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  1. G6 is heavier than all the older 109s and not really more powerful, it does have improved firepower though, with the 7.92mm LMGs being replaced by 13.2mm HMGs and the option of mounting the MK108 30mm cannon. So if you want more forepower at the cost of some performance the G6 is good. If you're missing the La-5FN that is a must have, the La-5 is nice but not the powerhouse the FN is.
  2. Out of all the expansions of the game you're going to choose the only one with a fairly balanced planeset to make your point? And you realize that just because the allies have the Tempest in game does not mean anything if you're not playing a Bodenplatte match? Tempest/P51 vs K4/D9 might be a well balanced matchup, and I-16 or LaGG-3 vs an F2 or F4 is not. Even the Yak-1 struggles against any competent 109 pilot. Out of all the expansions Normandy is the first one where the higher performance fighters rest squarely in the allied corner and even then only the Spit XIV is beyond doubt superior though the Typhoon and P-51B/C will be competitive for sure. 1/4 is fairly balanced, 3/4 are German favoured. And just like you said you can expect a huge chunk of the people that like to stack German teams, who refuse to fly anything Soviet switching sides when their 190 or 109 is no longer the undisputed top dog.
  3. Might be good to get a taste of your own medicine for once then?
  4. All armament variants, including the IID were delivered to the Soviet Union and have already been confirmed to be included as modifications.
  5. You're not supposed to see LaGG-3s in Moscow since the variant in game is a Post-Moscow production.
  6. As long as you've got the computer specs to run VR, I think the Rift S is definitely worth it if you don't want to shell out the price for the Index. It's the best budget package for VR that comes with everything you need for flight simming or other VR experiences and games. Keep in mind that you will lose a quite a lot of graphical fidelity when moving from monitor to the Rift S, but I think the immersion and feeling of sitting in the cockpit flying yourself you gain, is worth the sacrifice.
  7. If you bought Stalingrad and Bodenplatte on Steam they won't show up on your website profile, only ones bought from the website will. But when you start the game through steam you should definitely have both Stalingrad and Bodenplatte. Note that careers and scripted campaigns are different though and scripted campaigns need to be bought separately. In careers you should have both Stalingrad and the Rheinland available.
  8. 106 G-6, La-5FN, Ju-52M, U2-VS and the currently yet unreleased Hurricane Mk. II, Yak-9 and Yak-9T
  9. Yes, that's what it means. No additional steps required.
  10. Spit Mk IX can maintain combat settings for an hour straight, you don't really need to about the engine holding other than with emergency power.
  11. You could assume he meant not strapped into a flying coffin.
  12. Do you actually have the U17 modification enabled?
  13. Jonttu1 + BoN Thanks a lot for the generosity and good luck to everyone.
  14. Very generous dude! I'd like to throw my friend in for Bodenplatte, I got him into flight sims just a little over a month ago and he has bought all the other expansions on sale already, but has been holding off on bodenplatte because of the price. https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/profile/216452-karim/ Thanks and happy new year! E: Wew, thanks a lot again from me and my friend he appreciates it a lot. We'll have good fun and frustration trying to get him learned how to fly those late-war beasts and getting shot down by all the SCG fellows on combat box.
  15. Have a button on the HOTAS for clicking, look around with VR at what you want to operate and use button. This is how I do it in DCS. Using VR controllers only to control any aircraft that detailed seems like an exercise in frustration.
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