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  1. Hi LG, If I'm reading the plane-set chart correctly, I should have to earn only one advanced IL-2 in my Peshka career before I can start earning my Pe-2 on map 4: However, my stats page shows that I need to earn 2 advanced IL-2s before I can start earning my Peshka: Am I not understanding something correctly, or is this a bug?
  2. Long live the TAW? What is this, a pledge of allegiance to a cult? You'll ignore posts without it? You can't handle some no-mercy feedback, you need us to stroke your... ego first a little? On to some more logical things you said: That's all probably true, Pe-2 spamming could be an issue early on. I think the tweak to be made here is not to give the Pe-2 and German level-bombers right away, but make it easier to keep them once you earn them. It was disappointing to lose my Pe-2 without even getting a chance to fly it because between maps 3 and 4 we switched from the
  3. This new system in TAW definitely favors jacks of all trades over masters of one. Personally I like it since I fly all sorts of planes, but I can see how specialists would be annoyed. I fly alone most of the time and I managed to earned level bombers on both my blue and red accounts in about 7 and 9 hours respectively, despite some deaths early on. I now seem to have lost my Pe2 between maps 3 and 4 because we went from the 35 series to the 87 series, but that's another issue that I hope gets fixed next time. Speaking of issues, this doesn't look right; as part of the D
  4. I don’t get it. You have the F2 as a basic plane now, it has very similar performance to pthe MiG. Even the E7 had some advantages over the MiG that could be worked into tactics. Transport missions do count for CPs, you just have to make sure you do them right, KoN and Pict had a discussion about this above. Losing all your advanced planes does suck, maybe we will get used to it though. I fly alone or with one other pilot at the most and I manage to survive attacks on the aaa anywhere outside airfields.
  5. But no bombsight for level bombing I think. It was a long-range escort fighter.
  6. I'm pretty sure the Yak 1b is the fastest yak available, but now we're quibbling over details. 90%, 80%, 75%, whatever, most of the time the reds are in slower but more manoeuvrable planes and have developed tactics accordingly. Most campaigns the reds get shot down more often and have fewer fighter pilots in the top 10, but it's rarely the type of disparity that we're seeing now; the reds have figured out how to keep it competitive and close in the air and win on the ground. Pure speed is an insurmountable advantage only in a duel on an empty map where you start off with equal ene
  7. Yak 7B is slower than the G2 at all altitudes Yak 1B is faster than the G2 below 2000m only, slower than the F4 at all altitudes, and slower than any 190 at most altitudes The Spit V is just slooooow. It can barely catch a 110G2.
  8. No, that's mostly right, I've had this argument before here: Tthe 5FN is fast down low on maps 7 and 8 of previous editions, but a lot or red pilots don't fly it (it's a premium plane and even those who have it often prefer the way Yaks fly and shoot), and it's not faster than the best 109s and 190s above 3700. Sure, here, look, I have a perfect record and have never been shot down in the U2: https://tacticalairwar.com/pilot_sortie.php?id=9469&name=WokeUpDead I should fly it more often I think.
  9. No, come on, that can’t be the reason. Those self-described, straight-talking, politically-incorrect Poles who don’t hesitate to mock their forum users would never have such thin skin. As far as MiG vs E7: yes, the faster MiG dictates the fight against the better turning E7, but that’s the situation reds are in 90% of the time on other maps. There are tactics and strategies to counter that, most of them centered around being more careful and selective.
  10. It’s a snowball effect. If there were no consequences then you may enjoy flying on the smaller side, feel like a hero and have lots of targets. But if you’re risking losing ball your hard earned advanced planes then you won’t want to fly with two other pilots against 17.
  11. No, you will lose it. Yeah, the forum here, discord, teamspeak, SRS, the website, new manual, planeset spreadsheet, and a video from someone who badly needs an editor is too much.
  12. True, the basic fighter planes look mostly competitive with the advanced ones on all the maps. But grinding and staying alive for the level bombers is an issue.
  13. I think you have it mostly right, you don't have to get CPs to get your basic plane back if you die, you start with a hangar full of basic planes again. The Stuka IS available as a basic attack plane for the blue side, but most blues will probably choose the E7 with four small bombs unless they know they have total air superiority. Flying 5-6 sorties with 5-6 CPs for each sortie in order to get the PE-2 should be achievable; I got 6 and 7 CPs in the two I-16 sorties that I dedicated to ground attack on this map. The frustrating part will come from having to do it again if I get kil
  14. You can have an account and fly on both sides, I do. You’re not allowed to fly both sides during the same map, but I’m guessing that if you don’t even take off from one side before switching to the other it would be ok. Or check the website to see server balance first.
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