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  1. Your balance system is broken. It was 10 to 12 Russian had more players. Every time I spawned and got kicked it said I was in spot 3 then spot 4 then spot 5. Then the teams evened ot 10 to 10 and I was still not able to take off. Getting the same message your in spot 4. I don't have a lot of time to fly when I get the chance. This had made it impossible to fly. It's ok if your outnumbered. I just wanna fly, guy. 8 2019-05-13 02:28:09 Moscow_North
  2. Any word on adding night missions every so often? Those are always fun.
  3. So this has been a great campaign so far, but one of the factors that had been bogging down the gamplay seems to be how difficult it is to grind the tanks to death. I bring this up becuase I think the balance of tank convoys is getting closer to fit with the dynamic you're aiming for but I have a suggestion. -1st part is moving trucks and tanks closer in the convoy, the new damage model will balance out the distruction potential, and the size of the convoys now makes quick bombing runs very difficult. Second argument there, any older photos of convoys moving on the road they are grouped closer together. -2nd would be creating a difference in the tank groups size and makeup. Like a troop convo(I.e. minimum tanks/ more trucks and half tracks/ more aaa). This would act as an infantry brigade since we currently don't have ground troops and they were a large influence in the war especially towards cities. Other examples tank platoon (Max tanks/ medium fuel trucks/ minimum aaa). The minimum aaa would facilitate a better balance for the attackers since the attackers will have to contend with aaa and defensive fighters, along with the time needed on target to take out aaa and then focus on tanks is longer than map time, at the moment. Ya'll are the experts, I've been playing since the beginning and these are a few ideas that would keep the map growing. Cool beans.
  4. Pe2 can not feather prop. Normal glide slope for pe2 should never be performed with more than 30% flap. Give that a try and you should have better results.
  5. Why do I have to wait 10 minutes to spawn because somebody doesn't know how land and crashes into you on the ramp..... There isn't any need for a timer you have to fly an 1 hour to get anywhere in this server to begin with.. Remove timer or advise a reason to keep it.
  6. There have been mass disconnects multiple times when playing any map. -If there is a ping spike for the whole US server then then everyone will be ejected. -It seems like this might be an issue with the new system of ping regulation. If your not able to go back to the old system of kicking people with bad connection - you might be able add a longer detection time for bad ping b4 kicking to keep from booting everyone off the map.
  7. One thing I'd like to throw in the mix when the developers are making changes. To me this server is not an ultimate war realism server, but more like chess. It has a the perfect potential for strategy and action that doesn't get stale due to the time limit. Every time a new match begins there is a new strategy you must implement. Whether or not your thinking 3 matches ahead or just about finding that next kill your still thinking, and that is the biggest strength of this game/server style. While balance and realism are important, keeping the server fun by keeping players on there toes and thinking will be a challenge with the best result. Or maybe it's the honey wiskey talking, y'all decide. -Fendebird
  8. I know it just came out, but I was wondering what the great creator/creators might be scheming for the ju52. She's a ripe plum she is. (Possible ideas: A. Make available for both sides to be used as only transport aircraft since the Russians don't have anything comparable. B. Work your magic. Y'all know what to do with paratroopers and cargo. ) Thx for all the effort y'all put in.
  9. I think that having a death or loss of plane for disconnect out ways the potential to exploit the disconnect b4 a fight option. Also, since the game does not model random engine malfunctions, disconnects are the closest thing making the game more historically accurate. #2cents
  10. Awesome campain. Loved the 5 map rotation. Can't wait to see what y'all have planned next. Thank y'all for what you do! S to all
  11. Il2 can be considered a game, but from what I've seen it's more like a community of like minded individuals who have a passion for flight and history. I'm personally against shooting a chute, but if someone feels a chute must be shot then let it be shot in the name of victory and not simply to annoy. Happy hunting gents. S!
  12. This shows just one instance but instances like this happen multiple times while he's on. It's starting to become more than a nuisance for players. Thank you for looking into this. Long live TAW!
  13. I've seen some odd stuff from TPAKTOPUK as well. Not to mention his stats look a little over the top for only flying a few hours.
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