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  1. Saw absolutely no flak firing at the flock of angry Alb. DVa chasing me over our forward airfield this week.
  2. Yes, there are reports of them being escorted by 109's on the deck to and from target. Most likely on interdiction missions rather than intercepts. There are a couple of good memoirs about the 262, I'll dig through my collection but I don't remember any mention of being sent to intercept a fighter bomber raid, it was heavy bombers or it was an accident that they ran into fighter bomber formations. The strategy for dealing with allied fighters was to avoid them, they could out turn the 262 and were not really a high value target like a bomber. Just checked "Line Shoot" by Art Sager, mentioned intercepting 262s escorted by 109s on the deck. The only other mentions are the 262s avoiding combat and running away when spotted or when they bombed his wings Spitfires in the dispersal at dawn/ dusk and flew away. In fact I don't remember a single mention of being intercepted on any fighter bomber mission by any Luftwaffe aircraft in his memoir. Will check Buck McNair's memoir next, Galland, Neil, Busch, the Me-262 Stormbird and Horrido! Which are both collections of memoirs.
  3. Shame your staying in Kensington, was dull the last time I stayed there, normally I try to stay in Waterloo, even if the clerk books me into the Union Jack Club. If you have a few hours, and have never been before, go to the Churchill War Rooms, let it take you back to the summer of 1940 and imagine the air raid sirens. It doesn't take much. When you are done, take a short stroll to the nearby Battle of Britain Memorial and contemplate your next "Battle of" title.
  4. Do you exit PWCG completely prior to running BoX? I have found that I get the slow motion effect if PWCG is running in the background. So bad that playing a Co-op mission I will be flying full buster in a straight line while other players are circling me at about 75% throttle.
  5. Why not try both and make up your mind? It doesn't cost anything but a bit of your time.
  6. It looks like the log file is not being generated, or at least I couldn't find it after the brief look I had for it.
  7. Co-op mode worked when I tested it with the squadron last night, changed co-op to 1 in settings. The mission was generated and in the correct folder, ran perfectly, landed and ended mission. When I tried to enter claims and then run the AAR before generating the next mission, there was an error. It could not find the log file even though I had changed the line in startup.lua file to generate one. I found the log it just seems to be not seen by PWCG. I will have another look when I get home from work. Have not tried 3.3.2 in RoF yet but will compare where log file is being generated this weekend.
  8. So, just for clarificaion, the text said that "If successful, we plan to make the Li-2 next. We are making NO PROMISES, but here are a couple very early WIP pics." however the pics were of a Polikarpov Po-2 and not a Lisunov Li-2. Which are we going to get next, the model of the Po-2 looks pretty complete from the exterior but maybe the Li-2 is further along? I assume that we may get both? Not that I'm greedy but would really love to see the Li-2 as it would add the capabilities that the Ju-52 now does for the Axis and would add a new mission element.
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