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  1. LizLemon

    Work in Progress

    Good luck! Doing this is a pita given the wide range of the color mask used by the different grass entries. Getting stuff like short grass in towns and tall wheat in fields is very time consuming. I'd suggest editing the textures.tini file to point each map to its own grass config file.
  2. LizLemon

    Thread to gather your suggestions

    Type of improvement: Graphics Explanation of proposals: Grass does not appear on maps using the "summer_proc" shader, such as Lapino. Benefits: Fixing an error in the game.
  3. LizLemon

    DDS file conversion

    Try intel texture works; https://software.intel.com/en-us/articles/intel-texture-works-plugin Or use compressonator; https://github.com/GPUOpen-Tools/Compressonator/releases
  4. LizLemon

    Engine replacing mod?

    I haven't found any signs of engine or prop files. I think this stuff is located in one of the dlls which means modding is a no go.
  5. LizLemon

    DDS file conversion

    You need to save the skydome texture in the same format as the original. Its with nvidia exporter. The pixelation has nothing to do with decode. Many dds formats are compressed and there are texture compression artifacts in them. skydome.zip
  6. Mips should always be enabled, they are used by the game for rendering the models at a distance. DXT1 should never be used. Its from compression artifacts. Try different settings when you export the dds.
  7. LizLemon

    About bare metal in Battle of Kuban

    make the blue channel of the normal 0
  8. The way I do it is copying the alpha layer, then flatten image. After that select the alpha channel and paste into it. The alpha for the nav lights might be pulling the alpha from the other texture, that is the only thing I can guess at. Here is the cockpit textures in .psd - https://mega.nz/#F!vOQXhIoQ!AaPL5DWXww9VZmlZXJl-Rg
  9. I'm not seeing anywhere that stands out as being the nav lights. I'll have to do some testing to narrow it down. Would you like 4k textures for the cockpit?
  10. LizLemon

    [MOD] Better building textures

    Working on airfield textures. Here is a test of the summer airfield miscellany. https://mega.nz/#!LSZmFCJa!FETbscZBkGTQt3CPPZq9MVR9U3_bRKgr7yQrxmf18Ag
  11. LizLemon

    Engine-Sound Mods and official sounds

    Excellent, this opens up a lot of options1
  12. LizLemon

    Peter Jackson has been converting WWI footage into HD

    The black and white footage is almost as impressive, the image stabilization with removed scratches looks exceptionally clean. I just wish the color was a bit more saturated, as of now it looks like hand colored photos of that era rather than something like autochrome, but thats just a nerdy quibble on my part.
  13. The Mig-3 model isn't broken down in the same way as the BoS aircraft are, which means there is really no way to fix that. Unless one of the developers decides to spend a few minutes changing the UV map..... Here is a scaled version of that texture you might want to take a look at or even use. One is without noise reduction, one is with and the last one is the spec channel. I dont think this texture is really worth upscaling to 4k, 2048x2048 should be good enough. https://mega.nz/#!KL5FQKRb!U4815rBF1IIl_u-IsHqoBlK67B3YOLWQxl0SBnVGfos
  14. LizLemon

    Engine-Sound Mods and official sounds

    What version are you using?