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  1. Still working on savings regarding those expensive helo fuelcosts:
  2. Just some Hip emergency in the suburbs:
  3. Having some fun autorotating onto a train and taking off again..
  4. It is Aerofly FS2 and Nepal.. Lukla Airfield, not really rate for the dash 8.. but what good are sims if you can´t do the unsafe? Line Serive between VNLK-VNSB:
  5. to Alaska. The animal, that is.
  6. a little PSA: AAA is not harmless at altitude..
  7. Not many, maybe 3-4.. the key is to know the secret of full nose down trim for inverted flight, the Pe2 is just a very well flyable aircraft capable of precision. We did that in the past in the Ju52.. but that takes more tries. The Pe2 is just very easy to fly and comfy. Scharfi als did it:
  8. Ju88. As pure bomber I think it is so far still the best.. but it is hard to defend against faster fighters. Off course I can´t say that without recomending the Peshka series 35. It is just the most fun to fly, albeit the A20 is also not bad. The Heinkel.. well, it is a cool plane with style, but kinda outclassed from day one, unless you fight a Po2 only airforce.
  9. The Peshka gets really slow all dirtied up. In max dirty config with idle the speed stays at 300ish km/h in 90° dive and drops of to landing speed during the roundout. Perfect for a steep dive in.
  10. DCS and Las Vegas both have these moments, when you wake up hungover and feel you just crashed in the wrong place..
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