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  1. I was thinking about upgrading to a 2070 super but I'll probably just wait now. I mostly care about the ray tracing improvements in the 3000 series, and what AMD will do with regards to RT support.
  2. If you mean reflections, then no not really. If you mean the sense that there is some glass, then yes.
  3. The cloud update changed things so that there is a different noise pass on more distant clouds. But the flickering is also caused by the clouds being rendered at a lower resolution than what you have the display set to. The way the game is upscaling the clouds from, say 540x960 up to 1080x1920 is simple. There are better ways to do that reconstruction then what the game is doing now. Someone should buy the graphics programmer on this game Gpu Pro 7 (or tell him what libgen is......)
  4. Didn't Baur mention using checkered rubber for the grips at some point? Does anyone know where he bought it from?
  5. It should make rendering lots of light sources "free". Although how much this is of benefit in a flight sim is a bit dubious imho. CloD uses deffered and you can see the benefit with things like gear indicator lights casting in the cockpit. But it's not like there are tons of light sources in a flight sim, certainly not as many as the kinds of FPS/TPS games where deffered made a big difference. This will also likely come at the cost of real MSAA, meaning supersampling or a good post-aa will be needed. What would make a huge difference is going over to a PBR pipeline, but they'd have to redo/improve pretty much every asset to make that work.
  6. There are many cloud presets that have two layers. However the two distinct layers of clouds is caused by the height settings for the cloud maps. Only two of the presets give a decent amount of distance between them - heavy_01 and heavy_08. You also have to set the cloud height setting fairly high to get that separation between them. Even then the separation isn't that great, and it isn't realistic either. Both cloud layers will end up being the same "type" which almost never happens in the real world. That is possible, just none of the stock cloud maps are suitable for it.
  7. The buildings get darker with distance because the textures were exported with the wrong mip settings
  8. real = 1,2 2d = 6,3 3d = rest Colors, horizon extinction and shape are giveaways
  9. Its related to the noise distortion offsetting the cloud volume.
  10. Most bobp aircraft have 4k damage textures. Plus I don't have bobp.
  11. Precipitation isn't random, its defined by weather.cfg in each maps scg folder.
  12. There is rain in game, its just kinda broken.
  13. The La-5 can't handle the 37mm 110s very well...
  14. If you want consistent results turn off HDR in the game options. There is some automatic white balance the game does that is very inconsistent.
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