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  1. Angels-6Runwayrht ( BON.) Thank you . Much Respect !!..
  2. Yes sure have tried calibration , I think its the the game & the 3D Pro & its only on the pitch down nothing else. Maybe the new patch ? but so many people are having issues.. Thank you for the suggrstion
  3. Not whining just really perplexed & trying to learn. Should there really be this many issues with joystick configurations with an awesome sim such as this BOS?, I own all of the il2 Sims & have never had this many problems, yes its still moving forward & maturing but Joystick issues? Its the heart of control for a flight sim.. I have a Logitech Extreme 3D Pro - and the pitch down is unplayable the aircraft (any one) jerks down with no control of motion Just does a nose dive? & can't be adjusted smooth with the Noise, sensitivity, dead band sliders to the far right.
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