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  1. Operation_Ivy

    Tactical Air War

    To be fair, that red did not win map 5 was pure stupidity.
  2. Operation_Ivy

    Tactical Air War

    Yes it has been.
  3. Operation_Ivy

    MG 131 guns on the Bf 109 3D model misplaced?

    You can't simply take a photo and compare it to the ingame model. The lense of the camera can mess up the angles.
  4. Operation_Ivy

    [BUG REPORT] 20mm HE Ammunition

    please refrain from bias claims in this thread.
  5. Operation_Ivy

    [BUG REPORT] 20mm HE Ammunition

    A little update, Han replied to my message: According to him, HE damage is based on "accumulated practical data" which is translated into simple parameters like HE load, calibre and mass. I have absolutely no clue what "accumulated practical data" means and i did not get an explanation when asked. As far as i am aware there is next to no data of 20mm HE damage tests except for the one mentioned in this thread. Also i think that Han only skipped over this post sadly, because he did not understand the intention of it in the first place. Then again, i guess it says a lot about how busy he is when he replies on a message after nearly 3 month. As far as my tests and my short conversation with Han goes, i am of the opinion that the 20mm HE damage is more or less decided on a whim and a very debatable topic to say the least.
  6. Operation_Ivy

    Tactical Air War

    Doesn't mean much considering that i know a lot of people (myself included) who registered but don't plan to do a lot of flying this campaign
  7. Operation_Ivy

    Tactical Air War

    hence the name :^)
  8. Operation_Ivy

    [BUG REPORT] 20mm HE Ammunition

    None at all.
  9. Operation_Ivy

    Tactical Air War

    It would be nice to get a changelog earlier than ~2 days before the campaign this time though
  10. This might be the case. However this would prevent other threads from getting hijacked by this and you can prove them wrong there as well instead of doing it in an unrelated thread. It also helps to get the attention of the devs, who are very busy and most likely won't reply to your message to begin with. The best way to battle "revisionism" is to write up a well written conclusive thread and not by trying to put out one wildfire after another. It seriously gets bothersome and annoying. As i am aware that i am part of the problem right now, i am going to stop replying to this. Back to topic please.
  11. That's completely beside the point. I am baffled by your reluctance to write an actual report on this issue. You claim you have sources and you definitely have the time to write it. Whats the problem?. At the moment you become more and more bothersome to people by jumping into threads with your issue and hijacking them.
  12. Good example why you should make your own thread about the fuel spitfire issue. Right now you have completely hijacked this thread.
  13. The purpose of creating a thread about an Issue is not only to provide information but also to create a place to discuss, validate and refer to it. We have some very knowledgeable people in this community. I am sure that they will add a lot to the Issue at hand.
  14. Why not make it public so others can validate and contribute to it?
  15. I said it to you before somewhere else. If you want to change something, write a well written and documented report on it. If you have the sources etc. i am sure the devs will consider it. Constant moaning about it in topics that have nothing or little to do with it won't help your cause.