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  1. actually twcs has almost same amount of buttons with my old ch throttle. so it is ok in terms of buttons. but i really really hate stiction (i demolished an x-52 stick because of this)
  2. VPC throttle is extremely expensive for me
  3. Hello I have Ch throttle and it is extremely jittery and its ministick is about to die. I play DCS and sometimes IL2 I am considering getting a new throttle. Warthog looks very good but it is too expensive and i am not sure if it is worth that much money. It should last at least 5 years due to its high price. Other thing is, it is designed for A-10, which i don't like. I like its switches but i prefer momentary instead 2-3 position. For TWCS side, i read some reviews and looks like it has a serious stiction problems. I want precise movements for helicopter riding and plane refuel and carrier landings. Second consern is that it doesn't look like robust. I don't want another jittery ministick and throttle axis. But damn..it is way too cheaper than warthog Are there any twcs users? i need some opinions and some encouragement. Should i go for warthog or catch a twcs? Thanks
  4. +1 using pe-2 and they always leave me behind.
  5. that's no sense then. old dynamic campaign was much better than this. i could play whatever mission even without choosing a side. now i am just drowning with the informations, biographies, newspapers. and plus my old career progress is gone too. can we get this old campaign again?
  6. now i tried a new career with iron man is checked. i killed my pilot and carrer is over again. it shows "pilot is killed" no more missions..
  7. ah it makes sense. iron man = nothing happens to you
  8. it is already unchecked but i only see "pilot is dead" or "pilot is captured" so i cannot play any missions with that particular career
  9. I created a new career and got shot down and i was announced dead. Is this career over? can't i play same mission after i hit exit? do i need to start from the beginning?
  10. using nvida panel instead in game, gave me worse aa image. now i tried ultra settings and lower gamma and sharpen check box gave me better image. i think i will stick to it. thanks for the tips
  11. Hi guys, I play this sim not so often. So i don't have a deep knowledge of its features. My pc specs are below. Although i am using 4x aa setting, i see lots of shimmering. And performance is not that fluent. I don't want to use reshade or sweet fx or this type of addons. And i heven't done any changes via nvidia cp Can you help me with the graphic settings i7 2600k 4.3oc gtx1070 8gb 16gb ddr3 ram game is on hdd
  12. when is this update will be implemented? can't wait to see this rain
  13. Hi guys, I haven't been playing this sim for a few years and i only have BOS version. If i re install this sim from steam, will i get canopy rain effects for all my planes or should i wait for it to be implemented? thanks
  14. hi sokol1, i am not planning to mod a warthog. cheap plan: keep current fighterstick as plane flights & geting a cobra m5 and modding for helis expensive plan: getting a warthog as plane flights & modding fighterstick for helis.
  15. Hi guys, I am currently using complete ch set (fighterstick-pedal-throttle) I like to fly with both planes and helicopters. For heli flying, i heard that a joysitck without centering mechanizm provides very good results. for this i am planning to get a defender cobra and making a washer mod. (plese check the link and also pdf file) second and expensive plan, is to get a warthog set and make same mod on my ch fighterstick. (i think ch fighterstick and cobra has very smilar gimbal systems) which way do you think i should go? second queston, if i buy a warthog, will i get good results? ps: i don't like stiff and sticky sticks. http://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=2738654&postcount=667
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