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  1. I’m pretty sure they will keep alternating east-west. The Hurricane flew in the east for the Soviets. It actually also flew against the Soviets in the Finnish airforce, but I think that was an older version of the Hurricane than the one we will get
  2. Ah, yes, there's one. OK, so it is possible to have them.
  3. I couldn't find any on the Stalingrad map, I'd expect some roads without trees there because it's flat plains everywhere. Most roads appear to be without trees when they are far away, I even see forests behind them and no trees by the road. But then when I get close, trees start appearing on both sides of the road.
  4. I could be wrong and I'm at my work computer now so I'll fly around and check later, but going from memory I don't ever recall strafing roads without having to pull out for trees, and I can never find a road without trees to land my damaged plane. Sure, maybe on most roads, but on all of them? (again, assuming I'm not making a fool out of myself here by overlooking many treeless roads in the game). Here's that same road near Volgograd (Stalingrad), about 50km west from the spot you chose: https://goo.gl/maps/jzXHjZUJXqbUcz9Q9
  5. I don't think I recall seeing a road in this game that didn't have trees on both sides. You'd think we were flying over some picturesque French countryside and not over Russian plains. Is there a game design reason for this, like to make strafing vehicles harder? Can we have some variety, some roads without trees next to them? This would also make it easier to land on roads, which could add some interesting elements for mission designers, like for example landing a U2 on a road in a designated zone to drop off a saboteur; or landing on a road when out of gas and getting a smaller penalty for ditching an intact plane.
  6. Unfortunately landing anywhere outside an airfield or frozen river without flipping or badly damaging your plane is very hard in this game, even in the ultra-slow U2. As far as photo recon, what would the Germans use? Any special use of the U2 should not have a bigger impact on the game than the paratroop drops that only the Germans can do, and I think this one might. My idea: partisan support. Land a U2 on an unused, undefended airfield near the front-line to deliver weapons to the partisans, and for the rest of the map the chance of red pilots being captured when bailing out behind front lines is reduced by some percentage. Maybe your spotter idea could work on these abandoned airfields too.
  7. I see one thing repeated over and over and I agree with it: "spotting is worst when a plane I'm tracking flies below the horizon, especially if he's over a forest; I often lose him completely." That seems like a contrast issue. It'd be great if that was fixed first, it seems to be both unrealistic AND fun-killing.
  8. Hi Han, thanks for starting this topic and asking us for feedback. I do not want maximum possible historical realism. I want the possibility to fly to my full potential without being limited by realism based on historically average planes and pilots. The game does this in other areas already: the top wing surfaces of my Yak don’t peel off in a dive even though many reports of early Yaks mentioned this; the La5 cockpit does not fill with smoke every time the guns are fired even though that happened in reality; my German bombs never realistically fail to explode due to sabotage from slave labour; my P-51’s .50-cals and my Spitfire’s Hispanos don’t jam at high altitude like they realistically often did. Seems we have unrealistically reliable planes and weapons, not realistically average ones. And so along the same lines, I want the eyes of an above average pilot who could spot and track contacts, not the eyes of a historically average pilot who died before he saw anything.
  9. When I first got IL-2 1946 many years ago I got better than the AI pretty quickly, but it took me over 4 years to become just a 50/50 player (one who gets as many kills as deaths) online. Keep I’m mind that online you may be flying against guys who have over 20 years experience sometimes, from days before the original IL2 game even. Lots of replies here say “join a squad,” that’s not a bad idea but personally my squad experience didn’t help me as much as my solo flying. I think these three things helped me to improve the most 1) I picked one plane family and practiced them all the time. In the quick mission builder I practiced basic maneuvers like tight turns to see where the stall limit was, dives to see how it flew at high speed, steep climbs to see how it maneuvered there too. Later I’d add a predictable AI opponent and practice the same defensive and attacking maneuvers over and over. I then flew online in “airquake” servers (Berolga server is the closest thing we got in this game) just to get as many sorties and fights as possible in a short time frame. 2) When flying on more realistic servers I kept a journal. Over a time I saw trends develop, same mistakes leading to losses over and over. I worked on those mistakes. 3) I recorded and watched a lot of tracks of myself to learn from mistakes and successes. Eventually I became pretty good; I consistently finished near the top of the scoreboard with a good K/D ratio and I joined another small squad where I taught some players. A few years ago I switched to this game and now I’m barely a 50/50 player again, haha. It’s a harder game and it seems the ratio of veterans to noobs is much bigger than in IL-2 1946 as well.
  10. Yeah, sometimes 4x30mm is not enough. You should “Sonderkommando Elbe” right into his wreck on the airfield to make sure.
  11. A lot of the red pilots here like Soviet planes. The ones who like western allied planes might prefer the way Combat Box is set up.
  12. Seppuku, the suicide; not sudoku, the puzzle game... 😁
  13. Lol, who died and made you God around here? What, you're worried that if I stay I'll catch you cheating, again? 😘 Thanks for the invite to leave, but I'll stay. I am thinking that there needs to be an exact value, because that's how the in-game instructions are written; "set mixture at 70% for auto-rich" not "set mixture for 70% give or take a few percent." I asked about this on another section of the forum here; if it turns out that the instructions are not written well and that it is a range then that'll work for the planes that have some sort of marks on the mixture controls, but if the mixture setting does need to be exact to enable automation then the marks for the P-51 and MiG are useless, they are not precise enough.
  14. Hey guys, The instructions for several planes in the game say something to the effect of "set mixture at 66% for auto-rich." Does this mean the mixture control has to be set at exactly 66 to enable the automation, or is there a range? And if it's a range, what is it?
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