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  1. The misfortunes of the "call car" thing are about the most fun in Cyberpunk.. It is definately not a bug but a feature..
  2. No, I have just been away from flying because Cyberpunk 2077 is so much fun!
  3. Well, balancing is definatel off in several ways.. in the sense that there is always some exploit that makes combat moot, like super strong hacking from cameras or just using legendary ping to see all enemies and then use the tech-sniper that shoots through all walls to get rid of them. But that is only if you take it seriously and want to win..but once you understand that, you realise that it is on yourself to make fights fun. And there are definately a million ways to do that. For most bugs you can find an exploit to get arround that.. so on a very meta level, it is hacker game, not because "hacking" is in th game, but because you need to find yourself ways around the stupid AI and unbalanced stuff, but it usually is very easy to find a way to have a funny or good fight etc, if you just don´t play the way you are supposed to play: like on "gun for hire" assasination missions, you can get pait twice by triggering the non-leathal end, then shooting the target and afterwards putting the corpse in the still available "non-leathal" retrieval vehicle. I am not far into the story, but I feel some writing is good, some poor.. but overall, the side missions and exploring and exploiting is where it´s at, then the game is really fun. For instance, I love the little MaiMai car.. you can make use of that in really unintended ways.
  4. Hey, it is my favorite mission inspiration for DCS. I mean, it almost looks like it was on purpose, how else do you explain what modules they choose to be in a world together? i am still waiting on the I-16 Rata vs F-14s sequel to the movie, though, must have gotten lost in the distribuition centers.
  5. I gotta say, I am never gonna go for a refund.. I mean, the game is bugged as hell, but actually 99% of the bugs are for me not gamebreaking (ie: mission can´t be completed, CTD etc.) but actually most of the time silly to hillarious, I almost suspect its a comic relief feature:
  6. Awesome screenshots from red dead redemption! Here is one from Cyberpunk
  7. My favourite DCS thing is still picking up hot stuff... Hip&Huey are just still among the best sim helos.
  8. Grevensteiner is neat, Leffe is good.. I see some cultured people here! Now onto the christmas whiskey. Dewar´s "the monarch" it is for me. like it so far.
  9. That looks really really nice.. I feel tempted. I was just watching this, dam you algorythms..
  10. I would think so, yes.. But I have no definate answer. My theory is, that it was AI (it was kind flying erratically but apparently patroling the barge) placed to defend the barge, and when the target it was protecting was hit without an attacker in attack range it bugged out and suicided. Server stats don´t show a player sortie in a bristol.
  11. Halberstadt, I thought that would be obvious.
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