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  1. Thanks for the tips, I appreciate it. I've never thought about turning cleanly, so will give that a try. In answer to your question, I tend to spin all of the 190's, I'm kind of amazed you have not had any problems with them. It may just be me. Or maybe I need to tune my flight stick.
  2. I just bought the Dora on a Steam sale. One review I read said it is much less subject to spin than the earlier FW variants, which is why I bought it. In flying it a few times, I don't see it. I still spin out quite a bit and I have to be really light on the stick with it while turning. Still feels extremely touchy compared to the 109 or a Spitfire. Is that just how the plane is, or am I doing something wrong? I typically fly on a half tank of gas to try and give the plane more agility.
  3. I'm also not satisfied with the AI in the sim, although I can only imagine how difficult it is to get this right. Particularly because if you read a lot of history or memoirs from fighter pilots in the era, most air to air kills were not the result of courtly dueling, they were closer to a mugging. By which I mean that a pilot higher up saw an enemy plane who had no idea he was there, swooped down, shot him down, and then RTB'ed. But in a game, even a "sim," the player expectation is that if he is flying a fighter plane, he is going to do a lot of dog fighting. So how do you progr
  4. Really want to pick up the P-38. Any word when it'll be available?
  5. Upvote for the Chaffee. It didn't have a very long combat history in WW II, but damn do I love the looks of that tank. When you put it side by side with the Stuart that it was replacing, it almost looks like it's from a different century. You'd need a tank or AFV on the Axis side to match up with it. Might I suggest the Puma? Also just because it's dead sexy.
  6. Just mulling over what a Tank Crew for the Western Front would look like if they ever made it. I would like to see something like this take place in Europe in 1944, maybe around Caen: Germans - PIV Ausf. H - Panther Ausf. G - Tiger - Jagpanzer IV - Ostwind British (I actually like the Brits as a faction better than US, because I think they fielded a greater variety of tank models) - M4A4 Sherman - Sherman Firefly - Churchill - Cromwell - Centaur AA One nice thing about this lineup is that a version of the PI
  7. I find I'm so excited for PTO that I can barely sit still or hold a thought in my head. I think it's the excitement only a sim man can feel. A sim man at a start of a long journey whose development is uncertain. I hope they are working on PTO. I hope to sit in a Zero and start its engines. I hope the Pacific is as blue as it has been in my dreams. I hope. 😛
  8. Feel free to speculate on what you think will be the new collector planes, but this thread is also for sharing what you hope are the new collector planes. I'm assuming we're talking 2 planes and of course no 4 engine bombers. My hopes would be: Mosquito B-25 Mitchell
  9. Also, so many decapitations.
  10. The problem with that is they didn't have the manpower to man a bunch of medium tanks. They needed to build a tank that allowed 5 German tankers to take on 5-10 enemy tanks to have a chance. It didn't work, but building more powerful tanks made more sense than more medium tanks.
  11. That's basically the entire design philosophy behind the F-35. There may be planes that can outmaneuver it, but if you don't know it's there until after it fires a missile at you, does it really make a difference?
  12. Really good posts. What I've read about Kursk follows what you're saying. I think a particularly salient point is that the German failure at Kursk was more the result of a lack of manpower, specifically trained panzer grenadiers and the officers and NCO's to lead them, than it was a lack of armored vehicles. The most serious shortage for Germany in the later half of the war (along with oil) was manpower. For this reason I quibble a bit with your assertion that it was an error for Germany to concentrate on larger heavy tanks as opposed to building, "a better medium tank." More PIV'
  13. Would second that regarding the A-20. Built like a bomber, flies like a heavy fighter. A great plane to learn bombers with.
  14. Yeah, but nobody wants to play mud in MP.
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