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  1. Not trying to be THAT guy but when I preordered Tank Crew, these vehicles were supposed to come with it and it was one of the reasons that I got the pack as I thought anti-air would be a fun thing to do in a all out battle, I feel kinda cheated on that end and although I love your product and will support it all the way, this is kind of a bad move...
  2. In one hand I really wanna fly the next TAW, on the other, a new TAW campaign means more forum characters complaining about everything that does not go their way... Difficult choice.
  3. When will the promised interface rework be done? Over Youtube and facebook posts TFS primised the UI would be overhauled but it's still that old clunky mess from CloD, so is it in the works it was it just bait?
  4. Since a lot of people are having issues with the SRS keybinds and ease of use during flight I decided to share my settings since I believe it might help some of you. The first thing is the buttons, you can only use 3 different buttons, one for Radio 1 (and modifier if you wish to) Another for the Intercom Another for the Radio Chn Up or Down (or both if you can have more keys assigned) plus the overlay that really doesn't count since a lot of people can't have it on in-game The problem you may think is that there is no Push To Talk Button but wait a moment. On the settings select the option Radio Switch works as PTT, this will allow you to use the Radio 1 button as a PTT to Radio 1, and the Intercom button to serve as a PTT for the Intercom. Then if you prefer make it so the Intercom audio comes out from a different ear or something more recongizable so you don't get confused when people from the intercom are communicating with you when you are in a radio channel. This will allow you to fly with only 3 keybinds, one to talk to the Radio, another for the Intercom and a 3rd one to cycle between the 5 radio channels. I hope this helps.
  5. Would it be possible to use this app for managing a virtual squadron outside of the SP campaign? As in either entering data manually (or editing existing data) or creating some sort of automation with an AAR system?
  6. 1. I do not want this title, I NEED this title. 2. Why do I want this title from you? Because I live in Brazil where the dollar used to be 3 Reais and now is 5.5 Reais thats TOOO EXPENSIVE pls help me get this in form of protest against the devaluation of our coin, with your help I can save my country by flying a P47 Razorback, do your part for a stable south america because 3. pls give haha
  7. Improving AI orders, radio callouts and overall interactivity with squadmembers would improve the game a lot for me, it really feels like flying with robots, maybe in the future we can get career mode coop if not the improvements I suggested.
  8. One tip for the plane set would be to add the FW190 F-8/G-8 as attacker and limit it to the jabo role, and make the bombs on the fighter version (the A-8) locked Same could be made for the allies with the P47D
  9. They should create on for Italy 43-45, covering the invasion and the civil war, but for the Ostfront they MUST include the Macchi 200 it is one of the most charming planes that flew in the early invasion and had a real good track record with 83 soviets shot down and 13 Macchi's lost
  10. Ive created more than one thread about this little marvel, nothing yet, but hopefully we will get it eventually
  11. Not sure if I will be any good, but I would be up for it no questions asked 😄
  12. First month of 2020 is over, wonder how is the progress of the Karelia map or if its still going on
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