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  1. Does anyone know if 777 Studios supply any servers at all?
  2. You missed my point. Not having to draw my curtains to get the Trakir to operate correctly, something you can just jump to and have some fun without all the peripherals, the out of cockpit view all = a relaxed server.
  3. The players on IL2 know WT sucks, I've spent a small fortune with them but it's dull. 10-12 minute matches, money grubbing, not for me. I'll give Coconut's server another go, but I'll miss the quick engagements and relaxed atmosphere of the DED server, where you can pick up a fight within a couple of minutes without having to think too much, have a beer and a laugh. It was a nice place to chill. Herr Murf, you'd be a hero if you can get something going... I would have thought the 777 Studios could at least provide one server...for anyone. (I'm assuming WOL is not theirs either) DCS will be getting more of my attention from here on in (no chill factor though...)
  4. Wow, I wish I knew there were no official servers before I started investing in this game. I wouldn't have bothered had I known. I'm very dissapointed and I'm afraid I've spent my last penny on this.
  5. I thought is was too, so my apologies to the server owner. Are there any official relaxed servers, or don't they care once we've spent our money on their product?
  6. Where is the DED server [edited]? I like to play relaxed servers for IL2 often, if there isn't going to be one (or two) I'll bail from the il2 franchise. Get your act together if you want the income.
  7. I got this Error #10005 please update your game and #2 your connection to master -server was temporarly lost check your internet connection
  8. With more servers coming online that encourages me to buy more IL2 content, simple!
  9. Oh cool, I thought I could only buy it from Steam if all the other stuff was bought there originally. I'll buy it direct from your site then Cheers
  10. I've activated three collectors planes in the past, but it appears to me that the Yak 1B is not available on Steam yet. When do you think it may be available there?
  11. When will the Steam code be availble for this aircraft please?
  12. I'm using mouse control for playing until my joystick arrives. And I have a full PC keyboard.
  13. I'm trying to turn the pilots head from side to side, that is: rotating around the spine. The num pad keys always have me looking forward. The head moves but only back and lean to the left or right. It is still looking straight ahead though... I have no situational awareness which is a priority for sims Do you have any other suggestions I could try out?
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