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  1. Have the devs here tested IL-2 with the latest driver 19.12.3 and see if the overlay also affects the performance for them. Not sure if you can disable the overlay in the Radeon settings but my Radeon Driver overlay in fullscreen only works after toggling adaptive sync on my LG 27GL850 monitor once per boot. Before doing this it locks up the mouse but nothing appears, once you press the hotkey to hide the overlay the mouse unlocks again. The overlay is very handy especially for the TAW multiplayer server as the overlay has a browser that you could use for https://il2missionplanner.com/ while playing the game without leaving fullscreen. Other games perform great with the overlay and it's only IL-2 that is affected. This AMD overlay bug in IL-2 that ruins the performance has been around for a very long time on IL-2 and AMD drivers going back a very long time. Thanks @Jason_Williams
  2. Hi guys, Please try this game with an AMD card running 19.12.3 I originally wrote this for AMD but also have to post it here. IL-2 stutters on AMD's latest driver 19.12.3 because of the Radeon overlay breaks IL-2 performance in fullscreen, no other game does the overlay restroy performance and create huge stuttering. The overlay always affected this game in the past if you brought it up, your FPS would drop to 10fps and the game would stutter. Now the FPS stays high "apparently" but it feels like 10 fps as it stutters like hell and is unplayable. For me the Radeon overlay only works if I toggle Adaptive sync on my LG 27GL850 monitor while gaming. The overlay then works fine in BF5 and PUBG but doing this on IL-2 makes it stutter as it has with IL-2 in the past if you brought up the overlay, I am sure I brought it up on here before or with AMD. I will be letting them know about this too but IL-2 has had a issue with the overlay way before this new bug that disables it. So the overlay bug on 19.12.3 is making the game playable for now as it only works if I toggle Adaptive Sync on my monitor while gaming. If the overlay worked out of the box the game would be stuttering as hell if there was no way to disable it as it comes on automatically when gaming to tell you what the key-bind is to bring the overlay up in game.. My system includes. Windows 10 64bit 1909 (latest update) i7 4770K RX Vega 64 LC - 19.12.3 - 2020 driver.
  3. I thought It was okay to fly on the other side if you create another account or change your name? There are directions in the manual on TAW. This rule is from the first page in this forum thread, has this rule changed?
  4. I got shot down by Tra-ta-ta in a 109 while flying in my yak and I was on fire and I belly landed in the snow. Since I was on fire I tried to quickly exit the mission but accidentally hit leave server. It was not intentional guys. The sortie is below. http://taw-server.de/pilot_sortie.php?id=30030&name==IL2AU=astrix_au
  5. If you did a fresh install of Windows 10 FCU from a USB drive there is only one way to fix this issue, first time I could just turn it on through Turn Features on and off but if you installed Windows 10 FCU through the USB or other media the .Netframe work was missing from the installing media, so it's not just a simple re download like it would normally be when it's included in the installation. You can do it manually which is very tricky, I suggest you guys use this software below. It's what I used after I had trouble doing it manually. https://www.techgainer.com/tools/net-framework-3-5-offline-installer-windows-10-8-x/
  6. I have the issue too, I saw it also on older recorded files through in game recorder but the recorded replays were much more blue.
  7. Yeah Tipskin is correct It happens when diving for me too, it makes it unnecessarily difficult to dive on people. This bug has been plaguing me for a long time.
  8. Just put it back to the way it was and sort player ranking by rating (score). You loose your rank but your rating stays displayed on your profile page. Then more people will be happy to switch when there is a really unbalanced match. Currently after rank it sorts by rating anyway so so why bother sorting by rank at all specially since anyone that flies both looses their rank all together and gets put behind anyone with a rank in the stats. It just breaks the balance of matches as many just don't want to see themselves ranked at 850 for trying to help balance the teams since sometimes it can be 35-13!
  9. Hi guys, This is my first IL-2 Montage just a collection of my kills from IL-2 BOS/BOM. Enjoy in 1440p 60fps
  10. Yeah I wasn't following which model of the Yak will be in Koban as I haven't yet got it I just was surprised looking at it as a progression. I am surprised that they had good visibility with the Yak 1b but later lost it again, I would have thought they would keep the visibility.
  11. Yeah I was surprised it wasn't a bubble canopy too.
  12. Does the CH Pro Throttle's mode button work in IL-2 BOS? Would I get 3x the control options? In the specifications it says up to 176 using the Control software manager, is that compatible with IL-2?
  13. If your using the latest driver use Relive, I do I record 1440p 60fps at 50mbps. It looks amazing. There is a issue in borderless do not bring up the overlay as it will drop your frames, it's fine in fullscreen though. The overlasy bug only happenes on IL-2 in borderless.
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