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  1. The collectors vehicle for FC should be this one, though:
  2. the normal quickmission ai.. it is a bit hit and miss..sometimes deadly, sometimes dumb
  3. That should not be too difficult.. on the anzani engine you just need to put iginition on and pull the prop with the mouse.. on the gnome engine you need some pump strokes to pressurize first. done in seconds. Oh absolutely.. be ready to join for the aniversary channel crossing bleriot swarm on July 25ths? Hey, it was the star of this absolutely fantastic C-movie with Mark Hamill: Slipstream!! Also on a side note: There is kind of a tunnel in MSFS but the walls are non-colidable
  4. Also: in fighting bugs, Schlachtflieger do their part!
  5. "Strange screaming noises in the cockpit, seat upholstery needs rework" and "gearlegs need straightening!"
  6. Considering the rate of loss to mechanical failures in the german tank corps the addition of playercontrolable slap-on bicycles may be a brilliant idea! ;=P
  7. the french / Benelux update is wild. Paris and Amsterdam are beautiful.. and it is wild chaos over the paris inner city sights.
  8. 6000m but in the end that does not matter much, it all runs down to not losing the rudder and elevator which seems to go around 305ish, if they can be kept, the stummel-albi is very fun to land.
  9. Speedrun in the Albatros D5 Speed 303 Km/h landing was a bit hard.
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