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  1. Do we have to have a full blown campaign to test changes? I feel like doing 1-2 maps would be more than enough to get an impression on things and to be able to reevaluate.
  2. Honestly targets like Bomber formations would be a game changer and very nice but i understand that there are performance issues
  3. Would it even be technically possible to let the server run 24 hours? I can imagine there will be lots of issues with stability? Also I would be very much against some form of algorithm. That's a balancing nightmare!
  4. Maybe but Finnish is also infamous for having issues with invisible planes which some people assume is correlated to the many objectives. Honestly i don't think so. The big groups are flying together because they want to fly together, which is great! communication and organization should always get rewarded. They won't split up because there are more objectives.
  5. More objectives means more performance issues for the server. I don't know if this is possible. It also misses the core problem concerning action. Even if you double the objectives, most of them will get ignored. I am going to be the broken record here...we need a way to realistically defend against big raids by getting some form of intel to at least make an educated guess where the attack is going to hit. TAW has become boring because the organization has improved a lot. This is great and what i always wanted and encouraged, however it concentrates a big part of the players on the
  6. Would it be possible to have the same rotation functions seperated? i.e. i am using the snap function with auto rotate but it would be great if i could use buttons as well with seperate rotation values.
  7. With SteamVR SS at 60% i am not running at 45 fps. Maybe this wasn't well put in my post above. I am running relatively comfortably at 85-90fps in that scenario.
  8. I am actually very satisfied with 45fps and repro but i did some testing anyway because i am curious. First of all i think i noticed a mistake on my side. I assumed that steamVR SS is the custom resolution multiplier. Reducing the custom resolution multiplier to 60% SteamVR SS helped a lot with the performance for obvious reasons and my dirty benchmark ran a lot better while not being able to really tell the difference between 90% (previous setting) and 60% steamVR SS. I was also able to run high settings. So much for "i am missing something obvious" ... On a side note,
  9. I was dirty benchmarking my system (3080, 10600k oc and 32gb 3600) in a quickplay mission with 12 bombers and 3+1 single seat aircraft and while it being a quite demanding scenario i wasn't able to hold 90hz even at 50% steamVR ss with everything on low except for shadows and clouds on medium. Maybe it is a driver issue that aircraft start stuttering around when i disable repro and go blow 90fps. Everything else is smooth except for this but i still prefer "repro high settings" because i can also set shadows to ultra which can help a lot in terms of spotting. I suppose it depends on the s
  10. Even a 3080 won't be able to hold 90fps with the reverb g2. Maybe it is a driver issue but with 60 or 70 fps aircrafts are getting very jittery while on 45fps with repro the game is very smooth.
  11. I don't see the point in trying to achieve 90hz when as soon as some action starts reprojection is kicking in anyway. I'd rather play with reprojection and high settings and a bit of ghosting than with 90hz and the game looking like garbage. But maybe i am missing something considering that i am new to the whole thing.
  12. The only issue i have experienced is that when i turn left to check 6 i can move towards the gunsight while looking back while when i turn right side i can't. I am using snap +75. Maybe it is me but maybe it is an issue somewhere else? Edit: Fixed it, reason was that steamVR wasn't centered precisely
  13. I don't know, i am not involved in any way with the development of TAW. I would suppose because it is the counterpart to the G2 and it wasn't as available as the Lagg 3 during that time frame but i am sure that others can answer that better. Afaik, the Lagg in that timeframe had a better engine than we have in game but those are limitations that the TAW devs can't do anything about. But the bottom line is, do you think that the yak being +1 would make vvs more attractive to the point that it would significantly change anything? I really don't think so.
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