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  1. I have seen other chatter about the Tempest wing just falling off. Is this a bug? I flew the Tempest and closed in to shoot at a 110 and pulled up and the wing just fell off. Is this accurate? I have never seen any historical issues regarding the Tempest wing before.
  2. I dont know if this has been reported, but on the newer model He-111 I was in the ventral gunner position while on WOL helping a squadmate on a high altitude bombing run and noticed there is no gunsight reticle. It looks like a reflector type sight but all I see is a clear piece of acrylic with no reticle . Is there supposed to be one??
  3. Same here. I started having the rattling chains sound about a year ago. It got better with game updates for awhile, then it has come back with several of the most recent updates it seems. I have started going out of game completely between maps and back into game. It comes back again after playing similar time. I primarily fly WOL. I cant say for sure if it happens on Knights of the Air server, but I believe it does.
  4. I have noticed a bit more difficulty in spotting since contacts since the last update. I also have been getting some sound anomalies like no sound at times. Anyone else?? On the flip side I have had no difficulties getting in server (WOL) and no greyed out start button (WOOHOO!!!!). For the most part though the game looks great! Nice job devs!!
  5. I have experienced the same sound loss starting about 2 updates ago. Sound just disappears then randomly comes back.
  6. Outdated data messages are getting old fast. Its very distracting and takes away from the beauty of the game. At this point why can't they just be shut off. Obviously, everyone tied to this sim is aware of it. Why do we need to continue seeing it??
  7. I forget the name of the player last night about 9PM EST 4/10/2018 who was shooting at the tail of the bomber he was in. It was some derivation of CAM1234CAM or something like that who was jumping in gunner and shooting friendlies. Several of us voted to ban him and he would pop out then pop in. Any way to permaban this moron? It wasnt an accident this loser was doing this.
  8. Another thing that helped me was lowering the map scenery distance from unlimited to 50km.
  9. @Lemon and Therion thanks for the graphics recommendations it helped boost my framerate about 40%. I was getting about 25 on the ground and now Im getting about 45+ and most stutters are gone. Very smooth. I'm running an I7 960 24meg Ram, 1GB HD Nvidia 970SC card. It made a world of difference.
  10. That time frame is when the Allies started taking the offensive doing Rhubarb raids, etc. I believe there were a lot of medium bomber raids etc on targets in France. Could be a good time to introduce the B-25 and other planes that are less represented in other sims. ANYTHING OTHER THAN THAN RUSSIA PLS
  11. What about a map/ version of IL2 that encompasses the period of time after BOB - DDay if a Pacific theatre is not going to happen. It seems like this could be done quite easily.
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