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  1. Landtext alpha channel is a bump map. Surface text alpha is alpha, ie actual transparency.
  2. In the game install directory, start il2set.exe Or edit conf.ini
  3. LizLemon

    clouds mod ?

    Lots of things still to do in this screen shot. Rough cloud shapes are wrong, for the most part, in stock cloud maps. Almost all need to be redone. Need to add a pass to sharpen/distort the edges Ambient strength needs to be less on the bottom of the cloud Otherwise you get the idea.
  4. Best I can do until there is a template https://mega.nz/#!STIyBSzI!0bP5Jc09yGULJxknM7N0-8qP2wLLpuQXL1BBgwNbJGU
  5. see middle of the page; https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/39748-3dmigoto-mod-icon-masked-by-cockpit-zoom-for-vr-color-change-sight-strengthened13-features/page/15/
  6. Has anyone with a ryzen system tried benchmarking now that microsoft has fixed the scheduler in windows?
  7. Things like the taxiways are drawn on top of the landscape textures so they aren't affected by the detail textures. Also the detail textures channels are applied based on distance. From what I can remember off the top of my head, R = close, B = mid and G = longer distances. These textures also have a big impact on the brightness of the landscape texts - brighten up the detail and the landscape will be brighter too.
  8. The green tint is due to two issues. 1. The direct lighting is additive, meaning it is ambient color + sun color. Stock game has a yellowish sun color with blue ambient which results in a greenish cast. Here is an example, left is stock right is corrected lighting. 2. The tonemapper the game is currently using is doing some screwy things and doesn't auto-whitebalance right. This is really obvious if a plane is on fire and the camera is close to it; everything will take on a strong green color cast as well as a contrast boost. Fixing this part means a few shaders have to be rewritten.
  9. It does change depending on altitude. There is a sea level color and a 10km color and the game interpolates between them.
  10. I meant the detail textures in the root folder of the map. For Kuban its detail.dds and detail2.dds. These textures are layered over the ground textures to make them look more detailed than they really are. You can also double the resolution of the landscape textures and it will work fine. All textures have to be in dds format. Doubling memory use of land textures isnt a big deal with modern GPUs anyway.
  11. The big issue with conformal tanks is increasing the maximum cross sectional area more than pushing them off the ideal. I don't think any cross sectional charts for the F-22 or 35 have ever been published, but here is one for the 23. This aircraft had a bit better ruling than the 22. Of particular note is how low the maximum area is, which was achieved by passing the intakes through the thickest point of the wing.
  12. Better to wait till July 7th when the new ryzens launch. At the very least intel will probably drop prices by a bit.
  13. Have you noticed any improvement since the recent windows update that fixed the scheduler for ryzen?
  14. Its still working on my end, but I'm not using your version of migoto. Should be the same end result though. The zoom is meant to be broken. I wanted the building more visible for high-alt bombing and having them fade out with zoom is annoying imho.
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