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  1. Had any luck, good that is, figuring this out yet Mike? Wheels
  2. You may already be aware of this Gos so treat this post strictly as an FYI. I can't find a working link to your Forums. The link on your Homepage to the Forums and the current 1946 campaign page take you to a "404 Error - Page Not Found" page with a whole bunch of advertising links. Homepage: http://www.akawardogs.net/ Most of the other links below the Memorial Page link don't work either. They take you to the same 404 Error page as the Forums link. Current 1946 campaign: http://aka-server.no-ip.org/ The Historical Stats link takes you to a 404 Error page on the no-ip domain. The Forums link takes you to the same "404 Error - Page Not Found" page as the link on your Homepage. Wheels
  3. Here's some help for you. https://www.newegg.com/Hard-Drives/Category/ID-15 Wheels
  4. Interesting, always have trouble losing FF. Will give it a try. Wheels
  5. I haven't had any success with this Mike. So far I have tried running two instances of the server on the same machine with different ports and when I start one the other gets shut down and I can't make it work offline on a separate machine. I am starting to wonder if it is going to require a second dserver build with a different email address associated to it? Just like it is required to have separate emails associated to full build accounts it will require separate emails to have multiple dserver builds active at the same time going forward? Wheels
  6. Sorry to hear it didn't work Mike. I am going to be setting up two servers myself just the way you are describing and the fact that an experienced user such as yourself is having problems is very concerning to me. At the moment I have the 352nd squad server (mods enabled) visible to everyone. That 0 and 1 thing really mattered for me !!! I have not started on the LAN version just yet since I want a successful few days under my belt before I move on to the next challenge. If things go as planned and it does actually work or even if it doesn't I will be coming back to discuss the fix or the problems I have encountered with the setup. I am running the 3.102 version that was just released a couple of days ago. Wheels
  7. Got the download working but it looks like there is at least one Mission missing when compared to your screenshot? (Shermans) Ran the first scenario on the list and died gloriously within 5 minutes. Wheels
  8. This is strictly a guess. If you open the mission file in the FMB and Play it again you will notice in the briefing screen there are distances and vectors/headings listed for the waypoint path. If you had engaged someone and then were returning to course the AI leader is probably giving the Vector/heading for the waypoints as they are laid out and not the direction you are actually flying? Wheels
  9. Absolute stab in the dark but could having both servers using the same ports be causing you the problem? ExternalIP = 0 (1) DownloaderPort = 28101 (28100) TCPPort = 28001 (28000) UDPPort = 28001 (28000) RconPort = 8992 (8991) Wheels
  10. Looks like an interesting development. Clickable cockpits might be its downfall in the long run though. Imo there are too many things to model per tank for a one man team. Wheels
  11. I had never seen them flying without the swastikas but you are correct about this one not having one it seems. I found a picture from the 2013 Camarillo airshow of the aircraft involved in the crash and it wasn't sporting one then either. https://www.air-and-space.com/20130817%20Camarillo/20130817%20Camaril_0885%20SNJ-4%20N7969C%20left%20side%20l.jpg Wheels
  12. Enjoyed the He-111 mission. Wheels
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