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  1. 106 G-6, La-5FN, Ju-52M, U2-VS and the currently yet unreleased Hurricane Mk. II, Yak-9 and Yak-9T
  2. Yes, that's what it means. No additional steps required.
  3. Spit Mk IX can maintain combat settings for an hour straight, you don't really need to about the engine holding other than with emergency power.
  4. You could assume he meant not strapped into a flying coffin.
  5. Do you actually have the U17 modification enabled?
  6. Jonttu1 + BoN Thanks a lot for the generosity and good luck to everyone.
  7. Very generous dude! I'd like to throw my friend in for Bodenplatte, I got him into flight sims just a little over a month ago and he has bought all the other expansions on sale already, but has been holding off on bodenplatte because of the price. https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/profile/216452-karim/ Thanks and happy new year! E: Wew, thanks a lot again from me and my friend he appreciates it a lot. We'll have good fun and frustration trying to get him learned how to fly those late-war beasts and getting shot down by all the SCG fellows on combat box.
  8. Have a button on the HOTAS for clicking, look around with VR at what you want to operate and use button. This is how I do it in DCS. Using VR controllers only to control any aircraft that detailed seems like an exercise in frustration.
  9. Send gift back, they refund and regift through IL-2 site? Or you can try to contact IL-2 support to get a steam authorization for IL-2 BOS so you can link the accounts.
  10. There's only one option. For my love of the Hornet is too strong. And the hope burns that the U4 modification will be in BoN.
  11. Go to a quick mission and check the list if you can't remember.
  12. Had similar issues with a friend of mine, both reinstalled and that fixed it.
  13. Most of the Japanese air units during the battle of Guadalcanal operated from airbases in Rabaul which was over 1000 kilometers in distance. You could have the carriers in there as part of the battle of Eastern Solomons to give the Japanese a little closer deployment points, but for any career in the current form you'd need Rabaul which is a bit too far away.
  14. This movie was awful with basically the only saving grace being any scene with Isoroku Yamamoto in it. I was pleasently surprised at how much the movie spent on the Japanese side, showing the disagreements between the Navy and Army and between Naval leadership and what lead to them being caught so off guard. But on the whole the movie feels like a disjointed mess from start to finish. Just like I feared based on the trailer, there is way too much unnecessary fluff crammed into this movie. Pearl Harbor is rehashed, though even that is done extremely poorly. The scene is ridiculously fast, I guess they're trying to invoke what a surprise the attack was, but everyone in the audience knows it is coming, so the surprise falls flat and the time we spend with Sully and Roy Pearce feels wasted. Then they smash in the Doolittle Raid, the Marshall Islands raid and the Battle of The Coral Sea, which glossed over when it at least affected the outcome at Midway. No mention of the Fleet Carriers knocked out at Coral Sea, which weakened the Japanese attack. This movie should have been nothing but the codebreaking, a bit of Coral Sea and then the action at Midway. Would have fit perfectly. And I have a hard time seeing how anyone that likes simulators or military aviation at all can speak positively of this movies action. The choreography of air fights is awful and overall it is just as bad, if not worse, than Red Tails. All it needs is Ed Skrein shouting to his gunner "Let me show him a little trick I learned." before he pulls his SBD into a vertical climb with a Zero sticking directly on his tail and somehow avoids him with a stall and hammerhead turn. Any semblance of strategy or tactics is lost and the airfights are simply bombers flying through ridiculous hails of flak or fighters to get absolutely destroyed or survive with no clear rhyme or reason why for the audience.
  15. The mass luftwaffe attacks aiming to cripple the allied air forces by attacking their airfields that the expansion is named after doesn't actually happen in career.
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