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  1. This might be the case. However this would prevent other threads from getting hijacked by this and you can prove them wrong there as well instead of doing it in an unrelated thread. It also helps to get the attention of the devs, who are very busy and most likely won't reply to your message to begin with. The best way to battle "revisionism" is to write up a well written conclusive thread and not by trying to put out one wildfire after another. It seriously gets bothersome and annoying. As i am aware that i am part of the problem right now, i am going to stop replying to this. Back to topic please.
  2. That's completely beside the point. I am baffled by your reluctance to write an actual report on this issue. You claim you have sources and you definitely have the time to write it. Whats the problem?. At the moment you become more and more bothersome to people by jumping into threads with your issue and hijacking them.
  3. Good example why you should make your own thread about the fuel spitfire issue. Right now you have completely hijacked this thread.
  4. The purpose of creating a thread about an Issue is not only to provide information but also to create a place to discuss, validate and refer to it. We have some very knowledgeable people in this community. I am sure that they will add a lot to the Issue at hand.
  5. Why not make it public so others can validate and contribute to it?
  6. I said it to you before somewhere else. If you want to change something, write a well written and documented report on it. If you have the sources etc. i am sure the devs will consider it. Constant moaning about it in topics that have nothing or little to do with it won't help your cause.
  7. Operatsiya_Ivy

    Tactical Air War

    I honestly don't know what your deal is. You are either completely failing at comprehending the discussion or you are deliberately trying to push your agenda by obscuring the argumentation. Let me be very clear. Nobody (as far as i know) suggested a radar function. In fact, i especially said that this is not what i have in mind. So stop pulling this out of thin air. Again you are trying to segregate Fighter Pilots from Bomber Pilots and you are accusing them for only flying for their kill streak without having any example or proof to speak of. Like i said to you before, we are all playing the same game. Fighter Pilots are not your enemy. Quite the contrary. The whole narrative of "fighter pilots are useless" is something certain individuals are trying to push without realizing that it is in fact hurting their agenda. You are trying to put yourself on a pedestal for being the true cause of deciding the campaign by saying that fighter pilots aren't influencing the campaign outcome. Yet, when people are arguing that this is indeed true and that fighters need a better chance to intercept enemy Bombers to prevent a Bomb drop i.e. having an impact on the campaign outcome, you are absolutely against it and ridiculing the idea. You aren't even trying to engage in a discussion on it. You are simply repeating your statements without even considering strong arguments against your views i.g. that it is absolutely ignorant to think that a outnumbered side can spare a significantly bigger group of players to defend a Depot. This is simply misleading. Your personal experience results out of less than 10 hours flown as a fighter which is very low considering that you have flown 173 sorties. On top of it you are talking about the last map, where the depots on your side (Blue of course) are less then 20km apart which makes it very easy to cover. Especially because you probably only had to defend one depot at the time. Its a obscured view that can't hold as an example for how the depot gameplay works.
  8. Operatsiya_Ivy

    Tactical Air War

    Like discussed before, it is simply not possible to effectively intercept bombers. There are too many variables to account for which makes it a pure guessing game which route the enemy Bomber takes and on what altitude. Even if you are lucky and patrol the right area, you still have to spot that single bomber which is not easy to begin with. I am not intending to do some sort of gatekeeping here and every opinion should be valued but sometimes it makes sense to get more experience before jumping into complex gameplay discussions. I think this was your first TAW campaign?
  9. Operatsiya_Ivy

    Tactical Air War

    Actually an F4 with gunpods on map 2 is still outperforming the opposition in many aspects. The VYa-23mm is currently one of the most potent weapons in the game only matched by the Mk 108. I still advocate for a historically accurate campaign!
  10. Operatsiya_Ivy

    Tactical Air War

    Gunner positions are locked. To fly all missions on TAW you will need BoM, BoS, BoK and Battle of Bodenplatte in the future. Otherwise you are very limited on some maps.
  11. Operatsiya_Ivy

    Tactical Air War

    You misunderstood me. I wasn't talking about how much fun each sortie is but how boring the campaign on a broad spectrum was. A quick 6-0 is not really exciting is it?.
  12. Seems like we are entering a promising new golden age for flight sims. A full change log with the minor changes would be pretty nice tho
  13. Operatsiya_Ivy

    Tactical Air War

    No it won't. You can always fly for the other side. You can also simply prevent this issue by allowing a certain numbers of players on one side before the limitation kicks in. There is no single cause explanation as to why VVS did so bad / Axis did so well. There are several factors, i can't stress this enough. Honestly i am a little tired of people saying that their teamwork was the major factor winning when other factors played a bigger role. The new system is flawed. You managed to exploit it better than VVS but you also had the better opportunities. In the end it doesn't matter who had great teamplay and who didn't. We should rather focus on discussing changes because otherwise next campaign will be a major steamroll. Who won this campaign? I think nobody did, because all TAW campaigns since the new system got implemented were boring.
  14. Operatsiya_Ivy

    German 20mm

    Following your argumentation, how did the devs decide how to value each shell? As far as i can tell there is no consistency when it comes to the results, where it would be possible to conclude that the devs valued for example fragmentation higher than blast effects. In the conducted test the game was modified so that you only shoot 20mm HE shells.