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  1. @Steamboat_Willie Hello from No.76 Squadron! If you fancy joining us for a sortie or two to see how we work let me know. We mainly fly the Se5a type but there aren't any restrictions on what you fly. No.76 'Aces High' Squadron is a non historical squadron which was formed on the back of RFC guys who were fed up of getting shot down on their own, so if that sounds familiar give me a shout. =RAW=76SQN-Wellington PS: Cheers @Oliver88 for the kind words!
  2. Good Evening all! No. 76 'Aces High' Squadron is recruiting. A non-historic Flying Circus Squadron that flies solely on the side of the Triple Entente. Based off of the film 'Aces High' we aim to take players, old and new, up into the sky and provide a somewhat more survivable experience and hope to avoid that deadly lone encounter with the hun! PM me for more information! 'Keep them in your aldis sight!' =RAW=76SQN-Wellington
  3. We are indeed still flying about. More than welcome to come and have a chat!
  4. New to this and was told to try get these skins involved in the unofficial official skin pack! 76 'Aces High' Squadron https://drive.google.com/file/d/16jgqQwwwJCl10yafKe4RHJN8ZeE06xgz/view?usp=sharing
  5. 76 Squadron skin updates. All with the non historic theme from the Aces High Film of 1976 with personal attributes to the Se5 scout. Skins: Se5a- Identity markings for the following with an option of PC10 and PC12 =RAW=76SQN-Wellington CfC=76Sqn-Father Ted Welshie Bristol Fighter- Themed to the Avro 504K that was seen in Aces High Camel- Themed to the Sopwith Pup scheme with squadron markings Dolphin- Includes Squadron markings https://drive.google.com/file/d/16jgqQwwwJCl10yafKe4RHJN8ZeE06xgz/view?usp=sharing
  6. Hi all! I've formed a new Squadron for the flying circus front. Im on the fence about making historically accurate squadrons as ive not done it before, but also not one of us is as brave as the boys who actually did the flying, therefore it will be based on the Fictional 76 Squadron from the film Aces High (there was a real 76 sqn that was based in England for training) so wont be restrictive on what you fly, just make it RFC! Here is the link https://discord.gg/rymZwDsK Let me know what your interest or ideas may be for this! =RAW=76SQN-Wellington
  7. The sound that you mention isn't really a whine though. An aircraft that is a great example, as you say more in the WW2 period is the Harvard. The tips of the propeller on this aircraft are often supersonic, however of course are subsonic at lower speeds. The audible noise from that is very different from the whine you hear from the Dolphin, SE5 and Spad in game. And if this is again the case of the propeller breaking the sound barrier to make this whine, why is it not on all aircraft and not just those fitted with the Suiza (or viper in real terms). I'd also be very curious to know about the
  8. I'm unaware of a propeller making this sound under load, and if that is the case why do the other aircraft not do it, excluding the SPAD and the Dolphin which are both fitted with the Hispano Suiza geared 200hp powerplant (correct me if I am wrong) where the SE5a modelled in game is most certainly the later 200hp Wolsley Viper powerplant. The whining being reduced at lower power makes sense in the case of the gearing as that of course is under less load. In a broad sense it's the same as when you reverse a car, the faster you get going backwards the louder the whine. In the case of it not bein
  9. A topic I'm unaware of touched upon, and I could be wrong here but the engine makes the complete wrong sound. The whining sound in game I assume is meant to be of a hearing system in the engine. The Wolsley viper had no such thing to my knowledge. There is a real SE5 with what I believe a real Viper in the front of it and it most certainly doesn't make that sound!
  10. Hi, I'm interested in this, would love to be a part of IL-2 history. I'm a 20 year old from just west of London (don't have the London accent, sort of posh) have a more youthful pitch to my voice. Have had very basic training with radios in military and civilian manner. You can quickly screen me as I do record IL-2 on twitch. I stream by the name of Sohndel. Hopefully this helps
  11. Hi there, one of the people I play with almost exclusively on the WoL server has been banned. I see you have provided the name of the server administrator. How would he go about being contacted? Thanks in advance!
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