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  1. there is only one official, the R22 and some mods underway, like the lynx. Flight dynamics on the R22 are really really good, it does VRM, the negative G rolling, coning and such but it does not have much system depth and probably the biggest problem in the real thing as rotor RPM are concerned are not modeled: exceeding lower and upper RPM limits does not do much, as does overpitching. Overall, it has keept me many hours from flying DCS helos, so that says something. It is good but with limitations, but for VFR in some neat add sceneries it is actually pretty high in the competion. The mods are cool but contentwise rather meh. I mean, great effort and all that and cool to have, but not really top of the pops in terms of simulation. I hope they maybe get some more love and polish: Autorotation is pretty fun!
  2. I just saw that and thought some other old timers may like the looks: https://why485.itch.io/tiny-combat-arena
  3. I must say the Ju-52 is kind of the best.. it is made for stuff like this
  4. Yeah, it does have some drawbacks and the default planes are of varying quality, but saying "no engine managament" is not correct, some planes actually do ok in that regard. You can install mods for cold and dark startups for the default planes, it is just a config. Damage model is pretty basic, that is true and major damage ends always in a re-spawn but some planes like the pits can lose individual wings or bang the prop etc. If buildings and trees are colidable depends on the what the scenry designer has set them to, the non-collision ones are mostly the ones away from airport or the default autogen forrests, but around airports buildings are colidable and landable.. ever since a long time in FS I
  5. Anyone playing? it is a "light" sim.. but very much fun in VFR
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