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  1. I used to use it years ago until they fixed the blue snow. On AMD I haven't been able to override the games AA since CCC days. I know Nvidia has always had this working. I used to bne able to dissable AA in game and use CCC to do the AA re-shade isn't the same. That is more for just effects.
  2. I have been very happy with my 4770k and Vega 64 LC but for Warzone my CPU was even holding back my Vega 64 LC OC'ed. I have since built a second Gaming Rig I now have AMD and Nvidia GPU's. Running a i7 10700K and Aorus 2080ti. Performance is awesome on Warzone I need to upgrade my LG 27GL850 to a 175hz monitor for warzone perfect excuse to myself lol. Eventually when I install IL-2 on my older rig I'll be able to try both if there are any issues but time is a limiting factor for me. I only left a 250GB SSD in my old PC and after WIndows 10 ... I don't want to install on the HD seems like going backwards. I was very excited to see if Nvidia renders the game any better or perhaps using Nvidia AA might improve things.Only tried in game but need to test more as Inly tried the second AA option MSAA from memory.
  3. Is there a way to just disable the bottom counter? Or move it to another location like the opposite side.
  4. 1: MSI RX VEGA 64 LC 2: 20.2.2 3: No not using 4006.e Seems all issues fixed for me. I do see some jaged edges above the nose and outlines around the wings even using SMAAx4 and Ultra. other than that looks great. These are the issues I mean, nothing big just think they should be fixed with AA on the nose noth sure about the wings. Turning off AA actually makes the issue on the nose go away, weird. Here is the wing.
  5. Thanks for the hard work. Maybe you guys could have delayed the release. I know times aren’t normal. We are lucky here in Australia. Many people lost their jobs but I’ve been lucky our work has increased as PC components sales have increased so we have been doing overtime everyday. We have had a few clusters and those clusters were very deadly and consisted our most of our deaths. You guys have huge amount of infected people in Russia and should stay home as it’s very dangerous. It’s not worth it. COD modern warfare had a bug with RX Vega cards that they finally patched on their update 1.20 that kinda looks like part of the issue around the cockpit, not the black part but the outlines had jagged edges as if there was no AA. They had it around the gun and iron sights at first. It was fixed with COD patch not AMD though they probably helped narrow down the issue. No driver update was needed. In this case it would be most AMD users who helped narrow the issue down.
  6. Han maybe get al least one of these guys to use a Radeon card, then they will pick up problems before release and things will go much smoother. It can save you guys the headaches of doing hotfixes. The future GPU numbers going to look a lot different to today, next few years it will be 50-50 Nvidia and AMD. With new Navi2 and Big navi plus the next gen consoles AMD is only going to grow in numbers. I work for PC retailer in Australia and the number of AMD cards and CPU's we sell is crazy. AMD GPU's sales with Navi have dramatically increased, it used to mostly be Nvidia not anymore.
  7. It was not fixed I tried 4.006b which were curent at the time. This weekend I'll try the latest. I'' Then they should have waited till it's ready. It's anoying when you try and convice others to spend so muich money on IL-2 for others it's a lot might not be for us. But people wanting to try it out are having a hard time justifiying a lot of money to them. Their first experience it a broken release. Better to wait and have it working right.
  8. By the way it's AMD Radeon they are no longer ATI. They have AMD and the Radeon technology group.
  9. Exactly, AMD Drivers are fine with all other games. It's not the first time AMD cards are having issues on major updates. Either way you have to test on both cards and just because Nvidia works doesnt mean there won't be issues with AMD cards. It's obvious the devs use Nvidia so you guys fin any issues straight away but you have to test both Nvidia and AMD and not just Navi but GCN cards too. I know you guys are a small studio and all but this happned before so you guys should have tested before hand more. Ask Amd nicely for cards for testing the should send you so you can test for their cards beter.
