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  1. So, i originally purchased "IL-2 BoS" from Steam, but have been adding collector planes from the IL-2 Store ever since. Recently i purchased "IL-2 Bodenplatte" from the store, thus got a new setup under "IL-2 Great Battles", which gives my access to both "BoS" and "Bodenplatte", and all added AC. Right now i don't even need to have Steam running at all to start my IL-2 content, i just fire up the "IL-2 Great Battles" launcher that keeps everything up to date. My question, do i need to keep my Steam setup to access all my IL-2 content? Thx,
  2. like the tittle, says, i have the original BOS from STEAM, back in the day i didn't knew about buying directly from the developer. i want to get the "Bodenplatte" in the IL-2 store, will it work OK with the STEAM version of "Stalingrad" ? sorry if this isn't the best place to ask but i don't have much time to go looking these days, thk u guys
  3. next stop Western Europe, would be so nice if we had a portion of the channel though.. i'll be cruising in the Spitfire Mk.IX that's for sure (i guess the FW 190-D will be a matter of time)
  4. could it be possible to include the Spitfire in more missions? please i bought the AC and i can barely use it on your server; as a result i've been more frequent at Berloga, and my dogfighting skills have increase, but i'd so much like to be able to use more on WOL,, k? thx in any case,
  5. it worked, actually the key came activated right after payment, it was just fire up BoS and the AC was already available
  6. ok thx for the quick reply my Yak is gonna be in tears when i park the Spit though
  7. i have Battle of Stalingrad (Steam Version) and intend on adding the Spitfire, when i got the FW 190 it was on Steam, but can't find the Spitfire there; if i get it through here, will it work with Steam? thx,
  8. after a few quick missions solo, this is a huge step forward, you dev guys delivered huge thks for the effort, now we ppl should make an effort to reward this crew and buy something, a collectors plane at least. love the rain drops when you go into clouds also the wind effect seems toned down and better
  9. i was reserving the praise to after 1st launch, but thank you all the dev team so much; ill be getting Kuban later on
  10. same here, verifying integrity of the installed files didn't help
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