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  1. Found a solution from another thread ( Windows Settings > Mixed Reality > Headset Display: "Experience Options" to "Best visual quality". I also set Resolution to "Automatic upscaling (best performance)"
  2. THIS WORKED!!!! Windows Settings > Mixed Reality > Headset Display, "Experience Options" to "Best visual quality". (I also set Resolution to "Automatic upscaling (best performance)" for what it's worth. THANK YOU!!
  3. Thanks! It's less for performance tuning as much as to see if I can fix the graphical anomaly using some settings I know for sure worked for someone. Probably not transferrable even then, though, as I have a Reverb G2
  4. Maybe you can share your WMR settings? And also the resolution your headset is at as well as the IL2 graphics settings?
  5. I saw your post describing how to this, and did exactly that. Unfortunately, no change It's a good thing to know how to do, though, so I appreciate you describing it. Only other thing I can think of is to delete the headset and controllers, and uninstall/reinstall WMR. Or reinstall Windows. But that seems so drastic ... especially as every other game works fine.
  6. Please, could you explain "I wonder if the selection between SteamVR and OpenXR runtime may affect this (check SteamVR developer settings)." further?
  7. I have the same problem! Have you founda solution?
  8. Ok, will try that next. I've already uinstalled/installed the whole Steam/SteamVR/SteamWMR stack. No joy. Fortunately, all other games work (still) work perfectly.
  9. I did mess around with NVIDIA settings to tweak it, following the VR4DCS guide. But I've reset that now. Next step is to uninstall steam, steamvr, etc. But apart from the PIA, I'm a little nervous about messing up the other programs that do work now !
  10. Uninstalled Ocurlus completely. Furthermore, on this system IL2 was never installed while Oculus was installed. So: uninstalled Oculus; installed Steam, SteamVR, etc; and only then installed IL2. And, as I said, for a few days it was all working perfectly. Also no mods or anything.
  11. Folks, Just upgraded to a Reverb G2 from a Rift S. Got everything setup and working fine. Been flying great over the last few days. Then, last night, fired up IL2 and found everything, from the menu's down to the cockpit, strangely skewed. Like am I looking at everything at an angle, with one side closer to my face than the other. Tried resetting my view, my seated position, rebooting, and, finally, even uninstalling and reinstalling IL2. But still get the same effect. This is only with IL2. Other sims as well as all the various VR home screens
  12. Where do you get it from? EDIT: never mind, found it. Bought it.
  13. So, it seems that what is needed to replicate the feel is: (1) No center detent; yet (2) Very distinct/clear re-centering (return-to-center when released); plus (3) Non-linear progressive tension, with strongly increasing resistance at extremes Would that be what you are looking for?
  14. For me, I love the soft lack of center. It doesn't bother me at all. It's like riding a bike or driving a car. I don't obsess whether or the steering wheel is straight or not. I just subconsciously adjust the wheel/handle to keep the vehicle pointing/going in the direction that I want. Similarly, I don't care where the control is positioned, but what it does. So the control is an extension of myself rather than part of the plane --- just like I don't worry whether or not my arm is centrally located exactly, I just push fwd/back/left/right to get it to go where I want. With the stick just an ex
  15. Yes --- I did in fact zoom the briefing map. Good catch! Either way, it's not a deal breaker as a more detailed briefing map is available in game if needed. Just want to add that I really appreciate this program: even with the new built-in career mode it definitely has its place, especially in the way we interact with the mission set up as well as the fundamental "flavor" of the missions themselves. THANKS!
  16. Update: it appears that there are TWO independent things going on. (1) The error above (2) The error in the part between the chair and the monitor, a.k.a. user error, a.k.a. I am an idiot The second explains the lack of mission generation: I did not click Briefing Map > Pilot Selection > Accept Mission. Doh!
  17. Hmm. Just saw this thread: Perhaps I should have posted this there?
  18. Is there something I am not doing right? I select a new mission and everything seems right (i.e., the program does not crash, and the mission briefing etc. are all available). However, the mission itself does not actually get created (not there in the folder). When I look at the error log, I see this error (full log attached). PWCGErrorLog.txt.txt
  19. For e.g., fighters such as the Yak-3 or Yak-9 or La-7? Maybe even IL-10 or Li-2?
  20. For some reason, I was under the impression that this would be part of the mix ... but now I cannot see any reference to it anywhere. Was it ever planned? Will it ever be planned?
  21. Has it been announced what aircraft types will be released earliest, even if there is no strict date/schedule or specific order? E.g., the Jug followed by the Tempest?
  22. Selling my EXCELLENT (near mint!) condition THRUSMASTER WARTHOG FLIGHT STICK, bundled together with a Sahaj 20 cm "ACE MAKER" anodized black extension (+$100 value!!). As a bonus, it includes a gimbal/base dust shield (a disk that protects the opening on the base from dust) that has been on since day one, so the internals have always been protected from grit and dirt. Everything is in perfect working order, and free of dings and scratches etc. Includes original box and documentation. Originally bought new in June 2016. Total value (current prices): $370+. Asking: $220 + shipping.
  23. Thanks for this! TacView completes this -- and any other flight sim! Two questions: (1) Is it possible to have the "rec" icon disabled in VR mode when recording? VERY distracting. I understand that this is an IL2 thing rather than a TacView thing, but the problem with TacView recording being tied to video track recording is that we not only get the latter whether we want it or not, but we get the icon in VR view that ruins immersion whether we want it or not. (2) Currently, when viewing results, I see the aircraft type but not the callsign in the drop-down selection menu. So,
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