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  1. @AnPetrovich Will the new g-physics prevent "stick jerking"? It reads like it will punish sudden/rapid stick movement i.e. stick jerking.
  2. This did not affect any air to air gunners.
  3. The funny part is that most pilots that manage to get a high ak streak die by AI gunners....
  4. Kuban map is really problematic with the closed airfield mechanic.
  5. electric thrill as in actually surviving it?
  6. There has been no update on the issue and i don't think the devs are viewing it as such.
  7. It is really something that killed a lot of enjoyment for me in the game, especially because it has become more and more common.
  8. First of all, this whole myth that axis pilots are some sort of different human beings is just plain stupid. They are not. You find fools and "special" players on both sides. I know that this is truly a novel concept for many people around here, especially those who 90% of the time fly a certain side on TAW. Last campaign nobody on red side defended the airfields either even when i warned them in advance. In the end, a single enemy is not a big problem, especially when you are on blue side. However as long as there is no reasonable way/chance to predict large scale raids on Airfields/depots which we will probably see in this campaign sooner or later again, i think the gamemode is flawed.
  9. The AI of the AA is so easy to abuse that it takes little effort to destroy a lot of emplacements if you know how.
  10. Its funny that the only people complaining about the balance approach and saying that it is the end of flying as a squad are exactly the same people that are causing the balance issues in the first place and never fly red....
  11. No, no..i just find it funny that you are wrote that you finally want to play LW again after not even having played 1 single whole campaign as red. So yeah i like balance!
  12. We are talking campaigns right? When was that? as far as my memory reaches back the last campaign was the only one you were flying red...at least some of you. You can add 100 AA/A emplacements and it won't help due to easily abusable Ai.
  13. If i would have to give a prediction on the upcoming campaign, i don't think the changes will affect the biggest issue if the past campaign is anything to go by. Large scale attacks on objectives are still not effectively stoppable by the defender as discussed a couple of pages back. Considering that the casualty rate of the attacker is very low due to this, i think the changes are a drop in the ocean. However i am hoping that i am wrong.
  14. I am sure the devs wrecked their brains about how to generate a good system. I can't think of a better system but as always everyone is free to make suggestions. Of course it isn't 100% perfect but that's not possible in my opinion. You could also argue that it finally requires teamwork between fighter pilots and ground attackers/bombers.
  15. After how long exactly? 1 campaign flying red?
  16. @=LG=Kathon Can we maybe get the changelog? would be much appreciated
  17. I think its about HE ammunition doing nearly zero damage to human models. You can also see it when you put 20 HE rounds into a stalling aircraft for example.
  18. I think this might be an important detail. The main reason why airfield/depot aa (and aa in general) is as bad as it is, is because of how it works in general. It is easily exploitable when they are all at one place, fixating on one target. Without having done any testing myself, it could be a lot more difficult to attack when aa position are more spread out but still in range to support each other when under attack.
  19. Even the bottom 2 configurations (like on TAW) can completely destroy you in an inhumane fashion.
  20. How about playing in a team with escort? i know..crazy idea
  21. I agree that it is difficult to balance this but the current meta heavily favors just spamming bombers/attackers/jabos without any significant punishment for losing them. There needs to be a middle ground where Ground attackers have to worry about their virtual life (requiring escort) and not making it completely suicidal. Forces need to establish air superiority before any serious and relatively safe ground attack can be attempted.
  22. While i am generally not against such a system, i think it is difficult to implement. VVS already has a difficult time on most maps with the planeset as it is and you only have 1-2 aircrafts that can somewhat compete against LW until the last 1-2 maps. Forcing them into even worse aircrafts won't encourage anyone to fly red and that is a big issue. You can take the best pilot around and put him in an inferior aircraft and he won't stand a chance against a decent opponent (Yak s.69 vs F-4 for example). There are simply aircraft limitations that can't be changed. It is not like in an FPS game. While i really don't want to dismiss your opinion and arguments just like that, especially because you put a lot of thought into it but i think it would be beneficial to you (and your squadron) to play VVS actually for once to get an idea about the situation.
  23. As you can see, it is a much bigger timeframe then just EU night. (UTC-5:00)
  24. No you are just taking the easy road by being negative instead of adding anything constructive to the discussion. Europe prime time was never the real issue (even though LW were taking up red slots). The real issue are the non prime time hours as you can clearly see on the graphs linked several times in this thread.
  25. It's a straight up ad hominem, look it up... It's called Tactical Air War and no it won't make it into a purely attrition based meta.
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