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  1. LizLemon

    [MOD] Cockpit 4k rework

    The 109 pits are the biggest pain in the ___ because; 1. the weathering is way overdone and doesnt make sense in a lot of places and 2. pretty much every 109 sans the E uses the same cockpit texture. Making a new 109 pit consists of creating a clean mostly wear free texture, which I am doing now. Then once that is done applying wear to that texture in different patterns for all the subtypes of 109.
  2. LizLemon

    Exhaust Flames

    graphics\textures\common exhaust_flame.dds
  3. LizLemon

    Bf109 3D cockpit model not accured

    From the G6. The highlighted line is the top of the armored glass
  4. LizLemon

    [MOD] Pilot in cockpit (updated: 4k textures)

    Updated first link to a new version that supports BoK in addition to BoS. The A-20 and P-39 have partial animations.
  5. Try smoothing the specular.
  6. LizLemon

    [MOD] Draw distance increase (ships, stalingrad smoke)

    I'm not seeing this. The big stalingrad smokes just have a slight throbbing on my end. What setting do you have effects at in-game?
  7. LizLemon

    New hangar

    I've actually given serious thought to a historically correct fonts mod😅 Replace the menu music with shostakovich or prokofiev too.
  8. LizLemon

    P-47 panel depth

    normal map textures are in IL-2 Sturmovik Battle of Stalingrad\data\graphics\Planes You can edit this map by using an unsharp mask or increasing contrast to make the panel lines pop a bit more. You can make a new one by using the template for skins and only displaying the panel line and rivet layers over a middle gray background. Then convert that texture into a normal map using photoshop or some other piece of software.
  9. LizLemon

    DDS settings

    Save the file as .tga, 32bit if it has alpha 24 if it doesnt. Use compressonator to export it to dxt5 (bc3) dds for fewer compression artifacts. Command line nvidia exporter also works a lot better then the nvidia or intel dds plugin for photoshop. https://github.com/GPUOpen-Tools/Compressonator
  10. LizLemon

    Post Your Screenshots / Vids Here

    Trying to make a AII silver pe-2, getting closer to right
  11. LizLemon

    109 cockpit gauges

    Every cockpit in game already has specular highlights.
  12. Yeah there is no way of getting rid of artifacts completely with dxt5. If the developers could add support for bc7 then we could have textures without any noticeable compression at the exact same file size. Compressonator does a better job of things than nvidia and intels dds exporters.
  13. Cockpits dont have normals because they are using a different shader than the exterior model. This also means they cant have any gloss and reflections like the exterior either. For normals maps you'll get better results if you save the texture as a TGA file and use compressonator to convert it to a dds. Either set the export settings in compressonator as adaptive or use manual settings like 0.46 red 0.46 green 0.08 blue. You should do this because the blue channel isnt really important in normal maps and most of the data is in the red and green channel. github.com/GPUOpen-Tools/Compressonator
  14. LizLemon

    109 cockpit gauges

    Its just something I've been messing with on an off for a while. Trying to get the color about right for most situations, including when its in shade and at night. The best thing that can be done is to give the glass a slight tint like that. Trying to bake a reflection into it ala Clod doesnt work as all instruments are pulling the glass from the exact same location. Those are not reflections, they are specular highlights. Same as every other surface in this game.