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  1. This! I often think of the other servers as sparring rings where I have all the planes available and can practice and try different tactics without caring too much about losses. TAW is the real fight ring at the MGM Grand on Cinquo de Mayo; I get nervous when I fly there and I like it that way.
  2. You mean that 70’s Bob Dylan song, yes?
  3. Yes, LG Kathon wrote this a couple months ago here on this thread. I’m on my phone and don’t want to search it now but I’m sure it’s there
  4. "Particularly interested in Big Black... Cannons"
  5. Yeah, that would take bigger changes. Something that would work is having your results in the early maps affect what planes you have in future maps. One idea I saw work well would be to have a pool of planes available for the entire team for one map. The best new planes were limited in quantity and only the highest ranking pilots could get them. Rank was based on your results for the entire campaign, not just for that map. So if you're blue and joined the campaign in the last map then you didn't get to fly the Dora or the 262 right away, you needed to grind a lot of missions in an F4 or G2 or Stuka before you rose in rank enough.
  6. That's a good idea, especially if the depots will be at the back and will need to be attacked by level-bombers. I don't know if many people like or know how to level-bomb well, so some AI help would be needed. I will also add that once the AI bomber formations get close to the front line then the Germans will need to be notified as well (radar), otherwise you could get AI bomber formations sneaking by and changing the outcome of the map. Also, the number of AI bombers spawned should change based on the number of people on the server.
  7. I remember this, I thought it was a great system. A bomber would briefly turn on his smoke and a chat message would appear "WokeUpDead is requesting cover in 0971.2." You would then have to fly to within a couple km of the bomber, briefly turn on smoke yourself, and a chat message would appear "Boelcke is covering WokeUpDead." If the bomber then made some ground kills and successfully returned to base, the covering fighter would get a few points. Some people said that this system made it too easy for bombers to navigate as they could automatically figure out their position by turning smoke on and off and looking at the chat message, but I say that bombers had dedicated crew and equipment for navigating and would be less likely to get lost than single-seat fighters anyway.
  8. Thanks all for this fun campaign, my first one on the blue side. I did a lot of mud-moving this time, the German attack planes are great. Suggestions for the future: Please make each of the three city defenses less clustered, more spread out. I shouldn't be able to take out multiple trucks, artillery, and bunkers with just one 1000kg or even 500kg bomb from 4000m. To balance the above suggestion, please also make the tank convoys harder to hit via carpet-bombing. Spread the tanks away from the road. I think these suggestions would encourage more Ju-87 and IL-2 sorties. You may also be able to turn down the deadliness of the AA if you make the ground targets harder to hit. A more far-fetched suggestion: is it possible to add radar installations to the maps? They could be initially hidden like truck convoys are now, show planes in a 10km radius near the front line, and become less and less effective as they take damage.
  9. Late in the day on the North American West Coast, TAW and WoL are the only servers with anyone in them. Props to all those players who take the time on chat to patiently explain things to the newcomers; I remember when I was a noob too.
  10. Was it because of server imbalance? Because now blues outnumber reds 2:1, we have 6 undamaged airfields compared to 4 for the reds in various states of damage, and reds can't use Steblievskaya and I'd bet they won't be able to before the end of the map.
  11. I don't see a small force (less than 10) making big moves on the map all that often, even when they are opposed by just two or three enemies. Part of it is by design: a small force may be able to capture an enemy airfield near one of their own airfields when they are able to make many short hops to it, but on the next map that captured airfield will be closed for repairs and they will have to fly a lot further to the next target and they will be unable to hit it often enough to destroy it. Then eventually more enemies will show up to the server and some balance will be restored before really huge gains can be made. Another reason why small forces don't make big gains even when they face just a couple of enemy pilots is lack of real-life discipline on their part; whether it's the reds or blues. In real life, the air force with a huge advantage would send up fighter pilots to fly mostly uneventful and boring cap missions over its own ground forces, but in a game nobody wants to do this on the off-chance that the one enemy on the server will happen to fly to their area. Instead, the team with the advantage will switch to bombers and attackers, or fly their fighters low over enemy targets to strafe and bomb. This will leave important targets uncovered for the team at a disadvantage; that's how I was able to get 22 ground kills in three sorties at the low cost of one ditched plane that was damaged by AA even though I was flying one against nine for a lot of that map yesterday: http://taw-server.de/pilot.php?name=WokeUpDead These weren't unimportant targets either; I hit the red artillery and tanks that were attacking Steblievskaya which contributed to stopping the attack on that city.
  12. It can be modified by the server? I thought it was a pre-canned element that the server admins cut and paste into their maps, but that's just my un-researched assumption.
  13. Hi everyone, I fly regularly on a server where ground attack is very important, and defense lines are ones of the types of targets that need to be destroyed. I find them too easy to severely damage and destroy, mainly because they are much too dense and too clustered. A real defense position would not have several bunkers and trucks and aa positions all within a stone's throw of each other and easily destroyable by a single 1000kg or even 500kg bomb. Is it possible to have this type of target much bigger and more spread out? Thanks, WokeUpDead
  14. Also, the Yak1b and the La5FN are premium planes that many of us don’t have
  15. In addition, and this isn't TAW's fault but the fault of BoS in general, the items within a defense object are clustered ridiculously closely together. A single bombing run should not be able to hit both ends of a system of trenches, bunkers, etc.
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