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  1. Really like the Bodenplatte Map so far. Would be awesome the have all the castles on Rhein and MOsel added as well lol. They are crucial military fortesses of course 🙂
  2. Exactly.Ok not without a scratch,like said one of us lost a rudder surface. But wasnt recognized till our fighter escort told us so. I dont mind the outcome of zero losses ofc. But too strong? definetely not. Maybe some people just need it too easy? So far the AAA on your server is pretty descent. The only thing is Jagdbombing on Artillery and stuff, i was taken out numerous times now with the first bullet, but that happens.
  3. Hartman said the easiest way was to go for the oil radiator. Of course from max 50 meters with a good burst of MG and 20mil.No gunpods needed if you manage to do so. the problem is to manage to do so 🙂
  4. That was what imeant.Ofcourse maybe we were just lucky bastards. Cause we did not receive much of AA in that altitude. But especially the 8.8 AA should pick is up. Its always hard to say if it is to weak or you just had a lot of luck. Maybe you will indeed net to lower the low altitude AAA and strenghten the heavy AAA for high altitude cover. We will see.
  5. Hey guys, yesterday evening some of our ARTOA pilots did a mission on the early Kban map. Not sure which one anymore, but it was in the evening and when i joined there was a amazing balance of 8 russians against 35 germans or so lol. So we flew a level bombing mission with 3 Peshkas covered by 4 Yaks. Target was the german factory I am not sure if the AAA there is realistic. We flew at about 5.5 k and the bombers in a close formation. Above the target we received some AAA, 2 of use were unharmed, one lost the right rudder. thing is, i am not sure if you should not place a bit more heavy AAA there. A target of that size and value should be a bit better armed or not? I dont know how many AA units are placed there, and i did not do a strafing or dive attack on it the last 2 weeks, but for high altitude level bombing it could use a bit more heavy AA i THINK Also it was a bit hard to hit the target because it rendered really really late. Is there anything you could do to let the target render a bit earlier? Maybe not the full deatails, but at least something that makes it possible to finally aim for it so i can be sure if course is good or if corrections are needed (yesterday there were, so i almost had to pass it because i saw it so late)
  6. ARTO will fly red this time as well. Trying a P40 campaign stay alive as long as possible 🙂
  7. I wasnt talking about the Server thing where you told me to back off 🙂 I mean just in general. If you say there will be changes in this things soon, thats fine, i am patient. So i will just wait for you guys to ready things up 🙂 But next time i tell you i DID turn arround, you can just believe 🙂. I would not lie
  8. Well at least that sounds promising and gives more patience instead of a general NOPE 🙂
  9. @-[HRAF]BubiHUN could we have a Poll for allowing light Spawn AF attacks? I think it should be allowed to strafe enemy AF. Not camping there until you run out of fuel, but it shgould also not be prohibited since it was a main part of Aerial Warfare and should not be missed on a realistic server.
  10. I think air field raids should be allowed. However AF raping only should be forbidden cause it just makes the game boring over time. But like said before, low altitude AF raids should be allowed. Especially since it most likely ends with the death of the vlcher anyway. But also because it was/is amain part of gaining Air superiority in every war. Imagine Barbarossa or the six-day war without AF vulching. But all vulcher pilots should keep in mind that this is still a game (even if FR) and should create fun. So do not overrape the enemy AF. But i dont like the rule of prohibit it completely. GPS is tricky, i can navigate without but ofc i use it if it is on. Mostlöy i like the fact that GPS gives easier access to new players. I would like to keep it. If i no löonger use it thats my choice and if others do and gain a 1% advantage, i wont mind.
  11. Yay, Mission descriptions 🙂 Well done so far. Love to see that a Full Real server has peaks above Wings of Liberty 🙂
  12. Hey guys, first of all i appreciate you work and we are all looking forward to have more and more fun on the Server. Like mentiones yesterday at the server, after a short session on monday evening with 2 ARTOA friends on the KLuban map i would like to suggest something. It turned out that our little group of 1 Bf110 (2x250kg), 1 Bf109 (1x250kg) and 1 Bf109 (Guns only) were able to anihilate about (i would say) 50% of the russian factory complex in the north. It was clearly undamaged before we arrived and the bombs did only their fair share of damage. Most of it was dealed by our Guns. While this might be ok for the fuel storage tanks, it should definetely not work with the Houses and factory buildings. The AAA was way to weak as well. We circled the target for maybe 1 or 2 minutes at roughly 2k and then dove down and continued the strafe for at least 5 minutes. Not only was none of us killed, but in fact nobody was touched. The few AAA guns shooting were easy to deastroy and then the rest was silence :-) Iknow since then there were a few updates, so it might be fixed already. But i just want to let you know. See you soon.
  13. Yeah indeed, TS-gate was always a problem on TAW. I guess not only here but it affect this server much more than it does on WoL ore something similar. And I am guilty of doing it as well. I am mostly flying without TS or on our clan TS. That’s neither wise nor fun and I don’t know why I keep doing. Maybe I should just hop on the TAW TS more often as it can cause quite nice flyouts and a much more better time (not to speak about efficiency!)
  14. Oh well, I did not say they played better. But the won anyway. So maybe now under other conditions it’s the time of the Luftwaffe winning some campaigns. I don’t see the point because players “need” to leave because of that. In addition and to be honest I did not care about the overall victory anymore that bad. When I started in October I did. But that leads to frustration, because no matter what we or I did and how much more Lw guy there were, we always lost. So I decided for me that it is not really something that I can master alone. I do my sorties like I want, I try to help others and I try to kill as many Russian ground/air targets as possible. And then the rest is lcuk, dedication of overall teams or simply more input in time. So I think that is the most healthy you can do. Do whatever you can and if your side wins-> awesome. If your sides loses-> well, at least its not real, like it was for the pilots back then. And why should I leave just because I am outnumbered 3to1? It doesn’t really matter for MY mission since they cannot (and will never) be all on one spot. When I flew bombing missions in times when the Lw was outnumbered, ofc I saw that on the player board, but I did mostly not experience any difference in the number of enemies I saw/engage/have been engaged by. Of course you are forced to act in a different way if you are out numbered. It its quite fun sometimes to be the “sneaky asshole” and pass to all of the enemy defense to attack somewhere where they would never expect you to be. I think its quite sad and stupid to leave the server because of that and its even worse to start insulting each other because of that…
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