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  1. Angels-6Runwayrht ( BON.) Thank you . Much Respect !!..
  2. Yes sure have tried calibration , I think its the the game & the 3D Pro & its only on the pitch down nothing else. Maybe the new patch ? but so many people are having issues.. Thank you for the suggrstion
  3. Not whining just really perplexed & trying to learn. Should there really be this many issues with joystick configurations with an awesome sim such as this BOS?, I own all of the il2 Sims & have never had this many problems, yes its still moving forward & maturing but Joystick issues? Its the heart of control for a flight sim.. I have a Logitech Extreme 3D Pro - and the pitch down is unplayable the aircraft (any one) jerks down with no control of motion Just does a nose dive? & can't be adjusted smooth with the Noise, sensitivity, dead band sliders to the far right. You push forward to dive & it wants to lawn dart !!, roll & Yaw are fine throttle takes a bit of tweaking but is ok. Then I hooked my Thrustmaster HOTAS and that does work better but then none of the F keys work on the keyboard Crazy weird. Then we have my old trusty X52 , I've read the issues with that too but have yet to plug her in & try it. Will do that shortly. Both Logitech & Thrustmaster sticks are 1 week old. X52 2 years old. So in an modern technical marvel of this caliber and in this day & age of programming & tech no how why do we still have all these issues I have been reading on this board with the sticks??. Isn't it a bit odd? To have the issues .. My rig. Win 7, Q6850Quad core, 8Gigs Ram, Asus 750Ti, now this is still a 775 system & I run Ultra settings smooth as glass. Proc at 4.2 GHz. Zalman cools it beautifully. No issues with with running any flight Sim or shooter I can ever remember. I don't have uber tech skills but good jeez should there still exist all these Joystick config issues?. And my other flight Sims you just plug in and all is recognized beautifully configure your buttons & away ya go. IL-2 46 no problems. COD no problems. DCS no problems. My arcade flight games my Son plays configures with ease. Yes they are not near in the same caliber as this BOS Sim but they recognize the sticks with ease. Again just asking & do love the sim & will help support it best I can. 1st posting hope its in the right section. Happy Thanksgiving .
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