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  1. There is rain in game, its just kinda broken.
  2. The La-5 can't handle the 37mm 110s very well...
  3. If you want consistent results turn off HDR in the game options. There is some automatic white balance the game does that is very inconsistent.
  4. The A-20 is already using US M-2s. Swappin ghte bombs out is easy enough.
  5. I know about the memory latching stuff. There are a few games that benefit more from high ram speeds despite the latency hit. I'm more interested in how this game does with really tight timings at lower ram speeds. Most people focus on frequency with RAM OC'ing but the timings matter a lot in some games.
  6. The aircraft 3d models file defines what shader the aircraft uses as well as a few parameters fed to that shader - its stuff like spec brightness/attenuation, ssr, normal level, ect. The near LOD0 (level of detail) 3d models are all the bumpchrome shader, although values with that shader vary from aircraft to aircraft. This is why some planes can be given an okish looking natural metal finish and others simply cant. When the plane model changes to LOD1, which is dependent on camera distance, the shader that second lod model uses isn't bumpchrome. This is why planes 'lose' their reflection with distance. The british aircraft being extra vs german ac may be because LOD3/4/whatever is using different shader values vs the german aircraft. I'll have to take a look.
  7. 60 to 120hz is a big leap 120 to 144 is noticeable but minor.
  8. To anyone who has a 3rd gen, it'd be neat if you could bench bos and test the following; 1. Disabled hyperthreading 2. Low clocked tight timing ram vs higher clock looser timings (ie 3200mhz sub cl14 vs 4000+mhz and >cl16)
  9. Clouds are rendered at a lower resolution than what the screen is set to; ie 1/2 res, 1/4 res, ect depending on settings. This is part of the jaggies on the bottom. An easy "fix" for this is to run the game with supersampling, which at 2xSSAA will make the clouds render at native res. The other issue that might be happening here is to get the horizon extinction of clouds the game is blending them with the skydome. During the day some issues related to this aren't really noticeable but problems can pop up at dawn/dusk. A really easy test to see what I am talking about is to make the skydome.dds have a sharp amount of contrast between the sky and horizon (which often times makes the landscape look a lot better). This will manifest itself as a 'line' visible through the clouds when the camera is about cloud height. Something akin to this may be happening here. Third probably issue - you did something with sharpness settings that makes the cloud edges more pronounced. Alternatively it could be the, lets call it contrast adjustment on clouds, that is controlled by suncolor/ambientcolor in sky.ini is making those edges more noticeable.
  10. Completely disabled tracer scaling effect. This is probably going a bit to far but try it out and tell me what you think. Its pretty easy to change. Might be best to keep the length scaling and nerf the width. PUT IN SHADER FIXES FOLDER.zip
  11. I'd rather get a whirlwind..... or I-153
  12. They didn't put anything fun in the spectogram ;_;
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