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  1. works just fine with mods on
  2. Yes, that is what happens when FOV is changed to extremes. If you want to change the position you could try in \luascripts\worldobjects\fixcameras\planes but I don't know if this still works.
  3. Use UnGTP, then look in luascripts\cameras Then change MinimumFOVGrad in which ever camera you want.
  4. Its doing it with hex editing. There are multipliers for object length about each axis. You can also edit some of the shader parameters. Current torp mod length vs short torp Note: rename shorttorp.rar to shorttorpmgm The model multipliers are here. Again stock on left vs short mod on right. Default value of hex 80 = 128 dec. This is no multiply. Values > 80 make longer, values lower than 80 make shorter. Shader values are later. Often model has multiple shaders for different parts. That is like this;
  5. The torp in the mod is already a bit smaller and about the correct dimensions for the F5b. The problem is offsetting the location for the origin/hook used to place the torpedo. I have no idea how to do this and it limits how short a torp can be made without it being placed too far aft.
  6. Are you using mods or not? Because you have a half dozen issues going on and its not obvious if you are running this mod or not. Its either the mod or you have some severe driver issues.
  7. The specular maps are actually pretty nice just let down by stock games shading.
  8. In texture.tini there is a setting called RTcontrast. Values higher than 1 increase tile contrast while values lower decrease it - stalingrad is set to 0.7 in stock. The skydome texture is blended in with the landscape and this decreases landscape contrast. I'm pretty sure every single map can have its own set of weather presets.
  9. Mods will often get turned off with every update, but I do think steam has redownloaded things I've changed before too. Either way an easy fix.
  10. It is easy to change. In each aircrafts texture folder there will be a texture named AIRCRAFTNAME_blr.dds. Most changes should be done to alpha channel.
  11. Yes.... and tonemapping + LUT. Its gamma correct because I finally found an easy fix for the texture sampling issue. Although the textures are still a bit wrong (too low contrast) its close enough.
  12. I prefer to be really simple and direct because I know from experience that reading about modding through a translator sucks. I know some find this explanation dumb but the only reason I can make maps is because of stuff posted in the Russian il2/rof forum and on old sukhoi.ru wayback archives. Some of those posts were practically impossible to figure out using multiple machine translators. Simple and direct may come across as rude but it translates well - and there are quite a few ESL modders for this game. I was out of hand with the dick part so I retracted that. But I'll never a
  13. LizLemon

    Weapons Mod

    Its some kind of special format the devs are using and probably created themselves. If you open it with a hex editor you can see a 'pattern' to the data. In theory it could be decoded/reversed if one is smart enough or willing to dedicate enough time to it (ie not me). Based on what I've seen elsewhere in the game the .bin file seems to store some kind of ballistics data, but it could be collision stuff.
  14. Do you mean dynamic or scripted campaigns?
  15. LizLemon

    Weapons Mod

    There is no need to include files that aren't altered, the game will load them up fine. It won't reduce the filesize that much so it doesn't really matter, but you could slightly reduce your mod size.
  16. Light.bmp is sun, ambient, a line that does nothing and moon. There is no night ambient. I know a certain someone probably told you otherwise but he is wrong and its very easy to test if you doubt me. And peregrine is right, most of you light.bmps have weird things going on. 3 of them are pinkish light during the day, one has blue sunlight during sunrise another has the sun shining through the ground, a couple of them have brighter ambient than sunlight, ect. I've explained all of this stuff to you multiple times. I can get some of these things being stylized/exaggerated intention
  17. Post some examples of good propeller effects please. I'm not being sarcastic or anything. Parallax decals. It will be interesting to see if they've gone deffered with decals. Do you consider War Thunder a sim? Because that is probably the best damage modeling in any flight game outside of beamNG - and beam is the best in some ways and terrible in others.
  18. There are tons of goofy issues in this game that are very straight forward fixes. I doubt anything will be done about them. Like the glow around the moon - the banding is bad because the glow texture is bright and the value it is multiplied by, something like 0.1 at full moon, is very low. This causes quantization errors. The banding can easily be fixed by doing the opposite, making the glow texture dim and the value its multiplied by 1.0 at full moon. Or the sun since the exact same glow texture is being used there, even though the sky is also being made brighter by the sun.
  19. I've posted about it before. What they need to do is stop using a regular pattern for dither(bayer) and use some like blue noise or triangular dither. The mod I made just changes the dither pattern to blue noise and does a very good job at reducing the banding - and this would be a very easy change for the developers to do, like a whopping 2mins to do. The other thing is to do the dither/noise right before the framebuffer is converted to 8bit for output to the display. This couple with a random noise will basically make any kind of banding invisible nearly 100% of the time. Over th
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