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  1. Excellent analysis RedKestrel. Just making sure though: death means death, it does not include bailed out but captured pilots, yes?
  2. You can role play anything you want: German officers with their medals, good ole’ southern boys with their rebel flags, Japanese imperials with their swords - it’s all good: you may stay! But if you post publicly about role playing those groups and fetishizing their trinkets then you’ll get these types of comments from at least one person.
  3. Nice intentions, but I feel the possibility of real prizes might encourage cheating, bad feelings, and choosing to fly on the side where you are more likely to finish in the top 5 and less likely to die. As far as the prizes themselves, the plane vouchers are appropriately on-topic, but those medals? They manage to be corny while at the same time being just one little symbol away from being skeevy as hell.
  4. It's not completely gone but it's noticeably much better on Combat Box with 40 players.
  5. Motherboard: ASUSTeK Computer Inc. G55VW CPU: i7 3630QM CPU Freq: 1.2GHz L3 cache: 6MB, 12-way Cores: 4, threads: 8 RAM type: DDR3 RAM size: 8 GB RAM Freq: Na RAM Latency: 16 DRAM Frequency: 798MHz GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660M STMark: 1777 FRAPS TXT: Frames: 1851 - Time: 180000ms - Avg: 10.283 - Min: 2 - Max: 23 BOX 4.003
  6. Haha, you're preaching to the choir who sang that same tune a few pages back, with that same link even. What you're saying about mission impact in our game makes sense, but maybe the game mechanics make it so that the number of paratroopers released from the airplanes is what counts, not the number who touch the ground alive?
  7. Not to stir up another controversy, but does shooting paratroopers that just jumped out of a Ju-52 do anything to the city capture odds?
  8. I like this too. Currently TAW limits some weapon loadouts based on depot damage, perhaps this could be expanded to more loadouts and field modifications.
  9. Depends how strictly historical you want to be. The Ju-88 and He-111 could carry them. The A-20 could carry them but maybe not the glazed-nosed version we have. There were field modification kits that allowed the IL-2 to carry them, but it's debatable if they were actually ever used in battle.
  10. The Il-2 is better than the Ju-87, but something similar could be said about the VVS not needing to fly the Il-2 when the Pe-2 and A-20 are available. However, VVS pilots can never have more than 3 Pe-2s and A-20s combined and those twin-engined bombers are not +1 planes. On maps 3-5 the Axis can have 4 110s/Ju-88s combined with the 110 being a +1, and on maps 6-8 then can go through 5 of those better planes (with the 110 still a +1 plane) before getting to the Ju-87 at the bottom of the barrel. The only time when I flew a Stuka on the blue side a couple campaigns ago was when I felt safe with the blues having a very big numbers advantage on the map and I wanted the 1000kg bomb.
  11. I think you are misunderstanding. The argument was that the server was closed over Christmas break when many blues couldn’t fly due to holiday commitments, but it was open over New Year when many reds couldn’t fly due to holiday commitments.
  12. Just some context on this to everyone why may not be aware: Russia and many other post-Soviet countries don't celebrate Christmas in a serious way on the 24th-26th like most Westerners do; the big celebration for them is around New Year's and January 6th.
  13. Haha, I had the same question on the Kuban map just a couple of weeks ago. Akhtyrskaya and Steblievskaya were blue but closed due to nearby tanks or damage and Gelendzhik was the closest airfield the Germans could use to defend and attack ground forces. It made perfect sense as a target but it wasn't "attackable."
  14. I imagine it's more difficult to introduce torpedoes with their physics than it is to remove the navigator and add some guns to a ju88, but I agree, it would be more than welcome.
  15. Are there plans to create a bigger variety of weapons that can be dropped from bombers? Torpedoes should probably be #1 on the list, but I wonder if we need new planes for it or if field modifications to existing planes would be enough to make it historically accurate enough. On the Soviet side it would be simple, IL-2s (specifically: IL-2M-3s) were able to carry them with a field mod. A-20s could too, but I'm not sure if the glazed-nosed ones we have in game now were able to. On the German side, the Ju-88 and the He-111 carried torpedoes. The 88 had its gondola removed to do this, and there were several variants of the 111 that could carry torpedoes. Big bombs that fragmented into little bomblets were a lot of fun in IL-2 1946, I remember the Ju-88 being able to carry a couple of huge ones, and the 190 and IL-2 had smaller ones too. There were ones meant to be used against tanks as well as others for softer targets. Finally, gliding bombs dropped from the He-111. I never got the hang of them in 1946, but I'd like to try again here. Obviously these were rare and exotic and may not have been used at all on the Eastern front, but I hope we get them if we ever get a Mediterranean theater at least.
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