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  1. Well I guess mods are getting locked down now........
  2. LizLemon

    The Sun

    The sun and moon are about 3x too large. Also look at this;
  3. LizLemon

    The Sun

    Yes it is possible. I'm not sure if the sun is really incorrect in size though. I'll have to do some math.
  4. I don't think he is modifying planename.txt in /planes. Those files are protected and any alteration wont work. He is probably changing the plane AI files.
  5. I have no idea what they may add. But why bother doing the work until the maps are final?
  6. Cloud layers are defined by the sky.ini file and the weather preset listing for each. Almost all of the heavier clouds are already 2 layer, technically speaking. Also the developers have already made some changes to the way clouds are rendered.
  7. You could do this pretty easily using the mission maker. I don't see the point in doing it given that the rheinland and arras map arent final.
  8. Not really. Cloud maps are on the order of 36km or something like that, and they are tiled across the map. You'd either have to tolerate clumps of clouds several km away, or make the cloud map scale so large that they are essentially even lower resolution than they are now.
  9. There is a static typhoon now. IMHO Tunisia makes a lot of sense. Current aircraft set would just need some variants and a couple new AC like the hurri. Ditto for tanks.
  10. Same brightness as the revi c12 brighter k14.zip
  11. riverdeep.dds in the map folder
  12. In other words no no-mans land Install by dragging the data folder into the install location https://mega.nz/#!zXQG0aRJ!z01cF3LzB5xmkfF6bpRwIi3o2e1wdc_FtoncUyprnT8
  13. Someone forgot to delete a few files. Neat look at how map making is done.
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