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  1. Set up a quick solo mission and do some aggressive flying in the P-51 alone to get an idea where the edges of its flight envelope are. Make sure you take less than 75% fuel, better yet less than 50%. Then try QMB's with progressively harder opponents. Choose the early G-series of 109s; they will provide you with a turning challenge but won't be able to run away form you. In some planes in this game you can pull the joystick back all the way in a turn and not stall, the P-51 is not one of those planes. You really should use only 50-75% of your elevator range; pulling beyond that in a fast turn might cause you to black-out, even with the g-suit; pulling beyond that in a medium or slow turn will cause you to stall. In IL2-1946 some players set up a completely different joystick profile when they flew the Mustang.
  2. I like the general idea of giving ground-pounders more lives. I'm not sure if bombers are less safe to fly than attackers though, especially when flown at high altitudes.
  3. I do mean 2 CMs for the outnumbered side AND 0.5 for side with numbers advantage. So a reward AND "punishment." Most of the time it wouldn't be so extreme of course, more like 1.2 CM vs 0.83CM when the server is 12:10 for example. And maybe there would need to be caps and limitations, so I wouldn't get 5CMs for that 10 minute transport mission late at night when the server was 5:1. Those are details to work out, but if the devs announce that CMs would be tied to server balance in some general way, I'd be happy.
  4. Thanks! That was fun and it reminds me of one more observation for this experimental campaign: I saw a lot more pilots new to TAW this time around, at least on the red side. Some pilots seemed to be pretty new to the game too, based on the questions they asked. It was good to see both blues and reds answering their technical questions in chat, though I also hope that the newcomers will use this break to familiarize themselves with the game and the TAW manual
  5. Overall I think this was a good experiment. The usual team numbers balance issue was still there and combined with the jet it made the last stand for the reds less fun than it usually is, but enough was said about that already, for now. Positives: The novelty of it all. New planes to fly and fight against, new bombs to drop, new tactics based on higher speeds, new maps that were harder to navigate. Balanced position of airfields on map. No situation like on the Kuban map where one airfield is key and one side can get it or shut it down easier than the other. Map size and spacing. With the speed of the late war planes it was good that the airfields and targets were well spaced. For such a small plane-set it felt like there was a good variety of planes available for all missions; I flew and found specific roles for all the Allied planes. Things I'd add or change: The southeast corner of the map was unused, could there be some action around Frankfurt and Mainz? Could we get a summary of wind conditions at altitude in the briefing? In the A-20 you can't access the bombardier's position to view that information until you're in the air. Tie the Combat Missions earned to the ratio of teams when they are earned. So if Reds outnumber Blues by 2:1 then Blues would get 2CMs for a mission while Reds would only get 0.5.
  6. Hi all, is it possible to have a look at a map from a recently visited dogfight server and turn it into a single-player practice map?
  7. I have the same question for aircraft.
  8. Wings of Liberty tracks the ratio of when you fly on the outnumbered vs the outnumbering side and displays it in pilot stats. It’s good that TAW already employs a similar ratio for lives, maybe use it for Combat Missions too? Gives an incentive to fly outnumbered (“it’s 3 to 10, but I can get 3CM’s in just one sortie!”), and would make it harder to farm transport missions when flying on the numerically superior side.
  9. I added up the hours flown for each side to get those ratios for the three missions you linked to. Want to see the math? Or you count and tell me what you get. What 20h penalty? I had a fraction of a life left and with it being 9-2 when I died, I still have another fraction left. I remember that Tempest mission: I damaged both your Ju88 and the other one forcing you both to turn back and land at your base. Your wingman got hits on me and then we both maneuvered into the ground. I was happy with what was maybe my fifth time in the Tempest in this game. You want to compare scores? Let’s do it for sorties including piston planes only: per sortie you get three times more air kills than I do but I get three times the ground kills. I die 50% more per sortie than you but that’s the nature of attacking ground targets. Don’t let the jet get to your head, you’re not much better than me, if at all, without it. And it’s irrelevant anyway, you’re not suggesting that only pilots with certain scores can provide feedback here, are you?
  10. You call that outnumbered? The flight time ratios in those missions range from 1.6 : 1 to 1.2 : 1. Oh how I would love to consistently fly being "outnumbered" just by a 1.2 : 1 ratio... You think that the outcome when a piston-engined fighter with one or two cannons that's 100-200km/h faster than me after I dive would be the same as a jet with 3x30mm that only has to stay in my gunners' sights for half a second thanks to his 200-400km/h speed advantage? My sorties when I don't encounter a jet are roughly as miserable as yours when you don't fly one.
  11. Been there, done that, this time it’s different.
  12. Well, this isn't fun anymore. I was OK with jets and being outnumbered as long as the maps were big. Now that the action has shrunken down to a little corner, there's no targets to sneak to where the jets can't be at a moment's notice. Rear-most red airfields are 7 minutes away from front-line at 700km/h. Flight time ratios when server numbers are low are sometimes close to 3:1 for the blues (http://taw-server.de/pilots_mission.php?mission_id=174). Hurry up blues and mop this up. I'll either wait on other servers or I'll switch sides and join you to end this mess; look for me following the lead of some of the top blue aces and flying transport missions until I get my vulture. That's how Galland and Hartmann did it yes? I assume you historians with all the letters in front of your handles are simulating their combat history. I'm looking forward to the next TAW with learnings from this experiment put into action.
  13. That might be hard to implement and enforce. Limiting their fuel while still forcing them to take off and land from the rear would be a better way to limit their time behind the front line.
  14. The Pe-2 is like a bee: nasty stinger but harmless if you leave it alone. The jet is like a vulture: flying untouchable until it decides to come down to the ground and peck your eyes out when you’re most vulnerable.
  15. I see the jet being used primarily to vulch airfields, especially when the blues outnumber the reds by a large margin. I don’t see them supporting or defending or attacking much. This results in missions like this one: https://taw.stg2.de/pilots_mission.php?mission_id=150. The jets go to airfields that don’t have “Attack!” under them on the map and hang out for an hour or so, other blues take advantage of the numerical superiority to get some ground work done. Blue targets stay unguarded because it would be boring to wait for the rare red who makes it to the front. So overall I think everyone is happy: the trinket collectors are happy to pad their stats and stay safe in their jets, other blues fly mostly unmolested and get to practice ground attack, while the reds are happy that a 16:4 numerical disadvantage with jets on the blue side didn’t result in more damage to their situation on the map. If however for some reason the admins want to change this happy balance, then the best suggestion I read above was limiting the amount of fuel the jets can take. This would limit their loiter time over rear airfields and force them to participate over the front.
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