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  1. Just as a suggestion in regards to objectives, is there any possibility in adding supply drop missions? Similar to paras, but utilizing the dropable containers we have available in the Ju-52 and hopefully will have on the C-47? Resupplying an encircled position or city would be an interesting concept I'm yet to see in any server
  2. I think this discussion is a really necessary ones and I do believe that for the career to work properly all of your points MUST be addressed, especially the communications with the AI. It's completely bare bones and definitely takes away much of the intended immersion of career mode. But I have hope they are already working on it and BoN will come with many improvements to this.
  3. True, but it fits the vision of the server right? Personally would be nice to have the leaderboards just show at the end of every campaign, players having to keep tally themselves if they want to know, but thats just me
  4. 15mm F2 is sometimes a pain, but I'm all for it if it fits the historical/realism vision for the server. Tbh one thing i miss on the plane set is the Yak-9 and the Yak-9T
  5. This campaign seems to be what I was missing from IL-2, will be taking part on it, however do you guys have a FNF discord or something else?
  6. Not trying to be THAT guy but when I preordered Tank Crew, these vehicles were supposed to come with it and it was one of the reasons that I got the pack as I thought anti-air would be a fun thing to do in a all out battle, I feel kinda cheated on that end and although I love your product and will support it all the way, this is kind of a bad move...
  7. In one hand I really wanna fly the next TAW, on the other, a new TAW campaign means more forum characters complaining about everything that does not go their way... Difficult choice.
  8. When will the promised interface rework be done? Over Youtube and facebook posts TFS primised the UI would be overhauled but it's still that old clunky mess from CloD, so is it in the works it was it just bait?
  9. Since a lot of people are having issues with the SRS keybinds and ease of use during flight I decided to share my settings since I believe it might help some of you. The first thing is the buttons, you can only use 3 different buttons, one for Radio 1 (and modifier if you wish to) Another for the Intercom Another for the Radio Chn Up or Down (or both if you can have more keys assigned) plus the overlay that really doesn't count since a lot of people can't have it on in-game The problem you may think is that there is no Push To Talk Button but wait a moment.
  10. Would it be possible to use this app for managing a virtual squadron outside of the SP campaign? As in either entering data manually (or editing existing data) or creating some sort of automation with an AAR system?
  11. 1. I do not want this title, I NEED this title. 2. Why do I want this title from you? Because I live in Brazil where the dollar used to be 3 Reais and now is 5.5 Reais thats TOOO EXPENSIVE pls help me get this in form of protest against the devaluation of our coin, with your help I can save my country by flying a P47 Razorback, do your part for a stable south america because 3. pls give haha
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