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  1. Hi, my PC with more than 2 years: gtx970 pny reference + fx6300 4.4 oc + 8gb ram 1920. Bos: vsinc and ultra. After updating il2 to dx11 it keep 60fps in almost all conditions and maps, both in SP and MP. No updates to my PC for now
  2. Il2 is light years ahead of any other title in the area of ​​continuous development and historical fidelity. Thanks for the respect and seriousness unique in the gaming world. New submarines? The last time I sank one of them I was captain in silent hunters. I was special in imploding my own crew. I'm sorry for my English, it's a shame as the politicians of my country are. Of a brazilian virtual pilot. S!
  3. Thank you Gielow, thank you all. I flew from the beginning to the last minute of the mission. Just like another, me and Gielow cut off the engine missing a minute to finish the mission! Great flight.
  4. MSFFB2. Good feeling in joystick centering at low speed. Apparently easier on takeoffs and landings. Thank you.
  5. I had similar problems with my MSFF2, repaired cleaning the potentiometers with WD40. They are shielded, but there is a hole where it is possible to inject the WD40.
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