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  1. Yeah, but nobody wants to play mud in MP.
  2. I would like to see the Stug replace the Ferdinand, because the Stug is cooler.
  3. Is the Stug in this game as an AI controlled vehicle? Is there a list of AI assets planned for the game?
  4. I agree that 4 Stugs is better than a Tiger, but only if you have the trained manpower to operate them. Everything I've read indicates that by 1944 the Germans were scraping bottom of the barrel for men. I actually think the consensus is the big tanks were a mistake, which I think only tells half the story. Anyway, fun to discuss.
  5. But who would crew those 4 Stugs? The worst shortage for Germany after fuel was trained manpower. That's one reason they were searching for wonder weapons. They had to find a way to leverage their manpower. A Tiger or Panther required 5 men. 4 Stugs required 16. But I do agree that the Stug should be playable in game.
  6. I had to edit my post from highway to roads. I thought highway driving in England was pretty easy. The sheer terror came when I got off the highway and drove the back roads, a drive I assumed would be a piece of cake. Specifically, I was driving from Bovington to Bath. I'm on the wrong side of the road (for me), wrong side of the car (with a stick no less), some surprisingly steep grades, and negotiating traffic circles backwards. It was scary stuff. The worst part was the narrowness of the roads and the fact that the "shoulder" was often a series of houses or a stone wall! The roads also felt busy compared to a rural US highway. My wife and kids tell me the countryside on the drive was just lovely, I wouldn't know. I was too busy trying not to kill the whole family. Bath, BTW, was wonderful. My wife and I are seriously looking at it as a retirement option someday. Pretty pricey real estate though. Not London pricey, but not cheap!
  7. If you do any sightseeing outside of London, I highly recommend the Tank Museum in Bovington (write it off as research for Tank Crew!). I'm guessing it's about a 2 hour drive from London. As a Yank I drove there from Portsmouth just last year. I was actually driving a manual transmission of all things (shifter on the left), and was surprised how quickly I got used to it. Rent the smallest car possible, as the hardest part about driving in England are the extremely narrow roads.
  8. This raises a question I've had. I own BoS and BoK. I'm not really interested in BP, but am intensely interested in the P-38 collector's plane. If I just buy the P-38 and not BP, what can I do with the P-38? Can I fly it in MP? Can I fly it in any of the BoS or BoK SP modes?
  9. The P-38 development! The P-38 is BoX's thin wedge into the PTO!!!
  10. Again, check out The Most Dangerous Enemy. It's a really good read no matter how you slice it, but the author goes to great pains to make his case through statistical analysis and presents a very compelling argument. Not to say that things weren't desperate during certain moments of the BoB, or that the British were anything less than heroic during this period, but that from a military standpoint, the Luftwaffe simply was never strong enough to beat the RAF on their home turf.
  11. I agree with a lot of what you write, but would recommend the recently published "The Most Dangerous Enemy" book of the Battle of Britain. The book supports a premise that has grown over the last decade that the British were never really in any serious danger of losing the BoB militarily. When you look at rate of aircraft production, kill ratios, and the tyranny of distance, the Luftwaffe was given a mission it probably had no chance of winning. The most dangerous enemy referenced in the book's title is actually the RAF, not the Luftwaffe. As for Bodenplatte, here's how it will go. I'll immediately jump in a P-38 because it's my favorite plane of all time. I'll then be disappointed that it doesn't turn as well as a single engine fighter. Then I'll tell myself that I need to "boom and zoom" with it. Then I'll remember that I hate boom and zoom and am bad at it. Finally, I'll start flying the Spitfire and spend my time not flying gazing lustfully at the P-38 in the game's main menu screen.
  12. True confession: I've never flown a Japanese Zero, or any other plane for that matter. So I'm not going to know the difference if they're making it up or going off historical details. They could give the Zero the same flight model as the Spitfire and I wouldn't know the difference just so long as it turns into a fireball any time someone so much as looks at its fuel tanks.
  13. Personally, I have no interest in a return to the Eastern Front. I think three games covered it quite well. What I would love to see is a game set in the Pacific (naturally), or the Med (which looks like CloD territory).
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