  4. hi everyone, sorry for the stupid question, but HOW DO I UPLOAD A PICTURE ? ​​When i click on the image of the post tool, it asks for an url, but i dont have that, i just would like to upload one or two pics, i dont want to create an acount on an image storing website.... just for this
  5. Hi all, I took the liberty to do a little teaser for this nice campaign ; Thanks to Veteranen for the hard work on this campaign...
  6. Hello every one.. I played the Scripted campaign JG51 over Velikie Luki and I wanted to post this little teaser video for this good campaign made by Veteranen Just a little homage here :
  7. Looks good so far.. Would be interesting to see how the mountains interract with low cloud cover. Looks like this whole area was the host of the greatest air battle in the east. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wf3A2BWgyjA
  8. I very rarily post, but here, i have to : THIS UPDATE IS AWSOME !! :D Thanks a million time to the hard working devs, because the 190 is my favorite plane. I flew a couple of qmb missions with it before i updated just to be sure i would notice the difference. Well... Night and day ! And also : The behaviour of ai aircraft is much more believable now. At last the 190 behaves like a fighter. Doing a simple looping is not a risky adventure anymore. And it feels like going out of a spin is a little bit easier.. Thanks A LOT also for fixing the delete bug in the mission builder Oh, and by the way, i am really looking forward for this COOP missions server thing you mentioned for the future, because it might bring me back to multiplayer which i deserted because i was fed up flying lonely in my fighter bomber with no escort and HORDES of wanabe aces chewing my *ss. Too much of a frustrating experience. With REAL attack groups and escorts starting at the same time, even if you are not on teamspeak and part of a virtual squadron is on the way to make a realistic mission experience in my humble opinion. THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR MAKING THIS SIM BETTER AND BETTER.. (I didnt expect this update to come so early, you guys are MACHINES !)
  9. hi Just my 2 cents here ; I have the same problem. The CUSTOM skin does not stick to PLAYER aircraft But the Custom skins DO stick to AI airplanes just fine... Have no idea why but that's the fact for me.. So when I design a mission, I have to go inside game Plane Setup if I want to have the Custom skin... So basically, you are not alone..
  10. Thanks for the reply.. I found a temporary solution by removing every missions from my mission folder when i want to create a new mission. Because when i open the editor, it has no choice but being in a new mission environment. Then i put all my old missions back in the folder. It works but it is a pain in the neck..
  11. Same crash for me when trying to delete things (even in the tree) AND, when i select File/New, it crashes also. With this message : Runtime error Program:battle of stallingrad R6025 -pure virtual function call So basically, I cannot create any missions any more at all. (I am using the latest il2 vrsion dx11)
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