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  1. Yep! For the "Panzerglas" used in WW2, which basically is Verbundglas (laminated glas), meaning it's several layers of glass separated by plastic foil. The glass layer in Panzerglas has a refraction index of 2.5 the foil has a refraction index of 1.03. Since the plastic foil is a very thin (0,38 mm to 0,76 mm) layer it can nearly be ignored. Which leaves us at least with a strong refraction index of >2.25.
  2. Only 4 planes built 3 pilots died on crash. It was too hard to fly. I wonder why it has the best flight model in IL-2 1946.
  3. We have a new web-address www.jg54.org
  4. Yes we do. Probably not the best of the best of best, but only probably. ;-) When's release?
  5. I'm missing the mobile view of this forum for smartphones. I had it the first time I visited this forum, then it vanished. Does anyone have an idea how switch back to mobile view?
  6. Teo, my man! How are you and how have you been? Good to see(read) you and welcome back. We should get startet flying again!
  7. Campaign sounds great! Any Blue slots available?
  8. Hey Merlin, what s up? How are you, how is Tangmere, how is flying?
  9. JG54 is noch im Dienst und ist gerade nach Stalingrad verlegt worden.
  10. Hello, JG54 is formed, based loosely on 10 years of tradition and success of II/JG54, established by Baron back in the year 2000. We are generally a European based group but now accept applicants from further a field and have dedicated Staffels for a number of languages to facilitate predominantly NON- Englishspeakers. A little understanding of English is helpful for inter Staffel Communications. Official Flight meeting dates - on Hyperlobby on Mondays and Thursdays at 21h00 CET or other dates as agreed. And we are recruiting :-D Hop onto our TS and check out how we are going. Our Website is: http://gruenherzjaeger.de/
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