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  1. Sure dude. Left = default scaling, middle = half, right = 1/4 And here is the relevant part of the shader r1.x = cmp(MAX_DISTANCE_SCALE < r0.w); if (r1.x != 0) { r1.xyz = v0.xyz * r0.www; r1.xyz = r1.xyz / MAX_DISTANCE_SCALE; } else { r1.xyz = v0.xyz; }
  2. I don't know why people say things like this. The issue with the lights is the same one as the tracers - a scaling effect is being applied to them that increases their size with camera distance. Fixing it is a single line shader change which is about as easy as it gets.
  3. Why are you just swapping the field textures out with the stalingrad ones? Nothing lines up.
  4. The QMB isn't random, just the preset you get.
  5. Its just light objects, it doesn't add them to any map.
  6. ... lights mod.zip
  7. Because the mission editor isn't doing any gamma adjustment, not that it matters much since stock game isn't doing it right either. Otherwise it's almost the exact same.
  8. Precipitation is only loaded if you are using the plane clouds like the stock overcasts. You've changed some of them to the volume style clouds which can't have precipitation.
  9. install folder /data/graphics - scene.ini and scene_hangar.ini; section; [cam] dist=0 height=0 angle=0.0 yawangle=22.5 x=0 y=1.7 z=0 speed=0.1 fov=60 //////change this
  10. The only thing the alpha does is specular power, ie how bright the specular is, for most cockpits (+ alpha cuts).
  11. The only thing that can be done is tinting the glass the color of the sky.
  12. Like this. Use a hex editor to change the name of the texture in .mgm example.zip
  13. I finally figured out why lighting in this game bothers me so much, and here I was thinking it was just the HDR to blame. After messing around a bit with the tonemapper I decided to do a straight gamma 2.2 conversion (I'm like 95% sure this game is doing everything in linear, like most games, but I look forward to finding some place where its not....) Anyways a straight gamma 1>2.2 produces an image that is crazy bright. It turns out the stock game isn't converting things to a proper output gamma, which is obvious if you know where to look; Now some might say the above is fine, or even great looking, but its a sign that things aren't being converted to the proper gamma. Cylinders like that actually have a fairly strong terminator line, like so Adjusting the lighting so gamma can be converted to 2.2 and still produce a respectable exposure gets things right; Doing correct gamma adjustment also fixes some of the more annoying issues that pop up elsewhere, like the radioactive grass soviet russia seemed to be covered with - and before they even had a nuclear accident! Or the strong soviet wood that glows all on its own Doing this also ends up with frame buffer that covers most of the histogram, meaning that a nice toe and should can be added without crushing the shadows like the stock HDR does. It also results in a much more reasonable tonal range overall. Thins look more like they should and less, how should I put this, oblivionesque Even the trees look better On the downside, there are a few emissive textures that have to be changed now, but thats no biggie. I can finally get a nice full histogram to grade instead of dealing with half the image not being there.
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