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  1. Where do you get it from? EDIT: never mind, found it. Bought it.
  2. So, it seems that what is needed to replicate the feel is: (1) No center detent; yet (2) Very distinct/clear re-centering (return-to-center when released); plus (3) Non-linear progressive tension, with strongly increasing resistance at extremes Would that be what you are looking for?
  3. For me, I love the soft lack of center. It doesn't bother me at all. It's like riding a bike or driving a car. I don't obsess whether or the steering wheel is straight or not. I just subconsciously adjust the wheel/handle to keep the vehicle pointing/going in the direction that I want. Similarly, I don't care where the control is positioned, but what it does. So the control is an extension of myself rather than part of the plane --- just like I don't worry whether or not my arm is centrally located exactly, I just push fwd/back/left/right to get it to go where I want. With the stick just an extension of your arm, if you think you need up, you pull back; want to roll a little left, pull left. In all cases, whether or not you cross the center is a purely academic question, a point of trivia that never really seems important at the time. Above is just my 2c, and YMMW. And for full disclosure: I have never flown a real a/c in my life and compared to the many virtual experts in this world, suck in both flying and fighting in the virtual skies! FWIW, though, having sat in a number of actual combat a/c cockpits in a couple of museums (also, my favorite so far, an F4 [EDIT: by which I mean the Phantom II, not the Wildcat]), I was surprised to find that the actual sticks not only have absolutely no discernible center, but were crazy loose. To the point that they could almost be described as floppy. But it is possible that these firm up quite a bit in the slipstream. Either way, though NO center.
  4. Yes --- I did in fact zoom the briefing map. Good catch! Either way, it's not a deal breaker as a more detailed briefing map is available in game if needed. Just want to add that I really appreciate this program: even with the new built-in career mode it definitely has its place, especially in the way we interact with the mission set up as well as the fundamental "flavor" of the missions themselves. THANKS!
  5. Update: it appears that there are TWO independent things going on. (1) The error above (2) The error in the part between the chair and the monitor, a.k.a. user error, a.k.a. I am an idiot The second explains the lack of mission generation: I did not click Briefing Map > Pilot Selection > Accept Mission. Doh!
  6. Hmm. Just saw this thread: Perhaps I should have posted this there?
  7. Is there something I am not doing right? I select a new mission and everything seems right (i.e., the program does not crash, and the mission briefing etc. are all available). However, the mission itself does not actually get created (not there in the folder). When I look at the error log, I see this error (full log attached). PWCGErrorLog.txt.txt
  8. For e.g., fighters such as the Yak-3 or Yak-9 or La-7? Maybe even IL-10 or Li-2?
  9. For some reason, I was under the impression that this would be part of the mix ... but now I cannot see any reference to it anywhere. Was it ever planned? Will it ever be planned?
  10. Has it been announced what aircraft types will be released earliest, even if there is no strict date/schedule or specific order? E.g., the Jug followed by the Tempest?
  11. Selling my EXCELLENT (near mint!) condition THRUSMASTER WARTHOG FLIGHT STICK, bundled together with a Sahaj 20 cm "ACE MAKER" anodized black extension (+$100 value!!). As a bonus, it includes a gimbal/base dust shield (a disk that protects the opening on the base from dust) that has been on since day one, so the internals have always been protected from grit and dirt. Everything is in perfect working order, and free of dings and scratches etc. Includes original box and documentation. Originally bought new in June 2016. Total value (current prices): $370+. Asking: $220 + shipping. Payment: PayPal. PM me for details, questions, or to arrange purchase. NOTE 1: Selling flight stick and extension ONLY. There is no throttle. NOTE 2: Reason for selling --- I have acquired another flight stick, a VKB Gunfighter Pro and do not use this one any more. NOTE 3: Also listed on that auction site if you would prefer to bid for it. NOTE 4: Continental US locations ONLY. NOTE 5: This package is large and heavy! Shipping might be expensive. You can calculate this yourself or send me your zip/city and I will give you the USPS or UPS estimate, whichever is cheaper. I am located at 20874. Weight is close to 14 lbs. Outer box will be 16" x 12" x 12".
  12. Thanks for this! TacView completes this -- and any other flight sim! Two questions: (1) Is it possible to have the "rec" icon disabled in VR mode when recording? VERY distracting. I understand that this is an IL2 thing rather than a TacView thing, but the problem with TacView recording being tied to video track recording is that we not only get the latter whether we want it or not, but we get the icon in VR view that ruins immersion whether we want it or not. (2) Currently, when viewing results, I see the aircraft type but not the callsign in the drop-down selection menu. So, e.g., if there are two Spits and two Bf-109's, I cannot tell which one is mine and which one is someone else's. Is there an option that I can turn on, or has this not been implemented yet and will be in the future? Thanks.
  13. I could be wrong, and I am sure (and hope) that someone will correct me if so, but .. Vive's asyncrhonous reprojection is equivalent to the Rifts ATW, not the Rift's ASW. When people run into issues with the prop effects in the Rift, they turn off Rift's ASW, and it falls back to ATW, making it equivalent to the Vive at this point. Under ATW, there are no more prop side-effects etc. at the cost of lowered performance enhancement relative to the ASW, on more on par with Vive's async projection. When ASW works, it really, really, really does work great -- making things really smooth. The times it runs into trouble is: always in DCS's spit; in IL2, occasionally when lots of objects are in the FOV (e.g., > 8-12 aircraft, in my case).
  14. Over at the "other" forums, but substance is highly relevant to this community ... https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=191156
  15. (1) Have you modified startup.cfg to "tacviewrecord=1" (see here: https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/29432-tacview/?p=487829). (2) Some MP servers have disabled tacview :( Because, apparently, if this is enabled, some people, confusing this simulation with some sort of way to pathetically, desperately, and ineffectually prop up their deservedly burst-pimple-stain of egos, use this TacView to cheat ... so the rest of us have to suffer.
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