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  1. Just how I deal with it.. a bit of an impromtu cut, but if anyone is interested, here it is, mainly just an over the shoulder look
  2. A tribute to the women who built the planes we all love:
  3. If anyone wants a longer vid to look me over the shoulder on how I deal with level altitude bombing, I made the above flight into a little basic pointers vid, in the hopes to get more bombers to actually leave the mudhopper zone and go higher, as that in essence means better gameplay for all..if the mission planes don´t do singled out mudsneaking attempts all the time: It is not magic and boils down to: set up a long approach to control drift, preferably with or against the wind.. where with the wind means less time over target, ie: harder aiming for you, but also for the enemy flak and less time to get shot down over target, while against the wind is easier to aim but gives the enemy more time to deal with you.
  4. But it still came back, first online sortie in Flying Circus:
  5. Na, not really. I just bought it, because I love WW2 and loved RoF and must say I am not really happy with the price-to-quality relation. FM is roughly the same, including the Brisfits quirks, the quality of the cockpits and textures is, save for the gunner/copilots goggles, not significantly higher or prettier then RoF, the plane selection is very condensed.. and while that maybe even could make sense to concentrate on the 1918ish timeframe only, the selection is not optimal and means mostly meaningless combat over the front with the central side on a disadvantage, planewise. The Pfalz DXII would have been a better choice over the Pfalz DIII, imho but the main issue is the lack of "Mission planes", ie: 2 seaters which were the whole reason why scouts where over the front: to enable own ops and dissalow enemy ones. No Gothas, no H400, no seaplanes, no quirky early war planes, no Be2, all the things that made RoF alive and diverese are missing and it is the umpteens endless flow of camels vs Dr1s or boom-n-zoom allies feasting on albies, which I personally find rather sad and not really making up what the fascinating side of WW1 is..
  6. Emotional support P-38 checking in on wounded russian:
  7. Also available in the flavour: "Selfless US Pursuit Pilot helps happless ally back to base"
  8. Yeah, the Eagle Guy is very adamant about shaking his head all the time in disaproval of something. It may be very well a medical condition. Or just DCS things: Trains in DCS are really really finicki:
  9. This is genius, off course all the nausea problems of an upside-down worldview through a turret periscope would off course not affect upside down australians. Another WW2 secret solved!!
  10. To be fair.. it really doesn´t matter for AIs to not include realistic huey depictions on the tail in all but a very few missions. Most people never know. I am still having fun, with trucks:
  11. Still working on savings regarding those expensive helo fuelcosts:
  12. Just some Hip emergency in the suburbs:
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