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  1. I suspect you are playing a DGen campaign. There is not a bug with the Rockets it is just how DGen works. There is a hard coded list in DGen that picks what loadout is used for each mission and that hard coded loadout is quite often wrong for the mission type for one reason or another. The fact that you are unable to alter the loadout leads me to believe that you are playing at a lower rank and as such you do not have the ability to alter the loadout. As you attain rank there will come a point where you are able to make those decisions when it comes to ordnance loadout.
  2. That is one way to deepen the channel. Wheels
  3. The 352nd Cross Channel map was 545 KM by 430 KM and it did include London and Paris. I think the CCM in 1946 is slightly larger in total area than what we will get in the Great Battles CCM since it will not include London or Paris and I think only part of the Jersey Channel Island. The proposed size for the BoN will be 410 km x 270 km in size. BoN Map - (WIP Image) Wheels
  4. That difficulty setting gets everyone from time to time. Glad you got it sorted. Wheels
  5. Storebror at SAS had this to say on the subject. https://www.sas1946.com/main/index.php/topic,17194.msg186792.html#msg186792 Wheels
  6. Some pretty funny glitches being posted in this thread. Wheels
  7. https://www.mission4today.com/index.php?name=Downloads4&c=3 Wheels
  8. What is the size of the skin? Unless you are running a mod they should be 1026 KB. Here is a screenshot of my Bf-110G-2 skins folder. Wheels
  9. You would be surprised how incorrect you are in your thinking. It is not the price but the availability, especially in the United States. Wheels
  10. The Me-109's look like Hispano Ha-1112's with Merlin engines to me. Pretty sure that there were no flyable 109's in 1968/1969 when the Battle of Britain was filmed either so the claim that one of the 109's that is for sale was used for the movie reinforces my belief. Still several good looking aircraft though. Wheels
  11. Even though the stats page is up I do not see any Player activity for August. Last time any Players was logged was in July. I do not see it in the games Multiplayer server list either. Has it been renamed or is it just down? Wheels
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