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  1. Yes, it is awful at the moment, give it a test in quick battles if you can you will see what I'm talking about, I don't go after making the Bredas a god weapon able to kill everything, just so it gets a revision and some love as some other weapons are getting, I remember some years ago where the MGs were good, I was able to fly the Macchi really well, and shoot down with no problems, of course a canon is missing but it was good, now it's really bad, and the macchi didn't get an update since its release with BoM...
  2. 1. I do not want this title, I NEED this title. 2. Why do I want this title from you? Because I live in Brazil where the dollar used to be 3 Reais and now is 5.5 Reais thats TOOO EXPENSIVE pls help me get this in form of protest against the devaluation of our coin, with your help I can save my country by flying a P47 Razorback, do your part for a stable south america because 3. pls give haha
  3. We must get support for this, the men from ITAF could make some noise perhaps...
  4. I write this in hopes the Devs will see it and remember about this collector plane, the game underwent lots of changes in this year, including DM Changes and Guns changes, for the Germans, the Soviets and the Western Allies, however the 12.7 mm Breda SAFAT machine guns and the 7.7 mm Breda-SAFAT machine guns received no love. Do not get me wrong, I am not saying these guns should perform the same as the american .50 cals, after all there are only 2 of them, but the point of the matter is that even then they are under performing in IL-2, the main issue with the Breda guns were it's slow rate of fire which is already in the game, however the shells it fired were decent compared to what we have now, with a mix of AP/HE and Incendiary bullets (Like HEI), the Bredas were effective against other fighters although not so much against heavier targets. The guns were ok before the DM change since the DM was way more fragile, however now the guns that remained unchanged I believe since the plane was introduced in the sim, are extremely ineffective, to the point where one could argue if they are firing actual spaghetti, the Macchi was one of the best planes of its time, it's been a long time since the Macchi saw any updates to it FM or Guns and would be great for it to be revised. Here are some stuff about the Macchi 202: https://www.warhistoryonline.com/instant-articles/the-italian-c-202-and-205.html https://comandosupremo.com/macchi-c202/ A small video here as well: This is an older italian forum posting with some information regarding the 202, some of the info however relates to the first production lines before some refinement was made so it wouldn't "translate" for the serie VIII we have in game.
  5. Improving AI orders, radio callouts and overall interactivity with squadmembers would improve the game a lot for me, it really feels like flying with robots, maybe in the future we can get career mode coop if not the improvements I suggested.
  6. One tip for the plane set would be to add the FW190 F-8/G-8 as attacker and limit it to the jabo role, and make the bombs on the fighter version (the A-8) locked Same could be made for the allies with the P47D
  7. They should create on for Italy 43-45, covering the invasion and the civil war, but for the Ostfront they MUST include the Macchi 200 it is one of the most charming planes that flew in the early invasion and had a real good track record with 83 soviets shot down and 13 Macchi's lost
  8. Ive created more than one thread about this little marvel, nothing yet, but hopefully we will get it eventually
  9. Not sure if I will be any good, but I would be up for it no questions asked 😄
  10. First month of 2020 is over, wonder how is the progress of the Karelia map or if its still going on
  11. I have a 1080p monitor, on highest graphical settings possible and I too get flickering roads, rivers and sometiems clouds in the distance, I thought not many people had this problem but I see many of us do, if someone finds any fix, post here!
  12. SCG_Faerber + BoN Thanks for the give away
  13. lol this forum is just so fun, pe2 pilots defending their gunners to the last, even adding players to the ignore list holy shit can't make this up
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