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  1. Ping set to 0 means it does not check ping, in effect, it allows clients with infinite ping to connect so did not need to be changed. Have him check his error logs for a clue.
  2. So AAA fired at me finally in my F2B as I crossed the lines tonight, but I was under 3000' and it only fired for a short time when I was extremely close. Not at all what FLAK was like. The MGs seemed to work fine. I never saw flares from the one Boche Balloon near the river, nor did I see flares from airfields when I passed over or from our own when the map indicated we were under attack.
  3. Observation: En AAA no longer fires at player a/c in coop. Still fire in SP missions. versions: 4.001b and 7.2.0 Tonight I will try again and save the mission as a SP mission and play again to compare. Update: in SP missions generated by PWGC AAA does not fire at en a/c. I read a post today about WWI AAA and that it has a very low engagement zone, I will try again at lower altitudes. I also tried in QMB at 3000' and AAA did not engage. Update 2:Tested again with 4.001c, the WWI AAA guns in IL2 seem to engage targets that are below 3000' and within a mile or two of the gun position only. This appears in QMB or PWGC generated campaign missions and on any online server. This is a bug that needs to be addressed by 1C/777
  4. I thought it was you in the messages, it could have been coincidence the message that you were shot down popped up shortly after I last saw the grey EIII going down and shifted attention to the next one on my wingman tail.
  5. Tested this evening. Deleting the .list file makes the mission playable, so does opening the mission in the editor and saving it. The later, populates the .list file so it looks like the save process is not completing.
  6. There is a problem generating USAS campaigns in either Coop mode. If I create a USAS pilot and squadron for the host, he can fly fine, however, no more USAS pilots can be added, the flag does not show up at all. If I create any other Coop with a country other than USAS , I can not add any US pilots at all.
  7. The .List file is the language localization file that is generated when the mission is saved as a binary. Opening the mission in the editor and hitting save will generate the required file and it will work fine. Something must have changed in 4.001b, saving the files as .msbin worked fine with 7.1.0 and the .list file was populated.
  8. We had a great time, love RoF still, hope that FC can achieve that level of WOW. For the first sortie, my wing man and I took off in a decrepit FE, he didn't have the FE so flew as my gunner. We slowly made our way to altitude over St.Marie Capel and then found a safe route to the Recce objective and flew down the rail way taking photos. That is something I hope we get in FC, it adds to the feeling that we are accomplishing the mission. We then flew south of Lille to try to start the next objective. when were just about to start photographing it, we found it one of those pesky Eindekers was trying to sneak up underneath us. We fought like a cornered weasel but just couldn't shoot him down. We ended up force landing behind enemy lines. For the subsequent sorties my wingman and I took N.11c and got our revenge, he shot down one and I shot down four of the boche, very satisfying watching J2_Bidu's undercarriage fall off and knowing that it was only a matter of waiting for him to crash. I have yet to see that happen in FC and it really adds to the immersion. Thank you for running the mission and the server. I wish I could have flown on it more frequently over the years. Cheers!
  9. Bug Report Defect: Unable to add a German Pilot any Coop mission. Adding an additional German pilot to any campaign results in the error attached below. Adding additional RNAS, RFC, Belgian or French pilots does not result in the error. If the Campaign is initially generated with a German Pilot, the campaign will work, however you can not add a second German pilot. As many Entente Pilots can be added as desired. I have not tested RAF or USAS yet. Campaign Type: Coop either Cooperative or Competitive Mission Type: None, no mission can be generated with a second pilot. Any mission can be generated with only one German pilot in the campaign as long as it is the "first" pilot created. German Test201911091511359.zipGerman Test201911091511359.zip PWCGErrorLog.txt This is a known bug that happens with many planes and happens in MP or SP unrelated to PWCG. Temporary fix is to exit IL2 and restart.
  10. a second computer is the ideal, and remember it is not rendering anything so graphics can be lower. Even running a separate DServer instance on your game computer offloads some of the AI calculations onto different threads which might result in better performance.
  11. You need to run the DServer executable, preferably with a second account on another computer on your network. Takes the load of calculations for the AI off of your game computer.
  12. Can't recommend PWCG enough. I don't bother with the official career mode in BoX at all, not when we have PWCG. Nor in RoF, again PWCG is superior for SP and now it is possible to run Coop campaigns without opening the editor which I had to do in the past for RoF. The only outstanding issue is Pat needs a bit of time to update it for the new objects like balloons released yesterday and he said he will work on that next so download PWCG and enjoy!
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