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  1. Because both mods have files in the same folder.
  2. https://www.msfsaddon.com/ https://www.msfsaddons.org/
  3. This isn't really surprising. Rolling cache is going to be storing whatever area you recent flew over. Manual cache doesnt improve loading times much, if any, because most of loading time is going to be 'preparing' the scene on the GPU. It'd probably help for someone on a slow internet connection, like can't stream 1080p netflix slow.
  4. October has been tossed around but I don't think that is officially confirmed.
  5. The fokker is totally broken. Open the window and the plane over-stresses. Half the instruments don't work and the flight model seems iffy.
  6. More plane images hidden in the games files; Extra 300? Dash 8 Not sure what type of Robin this is but its one with a forward sliding canopy
  7. dof is utterly impractical to play with but it is a surreal experience. Almost like flying a movie.
  8. They really need to add ray traced GI sooner rather than later. The artist placed lights do a decent job of things, but even this janky screen space RTGI look kinda nuts.
  9. It will matter over the next few years because streaming everything all the time is exactly what the xbox and ps5 will be doing. This is why leather jacket man spent a decent amount of time talking about texture decompression gpu side. VRS is a DX12 feature.
  10. Asobo is the developer. Ever single thing labeled asobo is stuff they created, you can even tell which stuff they made vs fsx/2k4/cfs leftovers based on the naming conventions. Also that cub was clearly captured in 2020.
  11. This was in the games files. I don't think a cub with floats has been shown off anywhere or maybe I'm just having a senior moment. There is also this.... Asobo\FreeFlights\POI\Aircraft_POI\HondaJet_POI\HondaJet_POI.FLT Additionally there is some stuff related to forest fires, so I'd guess that fire fighting missions were/are planned. And there are references to bush missions in alaska, chile,
  12. I have it installed on 3 partitions/drives. The main install on one SSD, the game config files and rolling cache on an NVME, and the manual cache on a rusty disk.
  13. I've been digging through the games files and there are some remnants of FS2004 and... cfs2? (there is also F-18 textures)
  14. I really need to buy a bigger NVME for this game. Hopefully someone will do a bench on how disk speed affects loading. I'd imagine its mostly network limited but if I can have a few cached areas load up in under 30 seconds then I'd seriously go RAID M2s for this. Also kudos to anyone who gets this;
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