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  1. I dont understand your comment. So you are saying this conflict is worse than any other conflict because of the sheer number of deaths both sides caused/incurred. To quote a phrase from the American Civil War "War is Hell". War in any account is horrific and not glorious, although when viewed in a historical manner like most flight sims do somewhat you can see some beauty in it i.e. aircraft, machines, skins, etc. I'm not trying to be a smart @ss but was just trying to understand your point a bit better. ~S~
  2. It would be nice to have more of a mix of fighters and bombers. Some times server gets too populated by just fighters or too many players on just one side. Maybe an auto-balance feature would be nice. Is there any possibility of having AI bombers and/or attack a/c? That would make everyone happy. Well maybe everyone. LOL Why the personal attacks guys? No need for that. Now if I can just get the damn Yak to turn left without doing a ballet move. #$@&!!!!!
  3. Maybe we need to ask Mr.X what his setting are. He seems to have no problem spotting targets.
  4. I do see some of them when I pull up the MP list, but when I am on- weekends and PM hours EST nobody is in them. I thought folks would be chomping at the bit to fly the new maps.
  5. I was just wondering when we are going to see some MP servers with BOM maps. Currently, there seems to be only one populated server Wings of Liberty that has only BOS maps. Its a good server, but I thought we would have seen more BOM Multiplayer servers by this time. What is the hold up?
  6. Anything that has some higher performance Allied aircraft.
  7. my problem was solved with checking the download from web interface or something to that effect in settings. It immediately downloaded and was fine.
  8. I updated last night in anticipation of playing this afternoon. Now there apparently is another update and it keeps saying failed to update and wont update WTH???
  9. thanks Ill try it. I am only having trouble on the latest pe-2 variant the 35 model The 87 model works fine with my present key bindings thats the screwy thing here. I will try and bind a key for high and low pitch and see if it works. Why the prop rpm (Soviet) does not work on this model like it does on the 87 model is a mystery to me.
  10. Wow, really I did read it and it said "Pe-2 35 rpm key is same as me109" Since I do not fly the 109 that really didnt make a lot of sense to me. Why can I not set this control to a different key binding i/o a keyboard command. Prop RPM is controlled with the existing keyboard commands. Two gauges (one for each engine) show the current fuel mixture ratio. They can be found to the right of the gunsight on the upper panel. Adjustable trim: pitch, roll, and yaw Oil and water radiators can be controlled via analog or keyboard commands. Strange that my controls for all these work fine as before. Why would my mixture, water, oil, pitch, yaw, roll all work, but my prop rpm does not I use rotary and dial buttons on my X55 HOTAS to control them and they work. Prop rpm worked fine before. This happened the last update like I said before. So are you saying the prop rpm cannot be rekeyed on the PE-2 anymore????? Can you not rekey it. Is the default R shift - , R shift =
  11. What I meant was the key I have set up (rotary dial) on my X55 HOTAS- works on the single engine fighters, but since the update does not work on the PE2. It used to work on both prior to update. I have deleted it and rekeyed it and it still wont work on the PE2. In other words I am unable to control prop rpm on PE2
  12. After the last update my prop rpm key binding on my X55 HOTAS not working on PE-2. It works fine on single engine BOS planes just not on PE2 This happened the last time there was an update and I somehow cannot figure out how to get it working again. Any help appreciated thanks
  13. I agree, COD is one of the smoothest games I have played. Since TF mods it is really tight. It is very fun, very competitive, and very playable. I enjoy playing it more than BOS still. I like BOS, but CLOD is just more fun. It has a very active community and that has resulted in a lot of friendships and comarderie that BOS is lacking.
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