  10. I am running the latest version Wondows 10 1909 Build 18363.836. IL-2 V. 4.006b I'm running Radeon 20.2.2 (WHQL) others drivers are not recomend you guys should use this driver. It's the most stable new driver, others are optional and 20.2.2 is Windows certified. CPU: i7 4770K GPU: RX Vega 64 LC. Turning off grass and changing to MSAA helped but it's still not fixed. In the Air it's not so bad but when you get close to the ground the flickering starts again with dark blotches flashing on the ground as you get closer to the terrain even with the grass turned off. I also tried bringing up the AMD overlay as it always would kill the games performance from 144fps to 10fps in the past versions of IL-2. The FPS seemed stable at 144fps but for some weird reason Steam started taking screenshots and wouldn't stop. It catured 50+ screenshots in a few seconds. The weird thing is I didn't activate the steam overlay, not even close and I have nothing bound in steam to take screen shots so it shouldn't take any screenshots at all. Looks like the overlays are getting mixed up between AMD and steam as I did bring up the AMD one and took screen shots using Radeon driver earlier but not then and steam doesn't even have a keybind recorded for screenshots. Very weird issue and no other game has any issue with Radeon Overlay or seam overlay. You guys will have to test the new 5700XT and RX Vega seperately as they are very different. RX Vega series cards have HBM2 memory and a high bandwidth cache controller and 5700XT's have GDR6. Call of Duty: Modern warfare just fixed a issue that only affected RX Vega series cards and not the new 5700 series so it shows they are very different and both need seperate testing. AMD cards are only becominng more and more popular so you guys need them for testing on new updates. Many new people are going to buy IL-2 because of the sale and will have a bad experience on AMD cards so I hope you guys sort it out soon. Good luck fixing this guys. Really looking forward to playing the new updated graphics.
  11. Have the devs here tested IL-2 with the latest driver 19.12.3 and see if the overlay also affects the performance for them. Not sure if you can disable the overlay in the Radeon settings but my Radeon Driver overlay in fullscreen only works after toggling adaptive sync on my LG 27GL850 monitor once per boot. Before doing this it locks up the mouse but nothing appears, once you press the hotkey to hide the overlay the mouse unlocks again. The overlay is very handy especially for the TAW multiplayer server as the overlay has a browser that you could use for https://il2missionplanner.com/ while playing the game without leaving fullscreen. Other games perform great with the overlay and it's only IL-2 that is affected. This AMD overlay bug in IL-2 that ruins the performance has been around for a very long time on IL-2 and AMD drivers going back a very long time. Thanks @Jason_Williams
  12. Hi guys, Please try this game with an AMD card running 19.12.3 I originally wrote this for AMD but also have to post it here. IL-2 stutters on AMD's latest driver 19.12.3 because of the Radeon overlay breaks IL-2 performance in fullscreen, no other game does the overlay restroy performance and create huge stuttering. The overlay always affected this game in the past if you brought it up, your FPS would drop to 10fps and the game would stutter. Now the FPS stays high "apparently" but it feels like 10 fps as it stutters like hell and is unplayable. For me the Radeon overlay only works if I toggle Adaptive sync on my LG 27GL850 monitor while gaming. The overlay then works fine in BF5 and PUBG but doing this on IL-2 makes it stutter as it has with IL-2 in the past if you brought up the overlay, I am sure I brought it up on here before or with AMD. I will be letting them know about this too but IL-2 has had a issue with the overlay way before this new bug that disables it. So the overlay bug on 19.12.3 is making the game playable for now as it only works if I toggle Adaptive Sync on my monitor while gaming. If the overlay worked out of the box the game would be stuttering as hell if there was no way to disable it as it comes on automatically when gaming to tell you what the key-bind is to bring the overlay up in game.. My system includes. Windows 10 64bit 1909 (latest update) i7 4770K RX Vega 64 LC - 19.12.3 - 2020 driver.
  13. I thought It was okay to fly on the other side if you create another account or change your name? There are directions in the manual on TAW. This rule is from the first page in this forum thread, has this rule changed?
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