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  1. Just did some french tourism, Mt. Saint Michel is beautiful..
  2. old but good: one for the hurri-fans And a swordfish thrown in for good measure:
  3. Just a little fun exploring the world.. the Cub is just so basic simple fun to take everywhere.
  4. Turns out the hangar bug is also on other objects, like the Eifel Tower.. now, knowing that, one can actually fly a 747 through the Eifeltower.
  5. I found a really funny bug: There is a hangar at JFK that will force-extract your gear if you fly through it
  6. I gotta say: urban bushflying in the LA-smog is freaking amazing!
  7. Just a PSA: DO NOT BUY THE FREEDOM FOX UL. in the current state it is very shit.
  8. Thanks for the La Salette sugesstion.. i feel it is a bit weird in MSFS2020 as the field elevation sunk into the hill rather then on top makes the takeoff from the direct leveled runway unpleasant and kind of all other hills around are way more comfy to land..
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