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  1. Hi Pilots! Here is my brand new video : Thanks!
  2. Hi! Can't connect to the server, I wait forever for downloading the files. Restart please.
  3. Good news and where is the Operation Paravane map ?
  4. Hi ! Server crashed again? Pls restart it, thanks.
  5. Hi ! Can't connect to the server, i think many of us can't. Restart?
  6. Hi Pilots ! Here is my new compilation : Thank you !
  7. Lot of people can't connect to server, please restart it. Thanks.
  8. Hi ! Here is my brand new video on my Youtube Channel : https://www.youtube.com/user/deephun99/videos Thanks !
  9. Hi Pilots ! You can watch my two new videos on my Youtube Channel. https://www.youtube.com/user/deephun99/videos Thanks.
  10. Hi ! The new map Closing of the Ruhr Pocket Apr 1945 is in my opinion definitely to big even when the server is full.
  11. Hi! I registered the MVP ( Magyar Virtuális Pilóták ) squad on the Combat Box stat site. One of our squad members has problem with his account : Arhont-VR We tryed lot of times with new registration and new invitation to solve the problem, but something is wrong. It always says "renamed_user" and thats why his sorties not count in the team. Can you please delete all his accounts from the Combat Box stat ? We would like try a new registration. Thanks.
  12. Yes, messages are in english, but with wrong sectors.
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