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  1. Ive created more than one thread about this little marvel, nothing yet, but hopefully we will get it eventually
  2. Not sure if I will be any good, but I would be up for it no questions asked ๐Ÿ˜„
  3. First month of 2020 is over, wonder how is the progress of the Karelia map or if its still going on
  4. I have a 1080p monitor, on highest graphical settings possible and I too get flickering roads, rivers and sometiems clouds in the distance, I thought not many people had this problem but I see many of us do, if someone finds any fix, post here!
  5. SCG_Faerber + BoN Thanks for the give away
  6. lol this forum is just so fun, pe2 pilots defending their gunners to the last, even adding players to the ignore list holy shit can't make this up
  7. I believe less but more complex objectives, more airfields (also further away from the frontline) would help in mission design. Also some objectives (like industries) being located far behind enemy lines, so mostly level bombers AI or not would be able to strike it efficiently.
  8. Macchi 200 saw lots of action on the eastern front, it racked up a total of 81 russian planes destroyed to 13 Macchi 200 lost, it also could be a fun plane to fly, kinda like an I-16 for the Axis. I would also love the IAR 81, awesome plane.
  9. yeah, I thought that was the general assumption
  10. Bomb load is only relevant to big targets such as depots/concentrated factories (overall strategic targets), to tactical targets such as tank column or TAW defenses it actually pays to bring smaller bombs in big quantity. On the Western front where the allied objective is strategic and the axis one is defensive/airfield raids, the P38 bomb load could render high altitude bombing useless since the P38 could do the job on its own taking away the core feeling for the campaign which is its historical authenticity.
  11. I quite like the idea of separate campaigns. The air war was really different on the Western Front from the Eastern Front so assembling them into one would make all really game-y, well done guys!
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