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  1. The servers not fun because its too stressful to fly because of the lives system and there only 2 moves you can make to try and win a map. Even if the devs want to keep the lives system, the server was a lot more fun when we could capture/ save / and repair airfields with transport flights like in earlier interations of the server. This gave you something else to do as a group or individually that would contribute to winning or defending. Right now there are just 2 things to do is bomb tanks or fly fights which gets very old and we can all do that on wings.
  2. Ge rid of the lives system. All I want to do is fly for a few hours on the weekend, not die on my first mission out and have to wait 20 hours to play again. If you don't know how to make a server fun like it used to be, instead of infinitely frustrating, hang up the server and leave it to the professionals. Nobody wants to play your perma death fortnight mod Kenny!
  3. Learn to level bomb. That way you're not easy prey on the deck. Yeah you'll miss once in a while but it only takes a little work and a little planning to be good at it.
  4. Sounds like enough of a grind to slow and bore the german kamikazes.
  5. JlHad an idea on adjusting the lives system. Wanna hear on what you think. Once you lose your 3rd life all planes are wipped except transport, 1 bomber. (Or what ever format ya'll think would be right) No ban for 20 hours. At which point you have to rebuild your plane base using the normal combat mission method. This would be easy to implement, and uses systems that are already in place. This has been used in other servers in the past to grear success, yes.
  6. I can get behind this 100 percent. And when we run out of lives maybe you should only be able to fly transport and po2 so you cab build up combat missions.
  7. Main question I ask is what about the lives system makes the server more fun for yall, vs not having it. It's not like we have a mass of reserve pilots to pull from like real life. It's just us. As we drop off then there are no pilot's in the sky which isn't real at all. Too many pilots are now flying ultra conservative to keep themselves alive vs actually fighting and hitting objectives. I just see everything trending towards a sterile meta of cheeky tactics where no body fights nobody, and no body dies. Demoted isn't meant as derogitory, I bomb my fair share but being moved to large bombers would accomplish the same task as stopping the suicide attackers that get 3 stuckas to crash and eat up plane reserves. At the end of the day, I just want to fly man, not wait to fly.
  8. Yo, this lives system has to go. It's not fun. I haven't even died but I can't fly with people because they are too annoyed with this system. This is unrealistic, it's not we can bring in replacements. Expecially with the glitch with the rear gunners, trying to do your job and defend the line is now a suicide mission. Do this, make 3 lives for fighters. Once you lose those you are demoted to fly bombers or attackers for a match or something. Then 1 life back. The problem with the TAW has always been the low player base. Why add to that problem by kicking people for just trying to fly.
  9. Why not. Could be implanted as something similar to a combat mission if you lose all your lives or need a combat mission. Could put a spawn away from the normal attacking tanks so its not a cake walk to destroy enemy ground vehicles. 1 chose a town close to the front line. 2 have a tank spawn on either side of the town not to far away (similar to ded sever) so the fighting is consistent and isolated 3 if you capture the town it's a combat mission, and any deaths would not be detramental so you can continue playing. That would be the insentive to play ground troops. 4 having the town captured by the end of the roll over of the map would have some benifit. 5 keep messages on with info about who spawns a tank/ who just captured the flag, to inform people on how much defence is needed and would allow planes to go and help the fight, oe let people who are board with flying switch to tank and help defend. This helps keep the sandbox aspect, with onsentives to use it as well.
  10. I have a suggestion of something to add on the next map that I feel like wouldn't be that hard to code. I was thinking about the possibilty of putting a damage counter on the cities similar to the damage needed on airfields and factories. You can get more complex down the road with the idea but to add to it and encourage more level bombing, I think adding a damage requirement say to 30% for the town to be taken by ground troops. This would stimulate entrenched troops in the city, and open up realistic scenarios where that city might end up behind enemy lines and still deploying troops. And being able to resupply said city with arial drops. Damage would be done by just dropping bombs on normal houses if your able to attach the damage percintage meter to them. And I say 30% damage because it would be to tedius to bomb out a whole town when their is a tank battalion bearing down on it. What are your thoughts?
  11. If only we had 150 octain bugs the Russian bias wouldn't be so metta. 🤩
  12. Your balance system is broken. It was 10 to 12 Russian had more players. Every time I spawned and got kicked it said I was in spot 3 then spot 4 then spot 5. Then the teams evened ot 10 to 10 and I was still not able to take off. Getting the same message your in spot 4. I don't have a lot of time to fly when I get the chance. This had made it impossible to fly. It's ok if your outnumbered. I just wanna fly, guy. 8 2019-05-13 02:28:09 Moscow_North
  13. Any word on adding night missions every so often? Those are always fun.
  14. So this has been a great campaign so far, but one of the factors that had been bogging down the gamplay seems to be how difficult it is to grind the tanks to death. I bring this up becuase I think the balance of tank convoys is getting closer to fit with the dynamic you're aiming for but I have a suggestion. -1st part is moving trucks and tanks closer in the convoy, the new damage model will balance out the distruction potential, and the size of the convoys now makes quick bombing runs very difficult. Second argument there, any older photos of convoys moving on the road they are grouped closer together. -2nd would be creating a difference in the tank groups size and makeup. Like a troop convo(I.e. minimum tanks/ more trucks and half tracks/ more aaa). This would act as an infantry brigade since we currently don't have ground troops and they were a large influence in the war especially towards cities. Other examples tank platoon (Max tanks/ medium fuel trucks/ minimum aaa). The minimum aaa would facilitate a better balance for the attackers since the attackers will have to contend with aaa and defensive fighters, along with the time needed on target to take out aaa and then focus on tanks is longer than map time, at the moment. Ya'll are the experts, I've been playing since the beginning and these are a few ideas that would keep the map growing. Cool beans.
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