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  1. Still having wing-up fun with the Hornet.. but jester is a little confused..
  2. Yes, the L-39 is definately one of the overlooked gems in DCS, I find the C-101 is actually a good complement to that.. it is in some regards not with the same finesse, but it has really come a long way and is actually a really good adversary for the L-39.. Meanwhile I am also testing out the Hornet:
  3. Yeah, I took the plunge and bought the F-14. I blame Topgun.
  4. Thanks for theads up, Monkey.. I was just about to buy it, because the A8 outside model made it look like champ, but with your post I just looked up some flying vids and saw the cockpit and decided to wait. Gone back to fooling around with the yak.
  5. I just totally found new love for LHA ops in props:
  6. The repair areas apear to be zones.. that work if you are in them. Empirically tested on flying circus:
  7. One thing that is fascinating about this story is the amount of pop songs this tragedy generated:
  8. You get some free shots on me next sunday ;=)
  9. And another bit of playing around: Landed it:
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