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  1. SCG_Faerber

    Tactical Air War

    Hey, I do not want to be a pain but I was flying today and got disconected out of sudden, not sure if it was server kicking me or I just lost conection idk, but I lost my 30 minute flight because of it. It was not intentional in any way I doing a last patrol before heading back to land and well... I had shot down an enemy on the sortie and for me every kill counts (they are hard for me to get you see) So if there's anything that could be done, thanks, if not it's ok as well, just thought I should at least try. https://taw.stg2.de/pilot_sortie.php?id=5396&name=SCG_Faerber
  2. SCG_Faerber

    Maps repaints

    Just wish the devs would implement this officialy
  3. SCG_Faerber

    IL-2 CLOD in GBS

    Do you think it is a waste of resources to update CLOD? or have TF help with the porting and update of their assets to implement CLOD into GBS? I thought the plan for the IL-2 series was to have it all in one launcher. Ps. I know this is an old discussion but I was wanting to play some CLOD but there are less than 10 players online and the thought came to me
  4. SCG_Faerber

    American and British Voice "Actors" Needed ASAP!!

    I do know this is a little off-topic but do you plan on remaking German and Russian radio callouts?
  5. SCG_Faerber

    My last give away

    Hey, I have a friend who can't afford mose of the plane packs, I already have the PO2 but if you could send me one of the PO-2 codes, I would give it to him. He doesn't use the forums...
  6. SCG_Faerber

    Developer Diary 214 - Discussion

    This was a really nice Dev Diary, thank you for all the work on development and on community management, here's to a 2019 of prosperity for the IL-2 Great Battles Series
  7. SCG_Faerber

    Stalingrad Sewer System

    Hey, that's pretty good
  8. SCG_Faerber

    "Italian" career with MC-202 Folgore

    They already renamed "Axis" to Germany and "Allies" to Soviet Union, probably on it's way to create more, if what they lack is the time for research, I would be more than happy to find out and compile the info needed for a Italy nation
  9. SCG_Faerber

    Battle of Rome

    With a map like this we could have scenarios from 42 (Sicily bomb raids) to 45 (tialian civil war), amazing stuff
  10. SCG_Faerber

    "Italian" career with MC-202 Folgore

    I was refering to the career, sometimes I forget we have actual campaigns as well. I am really interested however on creating these databases for minor squadrons, like Italian, Spanish, Hungarian and Romenian for the career
  11. SCG_Faerber

    "Italian" career with MC-202 Folgore

    Oh? Which texts? Haven´t seen it and the only thing that prevents me from doing a spanish campaign is the lack of flavor for it
  12. SCG_Faerber

    KNIGHTS OF THE AIR Multiplayer Server

    Issue with FlaK I think was that it was too accurate against low fliers, maybe setting the FlaK so it won't shoot below 1-2km would make it a lot better. Make the small caliber AA deal with low fliers while the FlaK hits the high bombers. Maybe even reduce accuracy of the FlaK if possible, I think that flying on a cloud of FlaK is too interesting to be left out
  13. SCG_Faerber

    KNIGHTS OF THE AIR Multiplayer Server

    Hey, I really liked the new map, but I noticed the reds were leaving the game really fast, maybe adding more red planes than german ones (if that's not a thing already) could improve the issue
  14. SCG_Faerber

    KNIGHTS OF THE AIR Multiplayer Server

    Agreed, vulching although shitty is a part of war. I think that the idea of warning of incoming planes 15 or even 20 km prior with a "enemy plane spotted north at 3k altitude" is a good solution. Only penalty for vulching should be the vulchers reputation, unless of course it's an organized airfield raid which in that case is merely a tactical action
  15. SCG_Faerber

    KNIGHTS OF THE AIR Multiplayer Server

    this discussion is absurdly pointless, both arguments are contradictory although I suspect that BraveSirRobin is just baiting at this point