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  1. The announcement wasn't fully clear, will the Yak-9 and Yak-9T be separate purchases or part of the same pack?
  2. Many, many people have been asking for the Mosquito... Where's the love for my Beau, the Beaufighter?
  3. Oh hell no. Some sort of in-game party system and VOIP over radio would be great, but don't handicap the people who can't or don't want to play in a squad even more than they already are.
  4. But if the teams were stacked Germans and now they're stacked on the Allied side... That simply means the people who were stacking Germans have switched to Allies. So many of the true criminals aren't feeling the pain.
  5. P-38 smokes at auto rich too. You need to fly with auto-lean if you want no smoke in it.
  6. Standard edition of Bodenplatte isn't for sale yet, so if you've bought Bodenplatte now, you should have the P-38J as well.
  7. Sounds like a great idea. Would also love to have some kind of resource management element, taking factories or other such and getting money for completed missions to buy more or better aircraft...
  8. Sounds a bit like you haven't centered your head position correctly then. I can turn around just fine without bumping into anything, but when I start the game, the first thing I do in the plane is recenter the view because often the head position is slightly too high simply jumping straight in, which might cause these issues. After doing that I find the restrictions on head movement perfectly natural and it's far more annoying to play on servers where it is not restricted.
  9. P-51 should have the highest range. It replaced P-38s and P-47s as bomber escorts specifically because it could escort the bombers into Germany and back from England.
  10. Agreed with SuperEtendard, the MS 406 is way more important for a Finnish Air Force lineup than the Hurricane. And as iconic as the SB-2M is for the winter war and early continuation war, the IL-4 would be a better choice of standard bomber for the Soviets. The Soviets are lacking a proper level bomber with a significant payload.
  11. In an ideal world people would choose their teams based on team balance and not based on whatever team they like more at the expense of any balance, but that's unlikely to happen. It would be a refreshing change of pace at least to be able to actually play Germans for once though.
  12. This isn't the final update though, we'll still be missing the careers at least.
  13. It's pretty much a necessity if the game does go to the pacific. Navigation over open ocean would be pretty much impossible without such tools.
  14. I really don't get this point. What vehicles you can use in whatever mission is up to the mission creator... Yeah you could fly WW1 planes over Midway or Japanese planes in Moscow. How is this any different from being able to fly 262s over Moscow in quick missions or something similar already? And there is plenty of overlap between allied planes at least in the PTO and ETO. We already have P-40, P-39 and A-20, Spit Mk Vb and might even be getting the Hurricane Mk IIb soon which all saw significant service in the Pacific. And there are many more planes that were more common in the Pacific, but also saw significant use in other theaters like Corsair, Wildcats and Hellcats in the atlantic with the Royal Navy or Catalina flying boats... Separating the pacific into it's own game would just be a waste of this overlap potential.
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