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  1. THE VVS SPITFIRES i love your work, thanks very much
  2. perhaps you can do some fictional russian spitfires for us?
  3. <3 im drooling over your a5 skins
  4. kind if unfortunate to say the least, but i'll get over it lol
  5. Where? i've found maybe 3 soviet skins that were created, and understand there aren't many historical ones. Just throwing some options out there!
  6. http://wp.scn.ru/en/ww2/f/52/1/0 heres a website that displays a number of soviet spitfire skins, just for future skins you may wish to create
  7. Really appreciate your work szelljr. Keep em coming mate
  8. Really appreciate what your doing detcord, keep up the great work!
  9. Just something for the community, don't be afraid to throw in any suggestions, enjoy!
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