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  1. Either move/edit out the decals that have the craters, or create new textures for the transition.
  2. WGS84 coordinate system with a projection of UTM, greyscale 16 bit.
  3. You can mod the AI but its a nightmare to test.
  4. Its really nice that you can do a high mobility build with double jump and play this almost like mirrors edge
  5. There is no publicly available 3d importer/exporter for the game so you can't modify any of the models or create new ones. Blender is very good now though, don't even bother with learning max.
  6. I can import any heightmap I want, along with tree maps, water maps, ect. You can't actually load any of them in-game though, just the mission editor.
  7. All the map making tools are the same as rise of flight. You can't load maps in-game though so its kinda useless.
  8. extract the games contents in graphics\landscape_mapname\textures.tini change 3DWater= from true to false
  9. And how long does using search take?
  10. You could always use the search feature
  11. Its a bug caused by how the atmosphere is blended with distance objects. Virtually every game that uses precomputed atmospheric scattering has it.
  12. This is just what happens when it hits the end of an archive. You are doing something wrong. All the same stuff gets extracted.
  13. Because both mods have files in the same folder.
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