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  1. works just fine with mods on
  2. Yes, that is what happens when FOV is changed to extremes. If you want to change the position you could try in \luascripts\worldobjects\fixcameras\planes but I don't know if this still works.
  3. Use UnGTP, then look in luascripts\cameras Then change MinimumFOVGrad in which ever camera you want.
  4. Its doing it with hex editing. There are multipliers for object length about each axis. You can also edit some of the shader parameters. Current torp mod length vs short torp Note: rename shorttorp.rar to shorttorpmgm The model multipliers are here. Again stock on left vs short mod on right. Default value of hex 80 = 128 dec. This is no multiply. Values > 80 make longer, values lower than 80 make shorter. Shader values are later. Often model has multiple shaders for different parts. That is like this;
  5. The torp in the mod is already a bit smaller and about the correct dimensions for the F5b. The problem is offsetting the location for the origin/hook used to place the torpedo. I have no idea how to do this and it limits how short a torp can be made without it being placed too far aft.
  6. Are you using mods or not? Because you have a half dozen issues going on and its not obvious if you are running this mod or not. Its either the mod or you have some severe driver issues.
  7. The specular maps are actually pretty nice just let down by stock games shading.
  8. In texture.tini there is a setting called RTcontrast. Values higher than 1 increase tile contrast while values lower decrease it - stalingrad is set to 0.7 in stock. The skydome texture is blended in with the landscape and this decreases landscape contrast. I'm pretty sure every single map can have its own set of weather presets.
  9. Mods will often get turned off with every update, but I do think steam has redownloaded things I've changed before too. Either way an easy fix.
  10. It is easy to change. In each aircrafts texture folder there will be a texture named AIRCRAFTNAME_blr.dds. Most changes should be done to alpha channel.
  11. Yes.... and tonemapping + LUT. Its gamma correct because I finally found an easy fix for the texture sampling issue. Although the textures are still a bit wrong (too low contrast) its close enough.
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