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  1. Well then it's a good thing those poor helpless damsels who run TAW have a white knight like you to watch out for them! It's a discussion board Pict, we all share our opinions of what we think TAW should be like.
  2. Can’t you just turn off HUD in your own settings for your own immersion?
  3. OK, so let me ask you another way: what difference does it make to you if I have technochat on?
  4. So why not turn it off for yourself but let those who prefer to have it on to keep it on? I know, I tried it. Sure it’s more realistic, but other unavoidably unrealistic things In this game make looking at gauges harder than in reality, as I described in my perfumed wall of text. Also, this is a game, reality is tedious. I don’t want TAW to be Berolga but I don’t want the balance to skew towards too much tedium either.
  5. It's not hard but it's harder and a lot more tedious. Temperature is a bad example, all engines' oils and water start to overheat at the same temperature. But there are dozens of combinations of RPM and manifold pressure for "continuous," "combat," "emergency" modes; it will be a pain in the ass to memorize them all or to create visual references for them. In real life a pilot would fly one plane for weeks or months at a time and wouldn't have to bother knowing all that info for all of his air-force and the opposing air-force too. In real life, a pilot can glance at his gauges by moving his eyes; here we have to move our heads. If we have to check gauges in a chase then with the game's current spotting problems we may easily lose sight of the bandit we're chasing. Additionally, looking down may not be enough; you may also need to shift your pilot's head to the side to look around something that's obstructing your gauge; if you don't have head-tracking or VR then that means using an additional control. In real life, controls for things like radiators or flaps are a lot more tactile than keyboard buttons; you can adjust them by feel only much like how you can adjust the fan speed or air temperature in you car using sliders and knobs without taking your eyes off the road. In real life, a pilot would be getting tactile input from the plane itself: subtle noises, vibrations, or even smells. I don't need to look at the RPM gauge when I'm coming close to red-lining my car's engine but in a computer game the only non-visual indicator of excessive RPM is sound, which is no-where near as subtle and indicative of problems as real life engine sounds. In real life, a pilot would feel his plane sliding sideways without needing to check the position of the yaw trim controls. Mostly, I want my flying on TAW to be about flying tactics, skills, strategies, adrenaline; not about being a good steam-locomotive engineer who keeps his eye on and understands his engine gauges all the time.
  6. I didn’t understand at first but now I see that technochat is the messages that tell you if you are running your engine at combat or constant, if your engine is overheating, if your flaps are down etc? I hope that stays on. “Harder” does not necessarily mean “realistic.”
  7. Yes, agreed. Question: to prevent the random units from messaging their side whenever you are near, do you need to destroy all the units in the group or just a specific unit?
  8. I hate to say this, but if TAW participation is down, then maybe the rules need to be softened a bit, at least temporarily. Even if we get rid of the lives system or make it less punishing, TAW will stillremain the most hardcore server available, so it’s not likely the hardcore players will migrate somewhere else. Hopefully we’ll get more inexperienced players trying it out and getting better and once the server population is better in Europe and North America the admins can try reintroducing more rules again.
  9. That's a very obscure rule that only someone who reads this thread carefully will know. Everyone else will see this question chatted in game: "how come I'm getting kicked?" - "because you died 3 times, come back in 20 hours"
  10. I guess it's a matter of balance. Hardcore is great, but too hardcore and even some squad players get turned off. I think there would still be an incentive to limp home knowing that if you don't, you'll lose one or two of your top planes. In general, I'd be OK if the life system was eliminated but the penalties for ditching, or even landing a moderately damaged plane were more severe. For example if your sole F4 or La5 has holes in the wing or engine damage or many leaks when it lands then you can't use it for the rest of the mission, maybe even the next mission.
  11. For reference, taken a few seconds apart on a 2D monitor (not VR): Game max zoom: Migoto max zoom stacked with game max zoom: Compare this to the zooms in Wulfe's screenshots and it's apparent that this mod could be a huge advantage/cheat for 2D players, but not so much for VR players especially if the next edition limits the zoom to a little less than 10x.
  12. Thanks again Wulfe, this is the kind of comparison I've been missing. So if this is roughly the same across all VR sets and systems, then the advantage of this mod on VR is small if anything at all. I however am cheating majorly by using it on a 2D screen, haha. I'll stop. I saw that thread later, it looked like 10 pages of anger... But please feel free to use my screenshots and Wulfe's too for a comparison of this mod on VR and 2D.
  13. Thanks Wulfe, but is that VR 10x zoom stacked with the in-game zoom? Because when I stack the zooms on a 2D screen there is a much bigger difference. These screenshots were taken a couple seconds apart, ~6.5km above a 109 below me: Game zoom max on a 2D screen: Stacked max zooms from game and migoto mod:
  14. It's and advantage. Is it a disaster? Here has been my experience using it on a 2D screen on a few TAW sorties: The server alerted our side that our supply trucks are under attack behind the front lines. I was able to zoom in from 25km away and see that there were at least two enemy planes there including a Ju-88, so I called for help. Maybe without the zoom I would have gone in assuming there was just one enemy and I wouldn't have done so well. Another time there were heavy clouds and rain at 800m and the blue and red ground targets were all mixed up within a small space. I saw a contact flying low looking like he was about to attack something. I zoomed in, saw it was a friendly, so I decided to stay and protect our side's ground units. 30 seconds later an enemy ground attacker showed up; without the zoom I probably would have been off chasing that friendly while the enemy ground attacker got to fly over our units unopposed. During that same time however, the mod didn't help me spot enemies sneaking up on my six until it was almost too late; I got away the first time but eventually got killed the second time. The mod definitely helps if you already know where to look; it doesn't if you don't.
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