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  1. Same experience for me today. It’s unusual, in months of flying I only had the invisible plane bug once before, now three times on the same map. I will remember to record next time.
  2. LG must have modeled their scoring system on professional boxing where if at the end of the fight two of the three judges scored it a draw, then the whole fight is called a "Majority Draw," as opposed to "Unanimous Draw" (all three judges called it a draw) or a "Split Draw" (one judge for fighter A, one judge for fighter B, one judge for a draw). So just as in professional boxing, apparently the reds have to put LG up in the nicest hotel in Vegas, take them to a strip show, and front some chips for them at the casino before the next campaign.
  3. TAW Feedback Do you like the idea of historical50%-balanced50% planeset line unlocked by points ( squadron lines or individual lines)? No opinion How to invite more people to TAW ( mostly red side) to keep the teams even most of the time ? Make some sort of significant change, add something new and interesting, and announce it on forums loudly and often. ("TAW now has TANKS!!!" "TAW now has RADAR!!" "TAW now has saboteurs for the red side!" "TAW now has 50% less saturated fats!!") What you think about using the same AAA/other obj in blue
  4. Yes, 50-cals suck, probably unrealistically so, but you're only 3 combat sorties away from the P-38 attacker which has a cannon. Also, the Spit can carry a decent bomb load and can attack and defend itself quite well after it drops them. I don't think this will ever be solved. There are some rules that prevent squads from splitting up and/or switching sides and those rules make sense for the most part, while non-squad pilots often get "emotionally attached" to their planes or to the work they already did for their side in the campaign. Some tweaks are being suggest
  5. Thanks for explaining the reasons behind tanks and ground target limitations. Combat Box is indeed too laggy for me to fly there. Finnish less so, but not as smooth as TAW. I don't know what it's like during European times, but I see plenty of ground-attackers on the red side during North American evenings. The lack of action at that time, going back to Limboski's post on the last page, is low numbers during NA evenings. I understand blue reluctance to fly ground pounders when they are outnumbered 12-3 and those red planes that are attacking targets nearby turn into great intercept
  6. I agree, but only partially. TAW is at the top of the progression of skill, it's super satisfying to achieve success here, and when it's doing well then other servers seem boring. But you're wrong about pilots who achieve success here never going back; search for "scg" or "llv24" or "opfr" in the other server's stats and you'll see plenty of familiar names flying there in the last couple weeks. When things aren't going well here then it's not only the mediocre and average players like me who go looking for other servers, even if the level of skill and difficulty there is noticeably
  7. So there's nothing to learn and suggest from other servers? What they do badly and what they do well?
  8. I fly both. The question was "any ideas to recruit players from Finnish;" it's hard to answer that question without mentioning what Finnish does well to attract those players in the first place, don't you think?
  9. TAW may be more realistic, but it's not more exciting now. I started flying there even when there's a TAW campaign going on now and I never did that when the alternatives were Combat Box and Wings of Liberty. The spacing and density on their maps is really good: front line airfields, fields a couple grids behind the front, rear airfields with bombers. Two sectors with front-line targets, two mid-map front depots, two big rear depots, maybe a bridge here or there, and ships on the Kuban map. Supply runs are needed, parachute drops are possible by both sides (the Russians use a garis
  10. Hmm, try navigating to page 413 of this thread, I think you'll find the answer there.
  11. This post and a few posts above and below it explain how to match your in-game name to your TAW name:
  12. True, but I think that TAW is far from that problem. I see performance issues on Combat Box which has a ton of ground objects on a big and busy map, but I rarely see those issues on Finnish Virtual, which has fewer objects than CB but more than TAW. Seems there is room for more objects without a performance hit. If we get more objectives then the big groups will fracture. Too often right now there is only one, maybe two logical places for attackers to go, so everyone goes there.
  13. Thanks Kathon, can you give us more specifics about this one? Is random respawn time a matter of seconds? Minutes? Quarter-hours?
  14. That is good. The A-20 still needs a playable bombardier position to be able to see out that glazed nose though.
  15. Slightly off-topic: what does it mean when those Umschalterstellung lights turn on?
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